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  1. @markdd thank you for clarifying this. 


    I usually have different light setups with the same units inside but different positions. As I mentioned before now I'm struggling with vertical and horizontal rig for the same lighting device in 1 setup. 


    And I was just wondering if there is a way to simplify the workflow without multiplying the same lighting device for different positions. 🙂

  2. Hi all! 


    Since 2019 I mentioned that there is option to make a few different 2D symbols inside 1 hybrid lighting devise symbol in "Edit 2D components" menu.   




    But I couldn't find any chance to switch between them inside document. 


    For example:


    I have 2 different rig types for 1 lighting device

    1 - is vertical 

    2 - is horisontal 


    Now I have to duplicate my lighting device, change its name and 2D Symbol.



    And in that case it works:



    But I hope I miss something and there is option to switch between 2D Components in one Hybrid symbol without duplicating? 


    Any help highly appreciated.





  3. On 10/2/2020 at 12:05 AM, JBenghiat said:

    Data tags can show the total weight field for a Hanging Position. 


    Savvy Position Label can show total weights for Hanging Positions as well as any kind of Rigging Object without converting to a Hanging Position. https://benghiatlighting.com/software/products/pl 


    Hi @JBenghiat , is there any option to summarize power consumption for all units on the hanging position or rigging object as well? Or only script can help? 

  4. @JustinVH the tool "edit acc" is really limited. It's not possible to use mirror tool(to mirror the clamps or other objects)  and other tools so its easier to make adjustments in 3D of Clamp and add weight in "light info records M". But I hope someday you will fix that. Also I hope, someday there will be info about default positions for the clamps in 3D model of lighting fixture! It could be really useful when you have custom Light plot on the truss to check if it's possible to rigg the fixtures between the truss crossing sections.


    UPD: I didn't check the reports to find out if it makes the proper counts of clamps amount if you make changes in 3D of the clamp.

    I think this could be a problem. 🙂 




  5. UPD: Nice Tool, really nice! 🙂


    But still have 1 question: if I need 2 clamps in a row, do I need to make it as 1 symbol or there is another way to add it? 


    If I make it as 1 symbol I need to change the weight records to have the right calculations? 

  6. When you spot lighting fixture on the focus point lighting acc(clamp for example) moves with the head of lighting fixture.


    Also when you add lighting acc(clamp) to the 3D model of the lighting fixture, it doesn't appears in the model even after refresh.

  7. Hey everyone! 


    I started to use VWX Spotlight in 2019 and I always face with some-kind of unpredictable issues that I used to think would be a "one button solution" for such a software. 


    Most annoying thing is that it's not possible to make a report with counts of weight and wattage for the hanging position because weight and wattage are the text fields. 


    But! My friend spend about 1,5 hrs in pyth and wrote script that converts those fields in numbers in one column and text in another(kg/w/etc.*) please find pics below.


    This script even adds those parameters in Basic reports as an option to choose.



    Well, my main question is: Why WVX inc. cannot do the same function as a stock in the spotlight(I've seen some topics about that issue before in this forum)? 


    I don't know python lang(hope someday I will learn it) but I do really want and need some kind of this option to be in the Spotlight. It would be perfect if would be automated report as "Position summary".


    Am I missing something? 


    Any thoughts? 


    PS: yes I know that this report doesn't include truss weight but I hope WVX inc. will make this "one button solution" one day with calculation of weights not only for the lighting units but for speaker arrays and projectors as well.



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