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  1. Please see two screenshots attached below... The first image is a screenshot taken from a design layer in OpenGL, when orbiting the lenses remain clean and exactly how I want them to render. The second is taken from a sheet layer of a viewport, rendered in OpenGL only this time I get random artifacts appearing on the lenses of this particular fixture. My first thought was that there may be some overlapping geometry (although this doesn't explain why it renders correctly when in the design layer) regardless, I tweaked the position of this polygon but no success. I also played around with crease angle, removing texture, setting solid colour, various lighting settings, turning off ambient occlusion and DPI settings of the sheet. Any suggestions on a fix would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Dan
  2. Just placed a bit of Christie Lites 7'10" F-Type truss in a drawing straight out of the VW library... As you may be able to see from the attached screenshot, when in OpenGL (or anything other than Wireframe) the truss does not render, however, is still there as it highlights when hovered over and is selectable. I did have other truss in the drawing that was rendering absolutely fine. I have also tried in a blank file and checked the 3D component to make sure that it's solid. Can't work out what's going on after having a good look. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks!
  3. I had the same issue but after speaking to VW support we discovered that it was a corrupt workspace causing the problem. I deleted my old workspace so VW built a new one upon loading and this fixed the issue straight away. All fine now!
  4. Furthermore I've just inserted several lighting instruments directly from the VWX library. I then made sure these symbols had a model name just like I have done with my own symbols (which of course they did as they are straight from the library). I then added them to a brand new instrument summary and these are still showing up as the symbol name.
  5. Apologies for the crop, I was just showing as an example. I've attached a full image of the Lighting Symbol Maintenance window. I can confirm that all symbols in the file have a Model Name. These symbols I am using are minor adaptations of the ones in the VWX libraries so i'm not sure why this is happening. I'm not sure what relevance light info record has as previously the model name was displaying correctly in the instrument summary. Seems like another confusing layer of data that isn't required?
  6. Thank you for your response! All of those fields are populated with text, see example image attached...
  7. I have an instrument summary (within a title block) inserted on a sheet layer. This instrument summary was working absolutely fine until I recently refreshed... All instruments were using "Model Name" until I refreshed. They now all use the "Symbol Name" of the instruments which is the problem I need to fix! As you can see in the image attached my symbol names are all long and not ideal in the instrument summary whereas i've edited all the model names to look clean. "DC Martin ERA 800 Performance" should read "ERA 800 Perf" Any help would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks Dan
  8. I would like to be able to add various other types of instruments to the instrument summary for final presentation. As you can see from the image attached I have got as far as adding a truss symbol into the summary by attaching a light info record to the 2D symbol which has then meant it has appeared in the build list. However, whilst this is great, i'm struggling in getting the count working properly. Please can someone advise on how to get this working? I've tried altering many parameters in the light info record but i'm unsure as to what data the software uses to calculate the "count". Many thanks Dan
  9. In the image below there is a one section of "Tyler Truss GT 10'". When inserting lighting instruments onto this truss they hang far below where the pipe is. To rectify this (to save me having to move every single fixture I hang) I have edited the 3D component moving the truss down the Z axis so "0" is the centre pipe where I would like fixtures to hang. Note: The lighting instruments that I am inserting onto this truss are custom that have been derived from the VW symbols. I've added clamps to the 3D component making the centre of the clamp the origin. As you can see from the image, the whole truss has moved down as expected, however, has left some crosshairs (circled in red) in the trusses original position. I believe these are used when joining trusses together? These do not appear in the 3D component so i'm unsure as to how to move these to the new truss location. Any help in rectifying this issue or perhaps a more appropriate solution to the original problem would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks Dan
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