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  1. Is there a renderworks style or something else I can do that shows only the grey shadow cast from an object lit with a directional light, and doesn't show the object itself?
  2. Sorry I don't think I know anything about shadow settings in render styles. How can I change the settings?
  3. I'm using Vectorworks 2021. In the file I'm working on, every now and again I have been checking a view with realistic exterior fast, renderworks style. This had been working fine, but now when I select realistic exterior fast, or any other render works style, it starts as if it's going to do the render properly, but then covers everything in solid dark grey. I don't understand why it should suddenly stop working?
  4. So I've downloaded VW 2021. It seems like you can't enable 'display with clip cube' if you want to use 'hidden line' render mode. Is that right? Is there any way around it?
  5. Thank you for your reply. I'm not sure where to enable 'Display With Clip Cube'? I select 'create viewport' from 'View', which takes me to the 'create viewport' window. The only settings option I can see here is 'render settings'. If I select 'ok' from here, then the viewport is created without the clip cube.
  6. Hello, I have created a viewport of a sectional 3D view whilst using a clip cube by right clicking on one of the clip cube faces/planes and selecting 'create viewport'. However, this creates a viewport with only the one section cut through on the plane/face I selected by right clicking. I would like ideally to create a viewport where 2 or 3 of the planes/faces of the clip cube are acting as a cut through (ie. exactly the same view that I am able to create in the design layer by moving the clip cube on multiple faces at once). Is it possible to do this?
  7. I am using Vectorworks 2018, and I want to create a viewport of an isometric view. However, the preset isometric view in the drop down (right isometric, left isometric, etc) is too steep an angle for what I want. So I can set up the custom isometric view I want on screen using the orthogonal mode and orbiting downwards, but how can I create a viewport of this custom on screen view onto a sheet layer, so I can export it as a pdf. Thanks
  8. Hi, I have a 3d site model containing a large number of buildings and topography, which I imported into Vectorworks as a dwg and have saved as a new Vectorworks file. I need to copy and paste simple extruded polygons and rectangles (proposed massing) into this site model. When I copy and paste extruded objects into this file from another Vectorworks file they become completely invisible in the new file, despite the fact there are visible in the file I am copying them from. (I am viewing in Open GL Mode in 3d views in both instances - also invisible in new file wireframe etc). All other existing 3d objects in the site model are visible in these modes, but not the new ones I am pasting in. I am able to select them, so can see they are present with orange lines around them, but when not selected they are completely invisible. If I try copying and pasting the 2d shapes into file instead, they are visible as long as they are 2d shapes, but as soon as I extrude them they become invisible, despite everything else in the site model remains visible. The extruded objects have a solid fill in attributes panel, so it isn't that. I would be grateful for any help you could provide me with. Thanks
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