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  1. @Pat Stanford It's an extrude from a 2D rectangle. Also tried to convert to a generic solid.
  2. Dear Vectorworks user, Can someone help me with this. Is have a Solid object but in openGL and renderworks it doesn't appear as a solid. Is this a setting? Thanks in advance!
  3. I'm interested in Connectcad but I want to know if you can make power diagrams with it? And if it works with Spotlight. For example: can I make a distribution panel 125A > 6* H16 and link the H16 to Multi numbers used with the lighting fixtures? And see the total power usage on the 125A? Thanks in Advance!
  4. @MRoth Thank you very much! This is exactly what I was looking for. You're scripting style is much better than my beginner's style 😉
  5. @MRoth Thank you! But still too much actions. I want to make them as a shortcut with the numeric keypad. For example CMD + shift + 6 for moving 207,2 on the x-axis or CMD + shift + 4 for moving -207,2 on the x-axis. Something comparative to this. The buttons would be great also but I think that isn't possible within Vectorworks.
  6. @Pat Stanford I would like to make a "command" if I have selected a symbol I can duplicate it with a fixed distance om X Y Z. This would be nice to draw big scaffolding objects. It are quite a lot components so it would speedup the workflow because most distances are 207,2cm or 103,6.
  7. Dear fellow VWX users, Probably easy for the most of you but can someone help me with a script for duplicating a symbol with a fixed distance. For example a piece of scaffolding is 207,2cm and I want to duplicate. So if I assign a shortcut to the script I can doe it quickly without to go to array or something. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you all! The method of @jcogdell worked. 1 little bug in my testfile: 2 house rigging points where calculated on new points made by Braceworks and the other points where calculated to the grayed points.
  9. @BSeigel Thank you for your answer! That's exactly what I'm trying to do but it doesn't snap the house rigging point.
  10. Hi Everybody, Does anyone know how to attach a single bridle or motor direct to a house riggingpoint? I get only bridles with more then one leg to work. Thanks in advance!
  11. Is it possible to export hoists (3D) with data? If I send an exported file to a rigging company they only see a symbol with a number and not what kind of hoist it is. (See attachment)
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