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  1. @BSeigel , i really know that option , and is elegant & and useful . but i want to make it directly (without creation of Hanging position ) . I try to build a Python plugin for do this job . Thanks for your response.
  2. Looking in OIP after System Select i found " Total Lenght " i tink was possible .
  3. Hi there , I try to make with dataTag Total Lenght of Truss System . I used Dynamic Text " #TrussItem#.#TrussSystem#->#TotalLenght# " but not work. Anyone can helpme ? Screenshot of value Thanks.
  4. Oh , Thank you @bbudzon , I'm going to settle around hoping to improve something . One more problem: I'm programming the show I've made available in the link above and, I notice that Robe Spiider (in Mode 3) don't work with GrandMA. I have the same project file (created with VW 2019) exported for 3 visualizers (Vision, Capture, Lightconverse *) in Other visualizer the fixture work in Vision no. The same patch the Same mode , The device on MA is one and it work with real Spiider Fixture * Is not my intention to publicize other software . But in this case i have all 3 software connected to MA and working with 3 Monitors UHD . My apologize fro my poor english
  5. Hi friend, i buy it Vision dongle a year a go , but unfortunately never help me . any time is something go wrong . So i decided today to write a post with attached file. Questions : 1. Why do I have such a large light difference between a PixieBeam and a DTS Raptor? Why i don't see PixieBeams almost for nothing? The same is for DTS Katana. 2.Why Ayrton Magic panel are they so dull? (attached screenshot Magic Panel ) 3. How can i get the same quality ( see attached file "16_52_28" ) with Vision [The same project from Vectorworks] Link Vision File : https://newlight.cloud/index.php/s/yMfPaXwD7MSma8B
  6. Check this settings ( see in image ) . I hope you don't have craked version https://prnt.sc/povabu
  7. Hi there , Im trying to export a data from worksheet to Mysql database withowt results , When i try to make Recordformat Database connection , every time i recive follwoing error : [1064] Driver error: 37000 [MySQL][ODBC 8.0(a) Driver][mysqld-5.7.24]You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'name VARCHAR(50), manufacturer VARCHAR(50), length VARCHAR(50), width VARCHAR' at line 1 I set corectly the ODBC x64 and ODBC x86 , test conncetion was successful, read all table . Any one have expiriense with this ? Wath i do wrong or how can i make this ? Running Mysql Server version : 5.7.24-winx64 OS : Windows 10 VW version : 2019 SP5.2 Thanks .
  8. Hi there ! , i checked VW 2020 for my request (Up) , but it seems that there is not yet present.It's true or i missing something . Thanks
  9. Ooooh , Thanks , maybe this make life easier for our ING.
  10. Hi , Lately our ingiere and I are comparing ourselves with the calculations of truss, hoist ... and one day he asked me to export them a DSTV file. which I did but he tells me that it is not valid, his Scia 2019 asks them to import a * .sc2 file and not * .stp as I exported from vectorworks. Is there a different way to do it? What should I say? Surely he will know how to use his software. Have you ever exported DSTV?
  11. Hi , I tryit to generate a Instruments Schedule as you can see inside attached file , But i have question : How can i Summarize & count by Instrument Type . thank friends. InstrumentSchedule.vwx
  12. I think you must use IFERROR please read documentation here > IFERROR
  13. Oooh Yeah , Because will be very useful . Thank, Brandon SPP
  14. Hi guys ! I have a simply question probably with a simply response : How can i get Number of Leg of bridle inside diagram ? Thank You
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