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  1. It was all fixed upon reopening the file. Thanks Pat! I'm glad that worked because my OIP seems to default to "Multiple Items" selected (without the dimension options) when I have multiple or the "wrong" dimensions selected.
  2. Hello. I had to update the tick marks on my dimensions style. After updating, existing dimension items are not updated to reflect the changes. Do I have to go through and individually change 100's of dimensions in my drawing?
  3. Yes. All I want is the ability to include contour labels without Vectorworks placing them. If you disable them, but try to place them through the modify tool, it just goes through regenerating the site model and replacing the bad labels.
  4. I don't know if it is possible, but one of the clunkiest things about the site model process is contour labeling. The program will often stack 5+ labels on top of each other on the smallest possible contour section. Sometimes, after deleting several stacked labels, the blue label "pips" will disappear entirely though the labels will stay in place. If we could disable auto labeling and only allow for manual labeling of the site model, it would exponentially help. Especially give how slow it is to add/delete labels. Each click can take up to 15+ seconds to process.
  5. I will leave this topic up for others to learn from my mistake. The tool was not functioning properly because I had failed to set a grade limit. Apparently this is required? See the attached image.
  6. I am attaching an image with the pad modifiers replaced with a grade tool network. In all the interstitial spaces it is attempting to meet existing grade. Is this normal behavior for the tool?
  7. Hello, I don't know how else to explain this. I am working with the Grade tool on a very steep site. I have created a network of Grade/Slope points with the grade tool. All points are connected in my "Grade Network", but Vectorworks is consistently trying to meet the existing grade in the "Interstitial" spaces between the lines. I have attached an image that illustrates my issue. In the image, the Delta 2192'10.721" point is forced to existing grade, instead of being sloped between my wall (2195') and the adjacent walkway (2196'-3"). If I connect all the points through the delta area, it just creates more low points to existing grade, instead of evenly calculating the proposed slope. I have resorted to creating pad modifiers w/ slope for my paths (as shown), but this is not a great solution, as it is hard to make multiple pads "meet" at the edges. I did have an entire network of Grade Tool Objects instead of pads before, but it was creating craters across all the pathways/slopes. I have been able to create networks of Grade Objects on other projects with vectorworks grading between all the points evenly. Is there a setting that I do not have enabled? Thanks.
  8. @Jonathan Pickup Thanks Jonathan. Do your hardscape/landscape objects then go directly on the site model layer with real elevation data entered in as the Z-value (or with further manipulation through grade objects, etc)? @jeff prince Thank you. Very informative.
  9. I really wish I could help. I assume you have played around with the OIP Foreground/Background rendering settings? I end up drawing detail objects over all my section cuts and just use them for elevation reference
  10. Thanks Jeff. Is best practice to keep my layer elevations at 0' and manually enter my known points as I start to make the site model/grade objects? That way I am always entering actual elevations for objects, instead of calculating +/- elevation off of the Layer Elevation?
  11. Is the background on your concrete hatch set to fill? If not, everything behind it will show through. Check in the Resource Manager and open up the Concrete/Earth hatches themselves.
  12. Hello, I don't understand how to set up my "Base Elevations" for drawings and also get the calculated grades to display for my grading plan. I have attached two images showing my problem. I set the Design Layer elevation to match the FFE of the building, then I created grade objects on the same layer. My assumption is that the grade object would set the FFE as my Z=0 and automatically calculate the final grade for display. Instead, it is showing "-2 3/8", instead of 1287' 3 5/8" I know that this is some error on my end, but don't know what I should be doing differently. Thanks.
  13. I am unable to update to SP2 through the updater, due do a download failure. Is there a download link for manual updating?
  14. I will have to try later with solids. There are other issues with the import. All of the doors/windows are coming in solid black, so I have to individually go into each Symbol in the resource browser and change to white. Is this controlled in the settings somewhere? I would rather have the import default to a solid white instead of black... I am going to try the 2D/3D views import at the end of day to see if it will retain the existing/demo layers in some form (even a view) so that I can batch delete them, as well as the texture/color imports.
  15. Hello, What are the best settings for importing a Revit model into a Vectorworks space? I currently do the following: 1) Create New Drawing 2) Import RVT with the following settings: 3) Wait 45 minutes - 1 Hour for Import 4) Spend 1-2 Hours cleaning up the RVT model, as all the layers/settings from Revit are missing (EXG, Demo, Etc is retained/lost based on no apparent setting). Are there optimal settings for the import process? I was able to get a cleaner import by getting a Revit Trial and ETransmitting only the 3D model work for import, but I don't feel that I can ask the architect to spend time cleaning up their Revit model for this purpose. I am hoping that There is an issue with how I am importing and not that this is just how the process will work every time. Thanks
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