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    Resources palette - a step backwards?

    You can edit by holding the CTRL and double clicking the item you wish to edit in the RB.
  2. The Hamma

    Speed problems VW 10

    I am also having slow down problems. I also am using VW 10.1 and converted the file back to 9.5.2 and tried the same sequence of steps to move a wall. using the reshape tool. 9.5.2 took about .5 second and in 10.1 it took about 30 seconds. I am using Windows 98 SE the file is only about 1.5 Megs and I just restarted windows.
  3. The Hamma

    Note Manager Text Limit

    the 499 note limit may be true for the data base but try to use the keynote tool when you have more than 250 notes in a database and you will recieve an error
  4. Some issues I have with the VW 9.5.2 Keynoting system: 1. the maximum number of notes you can have in the database is 499, but the maximum number of notes the keynote tool can handle is 250, both of which is to small. 2. The label for the keynote should have an option to refer to the keynote name which is given when the note is created. I don't want the type in the label every time and the auto increment feature is not for everybody. Have either of these issues been addressed in VW 10 and/or are there any intentions to resolve them in VW 9


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