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  1. Hello, we have just started using VW12 and can't find the customize plant tool that is in the vw 11 object info palette. Has this feature ben deleted in 12? If so is there another way to accomplish the same functions that this useful dialog did. Many thanks, Ian
  2. Hi, just upgraded to VW 12 on Mac g5 dual and am not able to use the pan function with the wheel mouse I am using (microsoft optical blue wireless 5.1). Can someone recommend a mouse which will allow full functionalty of these new and excellent software features? Many thanks, Ian
  3. Robert, that is a huge, huge help. Many thanks, Ian
  4. Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to make an object such as a circle or some other shape made with a polyline into a hardscape object. That way I do not have to spend too much time tracing around my complex paving patterns with the create hardscape path. Thanks, Ian
  5. I had a mac support person come and run diagnostics- verified and then repaired.
  6. Katie, I have repaired the disk permissions, but to no effect. Ian
  7. Hi, I looked up this topic and the last entry was several years ago. There was no real solution given. Basically vectorworks crashes when I am panning or zooming using the space or alt key respectively with a wheel mouse. This happens often-does anybody have a fix? I've contacted our local tech rep and he hasn't heard of the problem. Many thanks, I. G4 V 3.3 Mac OS 10.2.8 768 Megs Ram VW 11.0.1
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