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  1. I did try - in fact, before my first post in this thread. No joy. Copied and pasted the data into a new document, based on the template and still nothing but blue.
  2. Hmm - quite a few interesting (even to me) additions. Some aspects are puzzling: SymbolToGroup says that it "Converts referenced symbol to group using the specified conversion options." I can't find these options anywhere.
  3. Although a few times* I was able to generate a DTM in VW 9, slope analysis never worked. Tested just with VW 10 demo version and the same still applies. Regardless of settings, the only colour is blue (I tried down to 1 degrees - and there are slopes to 1:6!) Has anyone ever been able to do a slope analysis, with any version of VW? *) more often than not, I got nothing. Data were good.
  4. Hello, jnr! While I am definitely frustrated with the lack of built-in ODBC support (and even more so with the fact that the 3rd party solutions only support Windows), I can't really relate to your comments about the unreliability of the database component of VW. Besides, if your database structure would actually be ODBC-compliant (containig a unique ID), with a couple of relatively simple scripts, you could generate fully editable reports. I don't want to let NNA off the hook - it would be lovely to be able to edit data in a standard report. However, unique object names should still be required. The UI for these could be improved - as I understand, objects do not have an intrinsic, permanent object ID. This may be a serious shortcoming in VW.
  5. Stevie Wonder made some very pertinent comments about this some 30 years ago... However, I have expericenced exactly the same problem, but - oddly enough - not every time / in every file. I can't even establish a correlation between the 'real' origin and page centre - a lot of my files have origins millions of miles (almost) from the page centre and some behave OK, some behave badly. Not much of a solution... commiserations.
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