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  1. Another simple question. The unit in the report display as inches. I tried to format as a measurement and it doesn't work. Is that because the field is a text field?
  2. Marissa, Please look at attached file. The geometry does not come out as expected. I drew a sample of the object profile. How does the Polygon 2D node sort the inputs it receives? 1st one connected is the 1st vertices? Again thanks for all your help... Marionette MF Stud.vwx
  3. Marissa, Thanks, I'll take a look at it.
  4. Marissa, Would you look at the attached file. It is possible to create a report showing the following fields: Leg Track Length Track Width Count of the two different size objects Marionette MF 2.vwx
  5. Marissa, Would you do me a huge favor. Using my file would you create some objects from my marionette with different parameters? Then would you create a report listing the objects with there width, height and length. I understand if you don't have time. Thanks
  6. Marissa, Got it. Really appreciate your help. I'm sure I'll have more questions in the future. Have a great weekend! Jim
  7. Marissa, See attached file. This was an early test I did. It creates a rectangle when you run the marionette. If you change the height and run it a second time it replaces the object. I want the original object to remain. Marionette.vwx
  8. Marissa, Thanks. I have done everything you mentioned. Maybe I'm missing something. If I run the Marionette object it creates objects based on the parameters I have entered. If I change the parameters and run a second time it replaces the objects with the new set. The symbol works the same way. I want to do metal framing drawings. The track and studs are different heights, lengths, gauges, etc.. I do not want to create a symbol for each type. Guessing I'm overlooking something obvious. I also want to be able to generate a report showing a material takeoff for the different studs and track. Guessing I need to attached a record to the objects.
  9. I have been experimenting with Marionette to create a marionette that creates cold formed metal framing objects. So far so good. I have created a Red symbol from the marionette. The objects that are created are replaced when you run the marionette or change the symbol parameters. Is there a way to reuse the marionette or symbol and create a new object without replacing the existing object. The following is a list of items I might typically have in a drawing. Studs 362S162-33 - 12' 362S162-43 - 12' 600S162-33 - 22' 600S162-33 - 12' Do I need to duplicate the symbol for each instance?
  10. Diego, thanks for the response. I had asked this same question 5 years ago. Not sure why this feature hasn't been added. I guess 5 years is long enough to wait.
  11. I asked this question 5 years ago. Is there a way to use the Framing Member Tool and create a vertical stud? This tool would do exactly what I need if you could place the member vertically instead of horizontally.
  12. Jim F

    Metal Framing

    Assembly, Thanks for you suggestions. I would like to present Vectorworks with 2 options. 1.) Give us the vectorscript code for the framing member tool so we can make a copy and modify it. Easier than reinventing the wheel. 2.) Change the framing member tool to allow rotation of the object. Assuming this would take a minimal amount of effort and would give the tool additional functionality. Vectorworks, let me know if I'm wrong in my thinking. Jim
  13. Jim F

    Metal Framing

    I understand that the framing member tool doesn't directly support studs but it does indirectly. I can accomplish everything I need other than rotating the "studs" to the angle I need. There technically isn't a difference between a joist and a stud other than the joist is created in a horizontal plane and need the stud in a vertical plane. Is there a simple way to rotate the hybrid object?
  14. Jim F

    Metal Framing

    I have tried the framing member tool and have had some success. The tool place the member parallel to the working plane. (IE it places a joist). I want the joist to be placed vertically so it will represent a stud. I am assuming it has to do with the working plane. Is there an easy way to correct this? Like I said I think the framing member tool will do what I need. Next question is if I use the tool will I be able to create a worksheet showing the following? Wall Studs 30 pcs 600S125-30 - 12'0" 150 pcs 362S125-30 - 8'0" Wall Track 10 pcs 600T125-30 - 10'0" 10 pcs 362T125-30 - 10'0" Headers 3 pcs 600T125-30 - 10'0" 6 pcs 600S137-43 - 8'0" The fields on the worksheet would be: 1.) Quantity of each unique framing member 2.) Unit = pcs 3.) Label text (contains stud designation) 4.) Framing member length I would like to group the items by Structural Use. Wall Track Wall Studs Headers Jamb studs Is this possible?
  15. Jim F

    Metal Framing

    Miguel, Thanks. Do you know if there are any examples of creating a plugin object with a script? The Framing Member tool under the Detailing tab is close to what I need. Is there any way you can modify an existing tool? Jim


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