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  1. I will have to try later with solids. There are other issues with the import. All of the doors/windows are coming in solid black, so I have to individually go into each Symbol in the resource browser and change to white. Is this controlled in the settings somewhere? I would rather have the import default to a solid white instead of black... I am going to try the 2D/3D views import at the end of day to see if it will retain the existing/demo layers in some form (even a view) so that I can batch delete them, as well as the texture/color imports.
  2. Hello, What are the best settings for importing a Revit model into a Vectorworks space? I currently do the following: 1) Create New Drawing 2) Import RVT with the following settings: 3) Wait 45 minutes - 1 Hour for Import 4) Spend 1-2 Hours cleaning up the RVT model, as all the layers/settings from Revit are missing (EXG, Demo, Etc is retained/lost based on no apparent setting). Are there optimal settings for the import process? I was able to get a cleaner import by getting a Revit Trial and ETransmitting only the 3D model work for import, but I don't feel that I can ask the architect to spend time cleaning up their Revit model for this purpose. I am hoping that There is an issue with how I am importing and not that this is just how the process will work every time. Thanks
  3. Hello, This is an issue that I have with contours, slabs, roads, etc. (Really anything that opens up a component for edits). I will click into the edit mode, and everything but the active linework disappears. I have everything "on". My layers/classes and view settings are all "On" (no grayscale) and "Show/Snap/Modify Others". I cannot edit these elements without referencing the context that they are in. What am I doing wrong? This is the largest issue I have run into while using Vectorworks.
  4. @Vlado and @ericjhberg, that worked. I wish I had asked 6 months ago. Thank you both!
  5. Hey Eric, Did you find a resolution to this problem? I am experiencing it in 2020 and have no idea what do. Is there a way to disable the automatic irrigation network update? Thanks
  6. Is there a way to turn off the automatic irrigation network update that occurs at every pipe connection? The disruption to workflow with having to wait 5-10 seconds after every single lateral pipe placement is getting to be quite tedious on larger irrigation plans. I cannot find any setting to disable this feature. I would much prefer to lay out the lateral lines of a zone and calculate the pipes after I have everything laid out. I do not know if this is an issue with my personal workflow, which is as follows (short version): 1. POC Setup 2. Mainline Run 3. Design Zones 3. Head Placement 4. Lateral Line Placement 5. Valve Cluster Placement Should I be approaching my irrigation drafting in a different order? Can I just turn off calculations until I am ready for them? Thank you.


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