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  1. FORUM stars save me again! Thank you all...
  2. Thank you! I also stumbled upon the "Enable Cut Plane at Layer Elevation" which also worked for my situation where the openings go to the floor... but I will definitely use this technique, also a "duh" but I have a lot of those in my newbie-ness.
  3. I have large openings in a CMU wall that show up as solid, how do I make them dashed line type? I made the openings with a bottom offset from top of slab. Thanks VeeDub Forum
  4. Yes it worked. Thank you!
  5. Thank you! Will give that a try!
  6. Why does the one wall not fit correctly to the object? I have tried different styles and it still leaves a gap. I checked components but I can't figure it out. Thanks for any help 20.07.27 Woodman_1_shed_roof.vwx
  7. Yes got it! That is what i was suggesting and then use the saved views for turning the layers that hold the viewports on and off, I think that makes sense?
  8. Did you see if I had something wrong with the text size by chance? my head scratching isn't solving it I do have the problem if I create new text but I just duplicate text I already have and change it, it is fine.
  9. Thank you both! I do have the models completed so I probably will not break them apart *great food for thought on planning future projects thank you!* I think I understand how I need to set up the hopefully most efficient CD sets. I think the master site model may be a bit tricky where I want to turn on and off the different versions. Let me know if this would make sense and do-able: use design layer specific DLVPS to reference each version of the model, controlling with what is visible in each viewport. Toggle on and off the design layers that contain the different version viewports and then create saved views for however many different site options I want to show. Once client decides on site versions, I can eliminate the viewports / design layers that are not longer needed. Thank you, I feel 100x smarter than I did this morning ūüėĀ
  10. Thanks Jeff- The homes are relatively simple 1500-1700 sf 2 story homes. They are on flat pads, I will have to do a separate site plan for each one but they will not effect the structure. I do want to do a basic 3D site to show the different variations, and would like the freedom to switch out the versions like I have with the same model.We will not do a separate CD set, it will be 3 sets of CD's with options which are fairly simple. I am very very organized and used to multi-family project organization but do not want to shoot myself in the foot. I am a newbie to VW and all of the other projects I have done so far in VW have been one building, I do not have enough experience to know the pitfalls. For the city we can do master plans with all the options and then the a-la-carte site plan would pull the building permit calling out which master plan. I feel like I know how I want to set it up: 3 sets with the options managed by design layer visibility. I just want to, if this makes sense, build each set at the same time and they are very similar. So how do I use the one as a template while simultaneously working on the other? ie: notes will be the same, layout is similar, roof slopes the same, floor heights the same, I could easily just shift room names for the next one etc. 2 of the homes have almost identical 1st floors but different 2nd floors. How much sharing or copying from one to the other can I do reasonably? Or do I bite the bullet and just power through one set and then drop the model of the next one into a copy of the finished set? Thank you to all responders!
  11. I set my text height, make a new style, and it is scaled to 1/4" but it is not when I measure it. ie: set text to 9 points, should be 1/8" text, at 48 scale should be 6" but it is more like 4.25" Also, edited and saved unstyled text came out black, created text from resources is hollow empty fill; but I do not see any difference in the text format so not sure. I"m really anal about consistency in text sizes so this is driving me bonkers. Attaching file. Woodman1.vwx
  12. I have a project with 20 homes on a street. There are essentially 2-3 plans that are similar with each having 2 different "options" either room changes or elevation changes, or roof. Any advise from veterans on how to set up this project from the beginning? I have a model where the plans are essentially the same but then have the different options on separate layers so I can turn them off and on. I am almost done modeling the 2nd home in a separate file but then was thinking about construction documents and would like to use the first set of CD's as a template for the others. What is the easiest / most organized way of doing this without a lot of repeat work?
  13. I'm giving a sad and a thumbs up... I will settle with J key, easily at my finger! Thank you!
  14. ah figured it out! Thanks Pat, I was just looking at the "keys" tab from another post. For anyone else reading you can change in either menu or tools tab as well..... but do you know how to enter space bar as a key? I know it is boomerang pan but I want it for my selection key if possible. Thank you!
  15. Along the same thread I don't see anyway to modify shortcuts other than keys in workspace... the most used shortcuts are made for the right handed person (using mouse w/ right hand) and is awkward for a Lefty! Anyway to modify? Some file somewhere I can modify?


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