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  1. Hmmmm I will try to use the Create plot, i tried it once before and it didn't work out as I need, maybe it will be better this time, thanks again for all the help. I feel like they are making this so much more complicated than it really needs to be, especially when I could do all this in 2010 without having to do any of this, lol. Anyway thanks again.
  2. I'm trying it on truss symbols, even those from Vectoworks, and it happens to anything I make an instrument.
  3. The lighting symbols do work, however the truss symbols do not. Also LoL i should have ben more clear about the help, I meant where in the help, I searched it and could not find any information with diagrams. Thanks again for the help.
  4. Also where in the help I can't seem to find it, sorry, I'm hoping maybe i can make it work still thanks again.
  5. WOW why did they do that? It was so much easier before, I have never had to do any of this to manipulate the 3D of a hybrid, I would use this for my Truss as well, but now I wont be able to. Thank you for the explanation, I appreciated it very much. They have just messed me up so bad, my life is going to have to go back to the hard way I use to do things having to create a symbol for every angle I do now . Is there anyway to utilize the way they did it before? Also why do i have to select a wide space around a 3d object now?
  6. I am trying to do this to a lighting device, I was able to do this using same procedure in 2010. However when I create a Hybrid, make it an instrument and check "Set 3D Orientation" it only allows me to rotate around the Z-axis.
  7. Can some one please tell my why in 2011 I have to create massive selection boxes around instruments to select them now. Please all help appreciated.
  8. I used to be able to rotate objects in 3D using the Set 3D Orientation in the object info, but in 2011 I can no longer do so, how am I supposed to rotate 3D Hybrid now. Please anyone with answer help me and thank you.
  9. They seem to be having problems going from 08 to 09, while mine is the reveres. The problem could still be from the same origin, so what exactly can I do to resolve it? Please help thanks.
  10. Hello All, I encounter an error while trying to export a plot from 09 to 08 and older. I had created a 3D light symbol, with a 2D, in 09. After creating a plot and placing this symbol in the plot, I exported fine, however, when trying to upload it crashed the 08 program. After sometime spent going through the plot I narrowed the reason for the crash to a piece of the 3D light symbol. So it wasn't the entire symbol created in the plot, just a piece that I used sweep on. I was wondering if anyone had encountered this problem, and if so how did you resolve it? Thanks.
  11. I tried what you mentioned but that didn't help me out thanks for the idea.
  12. The problem I believe it is after playing around with it is that it doesn't update the viewports with the new layer order once I change it. Anyone know how to force the viewports to update with the new layer order, I tried pressing update all layers too.
  13. Hello All, I am currently working on two separate plots and in the view ports two different Symbols creating in the same manner are actin very odd. They are covering up another layer and only that layer. I have tried resorting the layer order but to no success. The even weirder thing though is in the actual view they fall behind all the correct layers.
  14. Have you tried connect the large screens to your laptop to see if it affects the performance DMcD?
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