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  1. Can we get Issue Manager to behave like the new Publish command, where we would be able to select a folder and then deal with editing all the issue dates/notes for a project in one place? That would be awesome! Thanks!
  2. Bosco- Quit messing around with renderings and get some work done!! rc
  3. I will have to check on that. I am pretty sure that it is still a pdf page.
  4. I am in a model layer so there is no DPI control. As for the res on the referenced PDF, I am not aware of a way to control the resolution of a PDF. It shows fine in top/plan view, and in wireframe, but as soon as I go into anything other than that, it becomes distorted. I think I need to explore here a little bit and try what Carl is suggesting. I will report back on what I find. In the meantime, keep any suggestions coming! Thanks for the help!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I looked into that and turned off the layer with the PDF on it and the results are still the same. The native vectors are still distorted. I have also checked for resolution control on the layers and viewports, but that does not exist.
  6. I am experiencing a odd issue when rendering. I have a VW 2011 file that has native vector information, an imported PDF and a referenced model of a building. The referenced model renders fine, but the native vectors (lines, polylines) are pixelated and real low res. I have attached the image in wireframe though Final RW. Any ideas on what this might be? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the feedback. We are using the work around that you mention so that the hatches/fills show properly, but it limits some of the visibility control. To answer your question, we do this so that multiple people can work on the project simultaneously. Our projects are typically large enough that at least three people will be working on it at any time. On smaller projects, we do not usually use this type of arrangement. The main model file will hold all the salient model info, including anything that we may generate schedules from. The Sheet files are really just that. They contain the notations, etc. With 2011 and DL Section VPs, we are experimenting with the best practice for our workflow process. Thanks again for your feedback.
  8. The 'Cut 3D Section' command does not even show up in the standard workspaces or menus anymore. I would follow with Mike M OZ and try the 'Create Section Viewport' command under the View menu.
  9. DWorks- We get the same results if we cut a DL Section VP or if we cut a SL Section VP. I am attaching the very basic test files that we created. Take a look at them and see what you think. The Test1 file is the main model and the TesterSection has the DLVP of the main model and a SL Section VP.
  10. Jeff- I checked the classes and the VP settings and everything is as it should be to show. But let me back up and clarify the setup and issue. The project is setup so that there is a 'main' model file (which is the one that you worked on) and then there are separate files which are for the 'sheets' that the main model is referenced into. In the files for the sections, there is a design layer with a DLVP on it that references back to the main model and is showing all the pertinent layers and classes. From that DLVP 'model', we have generated two section viewports that are showing as a Sheet Layer VPs. These are the sections that we can not get to show the wall components even though all that proper settings for the VPs are checked/unchecked and the proper visibilities are set. The wall components show just fine in sections that we cut in the main file, and they show just fine in Top/Plan view in the Sheet file, but as soon as you cut a section of the referenced model in the Sheet file, the components do not want to show in the section. And to make matters stranger, when I reference the section VP in the model file, all the components show just fine in the Sheet file. So for right now, that seems like the work around, but it would be nicer to be able to cut the sections in the Sheet file for flexibility in work flow. And as a follow up edit - I am recreating this is a test file, so it seems to be inherent to the program.
  11. Is anyone using mac based VW with a laser cutter? We are considering one, but are not sure if this will work or not.
  12. That is what I was afraid of - Thanks Pat!
  13. Thanks Pat- I remember this script from some time back. What I am really trying to get at is the actual .txt or .xml file that the PIO's use to populate the record data fields. I have looked in every file that I think it may exist in and keep coming up blank. The old door and window records do not seem to exist like they used to.
  14. Where would I find the files that provide the door and window record info, such as (Door.IDLabel)? I can not find a file anywhere that provides that bit of information to the program. We would like to tweak some of these items to meet how we like to create schedules. Thanks!
  15. OK, I am starting to see how this works, but as usual, the more I understand the more questions I need to ask: So VW will look in order of priority. First it looks at what is loaded in the Workgroups and Projects, the it looks at what is loaded in the User Data and Preferences folder, then it looks at what is on the local drive. Is this correct? Can workspaces be loaded on a server share and referenced thru the Workgroups and Projects pane? It seems that workspaces really need to be in the User Data folder, since there is a continuous read/write between the user and the workspace, but I need to ask so we can get it straight before we try to roll this out. And lastly, how does the filing naming need to work if you are going to have multiple workgroup folders, for the folders and the data inside them? The online help indicates that there is a method that needs to be followed, but when we try to follow them, it does not seem to work. Thanks again for your all help.
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