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  1. Hi people of Vision , i have some question Why the lens of all fixture are stacked out of body and not inside ? *Screenshot_1.png Why the light crosses the wall ? * Screenshot_2.png In my case i have only Martin Mac Aura , why floorprint is like a spot ? and don't have blurred border *Screenshot_3.png Bloom lens are like big Pixel . why? * Screenshot_4.png My Vision Settings * Screenshot_5 Why the Software Console it works only with ETC,Par ...... but not with Mouving Heads How can i use the tool: - Point - Line - Xfrom (In properties palette ) Can we have in the next vesions : - Control of Smoke machine ( Not ambient haze wich is present ) es: Number; Size & Volume of output smoke - Multiple camera (editable > Position,Rotation....) - Set size of left ToolBar My configuration: Cpu: Intel Core i9-7940X Gpu: RTX 2080 Ti Ram: 128 Gb
  2. zeroInf

    VW@2019 Crash

    Hi there , When i try to import DWG file in to VW@ 2019 it crash , I imported succesfull in to VW@2018 but when i go back in to VW@2019 to open file created with VW@2018 It crash again . My configuration: Cpu: Intel Core i9-7940X Gpu: RTX 2080 Ti Ram: 128 Gb VW@2018 Sp5 with Braceworks VW@2019 Sp2 with Braceworks Attached files: @2018.vwx [file created with VW2018] DWG.dwg [the DWG for import ] Any suggestion ? Thanks ! @2018.vwx DWG.dwg
  3. zeroInf

    Replace Fixture

    Can be added to WishList in the next ServicePack Update ? -Replace Fixture and if is possible tool Like :VW - Move By Point
  4. zeroInf

    Replace Fixture

    I post in "Vision and Previsualisation" and my question is related to Vision. I need to make this operation in Vision , because if I send to vision from VW a file with Spots without Fixture mode in Vision I will not find those spots.
  5. Hi there , a have a simply question : Is is possible to replace mass fixture in Vision with few click ? es: ( how replace all Sharpy [80] with other type of fixture like Robe Pointe ) Why this : Some fixture dont have fixture mode in VW .
  6. Hi there! simply question : its possible to have a full library from Litec ? to works better with Braceworks web:https://www.litectruss.com/products/ Library: - Trusses - Conical trusses - Libera system - High load Trusses - Towers - Flytowers Thanks in advance.
  7. zeroInf

    Video Card

    Tanks Jim , great informations.
  8. zeroInf

    Video Card

    Really NO . I use maingear.com or titancomputers.com to configure my workstation and i can do it . Around 20000 $ its ok
  9. zeroInf

    Video Card

    Hi, I am a VW user since 2008, and lately all the drawings I do contain numerous Fixtures, truss & viewports. Following slowdowns and lost time our company decided to buy a new workstation. In short, the question is: Which video card from those listed recomandate me? Spent I find myself also to render but most of the time I use the project created in vectorwork to do the lighting program in (lightconverse, CaptureNexum). 1.NVIDIA Titan V 12GB HBM Memory 2.Dual NVIDIA Titan Xp 12GB GDDR5X [SLI] with G-SYNC 3.NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080 Ti 4.Nvidia® Quadro™ P6000 24 GB GDDR5 Memory ---------- [Intel® Core™ i9 7940X 14-core 3.1GHz/4.3GHz Turbo 19.25MB L3 Cache w/ HyperThreading]---------- Thanks,
  10. zeroInf

    CPU Usage

    Changed render mode for all viewports in OpenGL and VW it crushed. My temp. solution : I created 9 sheet layers anyone with one viewport and render mode Hidden Line. ( Hidden Line mode it's much fast that OpenGL) and i need that vieports to be in hidden line.
  11. zeroInf

    CPU Usage

    2 Viewports in Open Viewframe and 7 Hidden Line. Soon I will upload the drawing maybe it's something inside which its wrong and somme one can tell me . ( maybe my fault)
  12. zeroInf

    CPU Usage

    Hello to all , I created a project with vectorworks 2015 (Spotlight) in which I used several pieces of Straight Truss and numerous instruments light (etc, sharpy, robe BMFL, Aleda B-eye, Jarag ..) When I work on design layer all is well (in OPEN GL) but when the move on a sheet layer where I created 9 viewports with various technical details Vectorworks unresponsive for 20/40 minutes, the same happens to me even when I update one of 9 viewport. The questions are: How can I prevent this to happen, because in task manager Vectorworks use max 25% (variable) of the power of the CPU? Why Vectorworks not work at least 80% of the CPU?
  13. zeroInf

    VW 2016

    #import file from excel into a Worksheet
  14. zeroInf

    Note length of the truss

    Thank you ! Thank you!
  15. zeroInf

    Note length of the truss

    Hello everyone . i have a simply questions maybe with a simply answer : I would like to note the length of the truss automatically inserted in the drawing , how can I do . ? In the picture I had to do everything by hand , piece by piece . But when I have to use more than 400 pieces in different sizes I lose a lot of time . thanks http://postimg.org/image/8yr52qytv/


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