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  1. Curious. Here's my file- if you don't mind sending yours that might solve it. Thanks road-hardscape test.vwx
  2. Curious - doesn't work for me. Main slab component is datum top , it is an aligned slab component. The roadway has a rise of 2ft. I've tried multiple ways in multiple files. I am on a mac. Will try the PC next.
  3. I cannot get a hardscape to align with the edge of a sloping roadway. The help states it should align with "The top of the curb (if Curb Width or Curb Height is 0, this means the roadway’s uppermost surface at its edge)". However it will only align in the horizontal plane and it does not align vertically. Is this supposed to be possible? or does the tool assume all roadways are flat without slope? The hatching also does not work properly with this type of hardscape either. Looks like some improvements were made but per usual this time of year - not quite ready for prime time.
  4. This needs to be fixed. Great improvements for 2021 but this is still a necessity for AEC. Grade points on grading plans in the US are ALWAYS in decimal feet units. For now the only solution is to set the document units to decimal feet. Of course in the EU they don't have this problem so really it's more a US problem - we should all go metric.
  5. I'm now getting a 'module geopy cannot be downloaded error.' VW 2020 SP4
  6. The site model sculpting issues do not work for me and I wonder if I am alone. On every site model I have tried using the sculpting tools the tools themselves don't function unless you have the ENTIRE site model in view, which is ridiculous on a model of any scale. Unless the entire site model is visible in the viewport the tools simply select vertices on the perimeter of the site model. This happens on MAC or PC. Any one else have this issue?
  7. Currently having this problem on a large site model. I 'centered drawing on internal origin' and made sure there are no items really far away from internal origin to no avail. The issue arises when you have civil files that are registered to a survey point far away from the internal origin of the file. The problem with moving the work in a civil file is that doing so no longer allows for smooth file sharing between team members. We have not been able to come up with a solution to this. This is a serious and ongoing error in the program - PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS. clipping.mov
  8. I have this problem constantly. We always have to share our work throughout development with civil engineers who need our work to be referenced with theirs and the internal origin of civil files can be very far away. I have not been able to come up with a solution to this problem that works for us. It's just a problem with Vectorworks that needs a solution.
  9. I have files with many references to them that no longer do anything - there are no resources being used any longer yet the file references are still there. However I can't find a way to tell which ones are no longer needed / legacy. Is there any way to purge unused references?
  10. IT is no longer possible to change to even set the symbol of an irrigation outlet and in fact they are not working AT ALL. AS a test here are some screenshots. The symbol of this sample outlet is the thumbnail image in the resource browser not the graphic plan symbol it is supposed to be. Changing the graphics in the OIP does nothing - and in fact this does NOTHING for any of the outlet symbols I try. AS such this tool has been rendered UNUSABLE. Another thing broken in 2020.
  11. Apparently it isn't possible to cast shadows onto hardscapes in plan view? I'm trying to do a solar study in plan view but the hardscapes do not render in top view or top/plan view in openGL. Everything in the attached view that is showing in wireframe is a hardscape object with solid fill and texture applied. Anybody?
  12. damn you are good. I couldn't figure out how to add formulas like that in database headers. Would you mind sharing the worksheet?
  13. I have a large parking area with both 'Parking Spaces' and 'Parking Along Path' objects. I have a worksheet set up with both types as the criteria. No matter what I change in the worksheet all the spaces do not add up. I manually count 471 spaces yet the worksheet only can manage to find 462. Anybody have any answers? I've attached the file. AOA SAN MARCOS PARKING.vwx
  14. I am trying to go through the tutorials here however when i open the exercise files for part 6 all of the Marionette nodes are stacked on top of each other. Changing the units of the document as well as changing the layer scale has no effect on this. The solution is to scale the entire network - not sure why this is However when I
  15. Thanks - I saw that but it seems a clumsy and cumbersome solution for most of us. I may try it out as there is no other solution.
  16. It is really a P.I.T.A. and a shame that the script editor does not do auto-completion like most other editors out there. I think I and many others would be able to delve into this level of customization if this were a part of the program. Instead we have to have the Function Reference open and search for every single thing we want to do in the vs library. When I type for instance 'vs.RectangleN(' I should get a pop-up or at least a reference in the window below of all the parameters of the method. Without this I don't think I will ever be able to use this tool.
  17. I have this problem continually with curved hardscapes and walls. setting the openGL quality to very high has no effect. The problem even translates over to lumion.
  18. Isn't the 3D Polys to 3d Loci command supposed to do this? I've tried but that too fails. see image for error
  19. I too have this problem - searching works periodically then not at all.
  20. Nope. This didn't work for me.
  21. Nope. That doesn't work. It looks like while trying to fix something else they broke this. Why on earth would we want decimals in a plant quantity tag? Do they know it is not possible to order fractions of a plant?
  22. Why is it that when you add a bubble to the plant tag it does not surround the text we have control of but defaults to the quantity/ID? What is the purpose of the tag bubble if we don't have any control over what goes in it? Am I missing something?
  23. Thanks for taking a look - it's odd that apparently this hasn't been noticed yet. I have files in 2018 where this worked so it looks like this was broken in 2019.
  24. Thanks Alan - I solved it on all the elevations - one of them was a simple matter of turning off 2d display objects


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