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    This could be a very useful script for generating planting plans for complex natural systems like native meadows where drawing planting plans is and exercise in circle insanity. I however am not able to get it anywhere close to being useful for this purpose. Attached is the file with a folder containing very simple plant objects in it. The script does not pack the symbols like the simple procedural example, Is this intentional? Perhaps I've got something wrong? I confess the math is over my head and beyond what I have time for. CircularFilling v2021.vwx
  1. Am I missing something? I cannot get either an isolation valve or master valve to show any pressure loss or flow no matter where they are connected. They always display the same error no matter if they are from a catalog or custom. All other components downstream and upstream of them show flow and pressure and are working fine.
  2. I am unable to add custom pipe material to the 'Catalog Item Edit' dialog. I would like to add, for instance, HDPE SIDR 15 pipe type to the list. One can add it to the list but you are unable to change the pipe size to anything other than '0.00' thus it won't work - the program then won't size the pipe on the plan or perform any needed calculations.
  3. Here's a file demonstrating the problem. I hope this can be resolved. We can't really use the irrigation module until it is. Irrigation fail.vwx
  4. I've had the same problem since I started using the irrigation tools years ago. Are we the only ones using this tool? This is one of several problems that have never been fixed. I'm not sure Nemetcheck cares that much.
  5. I'm having a lot of trouble getting access to the data of the Plant Database in worksheet scripts. For instance the following should return the 'Blooms Begin' field data currentObject = vs.WSScript_GetObject() #Record 1 is the handle to the Plant Record, Record 2 is the handle to the plant object associated with the record vRecordHandle = vs.GetRecord(currentObject, 1) vRecordName = vs.GetName(vRecordHandle) bloomRecord = vs.GetRFieldOpt(vRecordHandle, vRecordName, "Blooms Begin") vs.AlrtDialog("Blooms Begin: " + str(bloomRecord)) This returns nothing All of the other database functions work however there does not seem to be any way to obtain the content via va.GetRField(). In the below loop all vFieldValue are blank for vFieldID in range(1, vFieldsNum + 1): vFieldName = vs.GetFldName(vRecordHandle, vFieldID) vFieldType = vs.GetFldType(vRecordHandle, vFieldID) vFieldFlag = vs.GetFldFlag(vRecordHandle, vFieldID) vFieldValue = vs.GetRField(vRecordHandle, vRecordName, str(vFieldName)) vMessage = "Record: " + vRecordName + "\nField : " + str(vFieldID) + "\nFieldName: " + vFieldName + "\nFieldType: " + str(vFieldType) + "\nFieldFlag: " + str(vFieldFlag) + "\nFieldValue: " + vFieldValue + "\n" #vs.AlrtDialog(vMessage)
  6. Pat, Thanks for your reply. I get the desired results with the wildcards, meaning I get a 'true' in the cell when using.. =IF(('Plant Record'.'Blooms Begin'='*spring*'), 'true', 'false') and the data contain Spring and Winter When I use the following - all I get is a blank cell with no error =IF(('Plant Record'.'Blooms Begin'='*spring*'), PLANTIMAGE(2), 'false') I thought I would try and tackle a Python script to fix this but although I'm versed in Python the VS reference is pretty dense. I can't even find a reasonable way to debug within vectorworks to output print() statements to see what anything is doing. plant worksheet.vwx
  7. I'm trying to display a plant database image based on the flowering season using the following =IF(('Plant Record'.'Blooms Begin'='*spring*'), PLANTIMAGE(1), ' ') This is not working. I can test that =PLANTIMAGE(1) works on another column Any ideas anybody?
  8. @jeff prince If you are interested we could use your help modifying a database . lane@lanegoodkind.com
  9. @jeff prince How did you go about modifying the .usr file to add those columns?
  10. I agree completely. The wall tool is not yet there for Landscape and Civil. All landscape walls have footings and cap finishes with different finishes and dimensions than the core material.
  11. What about the wall top cap? Did you find a solution for the top cap?
  12. Still no interest here in this? After all these years we still can't spell check our sheet notes?
  13. Yes - doing either of those things crashes my Windows machines. Not the macs. This is probably not the space to troubleshoot this - I'll try and make a call into tech.
  14. Just an FYI here that for me anyway, trying to chose a new plant database location via workgroup folder crashes the program.
  15. For the life of me I cannot find a way to create a custom Fence Post symbol that works. If I create a symbol for a post and save it in the current document it is not listed in the selection for "custom symbol" in the fence setting dialog. Is there something specific I need to do with the symbol for this to work? EDIT: I am only able to get this to work if I save the symbol first in the appropriate folder in the resources library. It does NOT work if the symbol is saved in the current document.
  16. I wondered if anyone knows how I can get class descriptions to show up on a worksheet? I'm trying to better automate a material take-off by simply listing the classes and using the descriptions for more info for the contractor.
  17. Pat. Wondered if you have a quick way to list all classes in a worksheet? Or point me to where I can learn more about doing so? Nevermind - I was able to figure it out.
  18. Can someone please tell me what the point of the Aligned Slab Modifier hardscape object is for if all of the aligned edges produce 'pads intersect' errors on a site model? Why would we want to align slabs into a network as intended if they all produce terrain model errors?
  19. I'm wondering if anyone has tried to use aligned hardscapes on anything other than small projects. I thought I would try this feature for the first time on a large project but the feature seems so buggy and it crashes all the time I'm not sure it's worth it. Attached is a file. There are bugs and errors - hardscape stretching down to the ground way below the model etc. trying to adjust, realign and correct almost always crashes no matter what machine we are working on. HARDSCAPE TEST.vwx
  20. If I am not mistaken there is an error in this function. The road curb texture cannot be differentiated from the roadway when creating a TEE intersection.
  21. Tamsin, Thank you for doing this. I don't see anything written in the help about a custom curb not working so that should perhaps be noted somewhere. Is it possible to align hardscapes to roadway Tees and arcs?
  22. Curious. Here's my file- if you don't mind sending yours that might solve it. Thanks road-hardscape test.vwx
  23. Curious - doesn't work for me. Main slab component is datum top , it is an aligned slab component. The roadway has a rise of 2ft. I've tried multiple ways in multiple files. I am on a mac. Will try the PC next.
  24. I cannot get a hardscape to align with the edge of a sloping roadway. The help states it should align with "The top of the curb (if Curb Width or Curb Height is 0, this means the roadway’s uppermost surface at its edge)". However it will only align in the horizontal plane and it does not align vertically. Is this supposed to be possible? or does the tool assume all roadways are flat without slope? The hatching also does not work properly with this type of hardscape either. Looks like some improvements were made but per usual this time of year - not quite ready for prime time.
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