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  1. I did some research but it didn't find a good answer, or I'm using the wrong search criteria. Is there a way for Vectorscript to find out which symbols are visible (Bounding box) or partially visible in a specific viewport? Patrick B.
  2. @Alexey Trebukhin I do still have this issue, not sure if the way it worked ever will come back ... But i do have another workaround, just scale the viewport (without grouping it first) with Modify>Scale Objects>Symmetric by distance. Grtz P.
  3. I do have the same issue as you @thinkingpencil It hasn't been solved i think. What is your workaround exactly ?
  4. In attachment my screen recording, first how it did work in 2020 afterwards how it doesnt work anymore in 2021 🙂 9fYKvgJZsS.mp4
  5. In VW2020 there was a way to resize a viewport and the viewport scaling would change accordingly. This could be achieved through grouping the viewport and the resize the group. This seems to be broken in vw2021 the viewport is still there but it doesn't show anything anymore. I did check all the settings again, visibility of classes and layers for that viewport etc. but it does not resolve the issue. Anyone experiencing the same behavior ?
  6. And with an integrated screen recorder tool, so you can instantly send them a short video of what is going wrong.
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