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  1. Thank you Kevin Didn't know this trick! However I do need a VP without background in order to make a post production in Affinity Photo I think that if you re-render this VP you'll see the halo disappear, since you have an Intel based Mac
  2. Thank you Kevin for your interest Yes it's a VP on a sheet layer Res is 150 dpi and the Renderworks Style is accurate Final Quality Shaded VPs also get the same white halo, but cutouts are better rendered My last note actually is an off topic I apolgize for that It refers to an issue I've reported in another topic I link it below with the file included As you see in the final considerations, the problem of this white halo shows up only on Macs with silicon processors
  3. Hi all since none else has encountering my problem, I've made several tries, excluding possible interferences of other programs and/or firewalls It came out that my sync files app pCloud seems to interfere, probably because it tries to write simultaneously on the Vectorworks swap file I've excluded pCloud and now Vectorworks seems to be faster and more stable I've launched some heavy 3D section VP and Vectorworks worked well I'm trying to exclude swap file from syncing The weird is that with the i7 iMac didn't encounter the problem but very rarely I still get problems of artifacts with 3D cutouts with M1, but that's another story
  4. Thank you Andy Normally I don't import from Sketchup, but often from AutoCAD However I've made a script searching for empty 3D Polys to be sure about and I can confirm you that there aren't I find weird that I've not seen others with the same problem, since it occurs to me so usually Maybe it depends from a low level CPU problem
  5. Hello guys does anyone experience this strange phenomenon of black random spots in renderworks rendering with indirect lighting? It occurs to me with M1 arm silicon cpu expecially after several render tries or launching several renders at the same time This makes me think could be due to a lack of RAM, since reloading the file, things seem to go better for a while However I've to say my Mac Studio Max has 64GB of RAM and with my i7 2017 iMac 27 with 40GB of RAM the problem doesn't occur Looking at system memory usage, RAM seems to be enough Both Macs have vw 2023 SP3 with 13.2 Mac OS Ventura Any suggestion? Thank you for your time
  6. Point 2 is the answer! I have installed Vectorworks 2023 on the "old" iMac with the same Ventura OS and the halo disappears So it really seems to be a question linked to Arm processors
  7. Thank you rDesign This gave me more tests to try I tried to uncheck the option "None fill uses alpha transparency" suggested by Panzer, but didn't solve Neither solved removing reflection from the image prop suggested by zoomer Is this post enough to start a bug ticket?
  8. Thank you Jeff It seems that no others is experiencing that problem This is even more weird I'm just wondering two last things that could differ 1 I own an italian release I've sent a file with a description of the problem last year to italian distributor I think they've sent to NNA 2 I'm working on a silicon mac Passing from an Intel, work is faster, but less stable in my opinion
  9. Thank you Jeff This is really weird Have you seen the white halo before re-rendering that? I've put a magenta rectangle back in your viewport and everything was good I've re-rendered the same VP with no changes and got the usual white halo again Just one thing I see you've got also Vectorworks 2023 Do you encounter the same halo in 2023?
  10. Thank you for your interest Jeff Let me understand: are trees rendered Image props or simple PNG? Which Vectorworks release have you got? If 2022 or later could you please attach your file? As I wrote, the problem is not the quality of the image, since the same image props worked fine till Vectorworks 2021 For a period I had to work with 2022 and finally export in 2021 for final rendering, but now I don't have 2021 installed any longer I'm attaching my test file in 2022 version, created in 2023 and exported You can also find the original PNG image Image Props Render v2022.vwx
  11. Thank you rDesign I've seen that, but it seems to be a slightly different thing and anyway the problem has not been solved
  12. Hi everyone I have to submit a question about an annoying white halo appearing in image props, when rendered without a sky background for photo insertions pourpose As in the linked image, when a colored background is applied, the white halo disappears, so it isn't a matter of alpha quality This problem started with Vectorworks 2022 and has not been solved yet I've done dozens of tests with similar results No matter the quality of the starting image nor the render type or quality Maybe I'm wrong but I've not seen previous posts matching this problem Any help will be appreciated Thank you for your time
  13. So Italian SP5 has finally arrived, but in my case didn't resolve memory leeks at all When launching complex SLVPs with DTMs Vectorworks takes all memory and never gives it back till I quit Really don't know what to do... Should be nice a sort of "Empty cache" command Don't know if it is possible...
  14. MaxTech's Youtube channel reports that new M2 Pro and M2 Max should be 3nm technology and NOT 5nm as M2 currently in commerce, due to thermal throttling problems Let's see what happens...
  15. Hi all I've given a fast look to various posts and seems to me the following link can give an answer to your problem PO4 have you got a Studio Display with your Mac Studio? If yes, I think Pat Stanford found something interesting Hope it helps
  16. After I've read your post I've given a look to Activity Monitor while a SLVP calculation of a complex model with DTM and I've seen Vectorworks uses half cores and never at max speed, even if the calculation takes a while So it seems to be multicore Maybe it has to be optimized, don't know
  17. Sorry I didn't specify I'm using Italian Version Didn't think it could be important In Ita version memory leeks don't seem to have been resolved yet Anyway it seems a SP5 is arriving Thank you Zoomer for your interest
  18. Hi all guys In the last Vectorworks release note known problems about RAM usage in VP sections are declared to be solved. As I can see things are maybe a little bit better now, but not solved at all I usually work with files of even 500MB, containing complex DWGs and DTMs I'm still looking at Activity monitor, trying to figure out the best moment to quit Vectorworks before it stops working by itself Do someone else still experience this problem? Suggestions about that? My computer is a iMac 27 2017 i7 4,2GHz of RAM and 1TB NvMe with Monterey 12.5 I've seen in Vectorworks 2023 NNA promises to reduce RAM usage by 80% and speed up VP Sections to 6 times At the same time I've also seen that specs requests for the real world High End profile are quite important (Mac Studio Max with with 64GB or better), so this confuses me quite a bit, since I expected RAM needs for silicons to be lower than Intel PCs So can someone confirm that in next (if any) 2022 SP or at least in VW 2023 things will improve with RAM? PS: I'm planning to buy an M1 Max 32 core GPU with 64GB of RAM and 1TB of disk, but since this configuration is practically just the high end profile base model 😥, I'm afraid it could become old in a couple of years (M1 ultra is quite expensive for me) Suggestions? Thank you for your attention
  19. Hi everyone guys, very interesting discussion Same problems of memory to me (iMac 27 2017 4,2Ghz i7, 40GB RAM) For some big files (about 400MB and more), especially dealing with complex DTMs, have to go back to Vectorworks 2021 in order to move faster and avoid an annoying antialiasing viewport problem appeared in 2022 (I've to say that Vectorworks Sp.3 has solved that issue) Anyway wrote this post only to say that when I see Vectorworks becomes too slow, instead of restart the whole app, I prefer to save the file and open the previous version to empty cache This works to me and hope helps you too
  20. Hello everybody I'm experiencing issues with Image props of plants in Viewports and Viewport sections when using Renderworks Plants are stretched, mirrored and cut in various way The problem seems to disappear or be minor when using Shadowed render (old OpenGL) Files are quite heavy (500MB), but I have a 64GB of RAM and a 8GB Video Card I've linked various tries made Have anyone encountered the same problem? Any suggestions?
  21. Ok No idea about that In effect should be interesting
  22. I had the same problem You have to add the path file into the "Script Options..." dialog Is that what you meant twk?
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