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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to understand the differences about trim height of truss system and z coordinates of hanging positions. I can explain better with this example: I draw a simple truss system with two hoist, then I select and change the trim height of the system at 6 meters.....ok . I convert my truss to an hanging position (T1) and in OIP I see Z=6m Then i change again the trim height of System (relative -1m entire system) but my hanging position still have the same value that is 6 meters.....but that isn't true, it is 5meters! Also when I edit my hanging position, the Z coordinates of my trusses is -1 Now I have two reports about this truss with two different height coordinates .......... I'm a little bit confused, which is the right approach to this???? there is a method to unified this measurements? I hope I'm making clear. thx
  2. oops sorry tom I don't see "show pick up symbol"............ thx tom
  3. Hey Tom I did as you told me but, when insert pickup symbol from OIP no symbol appear.........
  4. sorry tom, I don't understand, what does it means there is no hoist on the truss? There is a procedure for insert a sling.....?
  5. Hi guys, I trying to attach a sling symbol to my truss, but I don' find a method............where is my problem?
  7. Hi guys, I'm using data visualization to color my lighting devices on my plot, I try to have the same symbols color on my worksheet but there is no way! I'm trying to export my worksheet to an excel file but the symbols thumbnails are no supported.......which is the simplest way to do this? thx
  8. Hi guys, sorry for my stupid question, I want to copy my first label position to the other fixture with eyedropper tool, but it doesn't work.........it work perfectly only for 2d position labels. thx
  9. Hi, I try to make truss data tags, something like autoplot truss tags, I want to have, not a total weight (truss + light devices), but a Total weight for light devices only, and a total weight for my truss.......I try everything........but nothing.......someone can help me?
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