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  1. Unfortunately, the answer was no. I build stuff in my woodshed and would love to find a way to either export a file that could be read by an independent provider or have something built in.
  2. This evening I got stumped. I need to draw a 3D shelf with rabbets on four sides. Each rabbet is 1/2 half the thickness of the shelf. One rabbet is on the top half of the shelf the other three rabbets are on the bottom side of the shelf. I can do a rabbet on two sides but have not been able to figure out the third and fourth side. I appreciate any help.
  3. Today while looking through the website for the first time I looked at the gallery section. This prompts me to ask if there is a web location that shows a similar gallery but with complete drawings as examples of drawing organization, structure, etc... I understand that the gallery represents proprietary work. As a novice I would appreciate exposure to other than my self taught methods. thanks
  4. What is the status of the training CDs for version 11?
  5. Coincidently, I ran into this problem for the first time this last weekend. I scanned in a topographical site survey map from a D size print. I ended up having to cut the image file into three parts using Photo Shop Elements and importing each section into a Vector Works 10.5.1 file. A little nudge here and there worked out OK. I was surprised to see a size limitation error message: "The width of the image exceeds OS limitations. Do you want to reduce the size to fit?" The message did not make sense to me. [ 04-20-2004, 11:07 AM: Message edited by: Peter N ]
  6. I have a set of old prints (pre-cad) that I need to import into VectorWorks. Is there a way of digitizing to a file format that is manipulable by VectorWorks short of redrawing by hand? thanks in advance.
  7. I use VectorWorks to design customer and shop documents. Is there a way to derive a components and cut list from a drawing? Thanks Peter N
  8. I had the same problem on a windows machine even after upgrading to 10.1 with the download version on this website. The problem was solved after I requested an upgrade CD disk to 10.1 and did a clean instal. Now the palletes dock as they should on my Windows XP machine. Peter [ 04-27-2003, 11:04 PM: Message edited by: Peter N ]
  9. I just did a clean install from the just received 10.1 disk for a windows XP platform. Now the tool pallets docked (can be placed) on the upper part of the screen one right next to the other as in version 9.X. I had the problem with not being able to dock a palette next to another with out the second palette creating an additional level dropping to it. This problem was exhibited with version 10.0 and the downloaded version of 10.1 Thanks for fixing this problem Peter Najar
  10. quote: Originally posted by P Retondo: Peter, I was able to dock my palettes one over the other. But it wasn't easy - in fact, I can't tell you how I did it. One thing I did was to customize the workspace so that my tool palettes were a long string! For the other column containing 2 palettes, I tried docking them first in one order, then another, and after a few minutes I finally hit the right combination. By grabbing the left hand bar or portion of the palette I was able to easily stack the toolbars. I took your advice and modified the workspace to a single row of tools directly under the menu. Once I get used to the organization I think it will work out well. Thanks for the suggestion
  11. I am hoping that the pallete docking problems in the Windows version is solved. I just hate to loose screen real estate to tool bars that take up an extra row. I have not had additional issues. thanks,
  12. Katie, I can appreciate how difficult a problem it is. Nothing in software is easy. I still like the product quite a bit.
  13. Katie, I am amazed that it has not been fixed. If you could only dock one pallet directly over the next one without an offset I could understand. The way the pallets dock staggered, as they are now, indicates that some bright decision maker accepted a software bug in an obviously visible spot of the interface. As a user, I wonder were else this bright decision maker has compromised the integrity of the system. In this day and age it is a given that most programs have movable toolbars, pallets. In fact docking pallets worked just fine in the earlier versions. The code is most likely a carryover from prior version but is interacting with new code. That interaction is considered acceptable really makes me concerned with what else may be hidden. It is really amazing this product is released passing software quality inspections. [ 02-13-2003, 07:26 PM: Message edited by: Peter N ]
  14. Are you able to provide a list of changes we can expect with this up grade? Thanks in advance
  15. quote: Originally posted by Katie: We are aware of the problems associated with palette docking. The engineers are currently looking into the issue. Currently there is no fix available. Any update to the palette docking problem? thanks in advance. Peter


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