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  1. Hi, I have a 3d site model containing a large number of buildings and topography, which I imported into Vectorworks as a dwg and have saved as a new Vectorworks file. I need to copy and paste simple extruded polygons and rectangles (proposed massing) into this site model. When I copy and paste extruded objects into this file from another Vectorworks file they become completely invisible in the new file, despite the fact there are visible in the file I am copying them from. (I am viewing in Open GL Mode in 3d views in both instances - also invisible in new file wireframe etc). All other existing 3d objects in the site model are visible in these modes, but not the new ones I am pasting in. I am able to select them, so can see they are present with orange lines around them, but when not selected they are completely invisible. If I try copying and pasting the 2d shapes into file instead, they are visible as long as they are 2d shapes, but as soon as I extrude them they become invisible, despite everything else in the site model remains visible. The extruded objects have a solid fill in attributes panel, so it isn't that. I would be grateful for any help you could provide me with. Thanks


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