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  1. I'm having the same problem on VW Architect 11.01 Was there a workaround? Thanks in advance. MAt
  2. Hey Hong i think mine came right after I switched to a layer of a different scale.... anyway, it's still a fabulous tool, especially with the improved database functionality, now if only I could see more note previews in the database dialog window.....
  3. well I dunno what I did but it jus came right also, I don't think I have VWA11.5, I think it's cinema 4d 8.5 that's the .5 bit
  4. Hi all My call out tool has stopped working in one file. I can't edit the contents. It's not a layer or class issue...or a viewport issue - I can select and place callouts, just can't edit the contents. Double clicking don't work, neither does "get text from database", edit note. works fine in a blank document though. VWA 11.5, win xp pro
  5. THe dimensions read correctly, but the Length field in the OIP will show the wrong length fot the last dimension
  6. Hi all If you use the unconstrained dimension tool in chain mode, select the first two points, and draw the dimension, unless the next point selected is in line with the first two, the length setting in the OIP displays a differnt figure than the dimension. Does that make sense? Mat
  7. I cannot think of a situation where changing the viewport annotations would require re-rendering of the viewport (if the design layer were set to some rendering mode) Therefore, my wishlist item that editing viewport annotations doesn't affet the rendered image of the design layers - thus saving valuable seconds "updating". Thanks Mat
  8. zero

    text databases

    Oh du-oh VWA 11 winxp
  9. Hi All How do I add text in a callout to a database? Or can this not be done? Thanks in advance Mat
  10. 3dcafe.com mostly in dxf/dwg unfortunately, but easy to use - find the free link
  11. Thanks Peter You are right about that, but, what if you have viewports of different scale on the same "sheet" (of paper), then your drawing label will report an incorrect scale for some of the viewports. Also, it's not just drawing labels; whole blocks of text look better aligned to other blocks of text - same with dimensions. Is there a hidden "switch" to "show other viewports wjile editing viewport" similar to "show others while in group"? thanks again MAt
  12. Hi All Has anyone worked out a good way to align annotations (eg the drawing label) on differnt viewports? Does the question make sense? Thanks Mat
  13. It does Katie... How does one fix it please? Mat
  14. Hi All well I've done enough workspace editing to be quite good at it; VW9 to VW10 to VW10 Australia/NZ to VW11 to VW11 Australia/NZ So I went to "Object context", selected send-to back, then clicked the radio button for CTRL. Next I added a B. VW said "The shortcut "CTRL+B" is already used by: Send to Back. Do you want to reassign the key to "Send to Back"?". And of course I clicked yes, and now it won't work at all. And I can't make it work now at all in my custom workspace, although for all other workkspaces it is fine. Must be a bug I think.
  15. Hi again So I create a roof using the create roof from poly command. Playing with the textures I see there is an option to texture the roof surface with one texture, and the roof edges with another. But I cannot make the roof edge show any texture at all. Anyone have the key to this? Thanks Mat
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