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  1. Hard to believe that to fix each line I have to: 1. Double click the notes, 2. Click on the actual note, 3. Click the "Edit..." button (why can't I double click on the note...?) 4. Click the check box, ("Use first 42..") 5. Click "OK" (I can't even us the key as a shortcut, because VW assigns the to be part of the note. 6. Painfully repeat 2 through 5 for all the notes on the sheet, 7. Even more painfully repeat the entire exercise for all the sheets. To add injury to insult, there is nothing that appears after pressing the "Edit..." button that could't just as easily appear in the "Keynotes Manager:Keynotes List" of notes that shows in #2 above. The "Edit Notes" window is superfluous, as it merely duplicates the editing of the text, and only adds the title and the "Use 42..." option, which could appear in the "Keynotes Manager:Keynotes List" window. Just like the previous sentence, wasting time repeating the same thing, twice. Why the additional window? Why not select multiple notes, and then check one box. Boom. Sorted. Am I missing some faster way of fixing this?
  2. Does 2016 provide a method for automatically referencing sections or elevations, and updating the tags when they move? For instance, if I have a section that appears on, say, sheet A401, and I move the section to a new sheet, say A402, does the reference to this section update, or do I still need to manually edit all the tags? In ArchiCAD, for instance, if I draw a elevation in a model, then place the "viewport" on a sheet, all the references tags to the elevation are automatically created and updated, bidirectionally, upon creation and relocation. Anything like this in VW16?
  3. Did the upgrade degrade the software's performance, or was your machine already spinning beach balls?
  4. We have the same problem. We reported it about 2 months ago, still waiting for a resolution. Currently, we are TYPING (!) our keynote on the PDF drawing or using a text box. NNA asked me for the file, but has offered no fix, patch, etc. into the memory hole it went. Outlander, please let me know if you find a solution. We would be happy with 30 seconds. We have between a 5 minute and a "I-can't-take-it-anymore-force-quit" delay. Utterly unacceptable bug. We're using 2010, but the same bug appears is VW2011, and in multiple files on multiple systems. I've used VW for many years,worked through multiple bugs, poor implementations, etc, but this one is about to get us to dump the software, as we cannot meet our production deadlines b/c the software will not allow us to annotate our drawings. Its bad enough that the economy is awful, that construction is deeply depressed; on the few projects we have, we now have to fight Vectorworks as well.
  5. When I place a new call out, it works as advertised. If I convert it to a keynote, VW thinks for about 10 seconds before I can use the machine again. "Break Notes Across Columns" is unchecked. This is happening only on newly created files, even if the file has no objects in it. It happens on multiple machines. If I open an old file, the keynotes show no slowdown upon editing or creating. Any way to make the new keynotes fast again? VW2010 SP4 installed, OSX 10.6.4.
  6. Using the move by points command, I am instructed to "use the command key to select an object". This work, unless the CAPS LOCK key is down, which prevents any object from being selected. This happens on two different OS X machines, all latest versions. Is there a way to use the Move by Points with the caps lock down, and select an object?. (OS X 10.6.3 VW2010 SP3)
  8. Zooming in 2009 with a 3D model on a Mac is horrible. After zooming in or out, the screen erases, waits a bit, then redraws, then flashes. Slower than 12.5. This is with a Mighty Mouse & nice new Mac. SP1 installed. Rotating is lightning fast, but zooming like this hasn't been acceptable since 1997. VW, you want us to upgrade for this?
  9. Nice discussion. Its great to see how many ways there are of solving a VW bug, I mean feature.
  10. Don't upgrade yet. There is no reward for being the first to post about a new bug. Wait until at least the first point release (13.1) or the second.
  11. A legacy bug? Please tell me you are joking. Monkey, now that software is distributed electronically, companies have fallen prey to using early adopters as testers. When the companies had to burn and ship software, updating was expensive. Now it is relatively cheap, so the QC suffers.
  12. Wake up and smell the coffee. You were not forgotten, but ignored. A company that makes a living from writing and upgrading software must choose what features to include and what to leave behind at each release. They do not forget, but make business decisions about what features will sell. For NNA it may have been the right decision. For me, it seems like the wrong one. I don't understand why VW/NNA doesn't focus on keeping their base happier. If we all liked the software, they'd have a sales force of thousands. But you have ParaSolids! Now you can flicker with better 3D capabilities.
  13. It is doable, as ArchiCAD does it, but I suppose VW management doesn't think it is important enough to do. I'd be happy to post images from ArchiCAD if you'd like.
  14. Model it in SketchUp, then import it.
  15. My opinion is not formed from watching videos, merely reinforced by them. I've been using VW for about 6 years, and watched the software get generally better, while NNA fails to rectify bugs and incomplete features. Read the thread on the infamous pdf bug here for a awful NNA response to an easy to solve problem. This was a bug that persisted through at least 5 major version updates. NNA was, how shall I phrase this delicately, being dishonest with their customers over years, blaming Apple for one of their own bugs. But hey, if you like the user interface, more power to you, but you should spend a few hours with ArchiCAD (another NNA product) which although has many limitations, runs circles around VW for speed and ease of use. BTW, I know an engineer who continues to use a command line interface for everything he does. More power to him too. And just to be clear, SketchUp has a terrible 3D engine. Its 2 and 3D capabilities are very primitive. It cannot handle 2D or 3D curves, let alone NURBS, it cannot model 3D solids, it cannot create solids of rotation, intersect volumes or most of the things that a 3D program should be able to do. It can't even render anything approaching photorealistic images. It is a simple 3D surface modeler created for speed and ease of use. However, it is wildly popular (and was even before Google bought it). Why? Because its interface is simplicity itself. Anyone can learn the program in a couple of hours, and can produce great looking models. No training disks required. And I'd guess most VW users close VW and launch SketchUp to create initial studies and client presentations. What VW needs is to make their software something like as clean and easy to use as SketchUp, not improve the 3D libraries. Just read the user posts. Almost no one is complaining about the quality of the 3D displays, but many people grumble about the bugs, usability and the user interface. My ongoing grumble has that I can't apply a texture to a wall, and have it render correctly in elevation, i.e. I'd like brick to render like bricks in 3D, but like a 2D rendering of brick in my construction document elevations. How about fixing that before upgrading to Parasolids, so we don't have to hand draw over our sections to make them look professional?


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