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  1. Hi @SimonRossiter I believe you can change it in the Spotlight Preferences under parameters:
  2. Hi, Im trying to add a data visualization on a seating section. I can't get it to stick when I exit the group. I tried to add it without going into the group, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? Any help Is appreciated:) Cheers Ola DataViz Seating Section.mp4
  3. Thank you, I will give it a try! Cheers, Ola
  4. Hi, I've been roaming around in here trying to figure out if it possible to write a script that can assign class name to a symbol. I have a symbol library the I need to modify the class names. The symbol contains only one class. Or is it an easier way maybe? Cheers, Ola
  5. When I select a row of light and use the Align and distribute tool, Distribute inside lines, Hit OK. Crash! Is tis a bug? It was there also before I updated to SP2. Cheers, Ola VW2018 Designer / MacOS sierra 10.12.6/MacBookPro 2.5Ghz I7
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