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  1. Hi Spotlight users, I have a workflow question for you...


    I have a Spotlight user who has pointed out that the previous (v2017 and prior) "Replace with Active Symbol" button in the OIP for a Lighting Device has been changed to "Replace Lighting Device" in v2018. In previous versions, the button simply swapped the active lighting device in the Resource Manager for the currently selected Lighting Device. This meant that you had to select your new Lighting Device in the RM first, then select the placed Lighting Device you wanted to swap out, then click the "Replace with Active Symbol" button.


    Now, in v2018, the "Replace Lighting Device" button in the OIP brings up the Resource selector... No more need to pre-choose the new Lighting Device in the RM before you press the button to swap it out. 


    However, this change or operation obviously requires a slight change (or perhaps a reversal) of workflow, so it's taking the user some getting used to.


    Q: Is there still a way to replace Lighting Devices as it was previously done, by pre-choosing them in the RM and "pushing" them to the already-placed Lighting Devices?


    Thanks in advance!


  2. 11 hours ago, Patrick Fritsch said:

    Neil, I migrated my 2017 workspace...

    Patrick, when you say you migrated your workspace, did you do so by responding Yes to the actual migration question, or did you "migrate" it by another method? 

  3. On 2017-07-22 at 6:00 AM, JimW said:

    But also, JUST after release, I'll be getting together a list of those smaller un-featured-features that will be of interest and posting it here with explanations. I dislike when they fall through the cracks as well.

    This would be GREAT... Thanks Jim!

  4. For what it's worth, I have been getting this error in the last week while trying to import into VW2017 DWGs that were saved out of the latest version of Revit. By default, Revit saves as DWG 2018 format, according to the person sending me the files. They had to a manually down-save to a previous DWG version for me to use in VW2017.


    Incidentally, I even tried opening the the DWG 2018 files in the A360 Viewer and not even THAT could open the files. Oh, the irony.



  5. @orso b. schmid, Can a single Workspace be shared between a Mac installation of Vectorworks and a Windows installation of Vectorworks?


    I have a colleague who has one of each computer, and two licenses of Vectorworks, and would like have a shared Workspace between the two computers. There is already a Dropbox folder shared between the two computers and a shared Template file is working well, so the sharing connection is good. I just wasn't sure if a Workspace could be shared cross-platform due to keyboard/character differences.





    On 12/26/2016 at 0:36 PM, Juan Herrera said:

    Design Layers & Sheet Layer should be change to just Layers & Sheets.


    This would be very helpful change. When I am training new (and even some experienced) users, it is one aspect that I do need to spend time "translating" almost every time. Disambiguating the two terms within the application would definitely help users' adoption of core concept best practices.



  7. Related to this subject... I've found a collection of HDRI backgrounds, each at a variety of resolutions (256p, 512p, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k, 16k).


    Which resolutions are best used in Vectorworks?

    Which resolutions would be beyond what Vectorworks can handle or are beyond what would be appreciable?




  8. I have Bluebeam Revu and I'm quite fine have the overlay (compare) and notation features in it, rather than in Vectorworks itself.

    Having those features in Revu means that far more people in my spheres can and will use them compared to the smaller number who use Vectorworks. This makes it so I encourage colleagues towards better and more efficient workflows without them thinking I'm trying to make them switch to my 2D/3D/BIM software. (That will come later... mwah haw haw.)

    Also, having Revu as a separate application that handles a fairly universal file format (PDF) means I can use it more quickly for documents created by other applications.


  9. ... And if you're not using Project Sharing, please don't open and work on a file that someone else has open (for example, if there is a regular, non-project-sharing file in a shared Dropbox folder.) The changes you make to the file and the changes the other person makes will not come together into one file.

    That's why Project Sharing is so nice. Definitely check out the link @JimWrecommended above.


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