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  1. Boooo! VW should have this figured out by now. It seams like such an easy thing for them to incorporate this. Numbered lists for our specs with proper indentation would be used all the time if it were easily editable and and auto numbered. I can't tell you the time we waste coping and pasting our specs, and having to reformat them because the original formatting does not paste in as intended.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a setting on the resolution of the image that is displayed in the worksheet of symbols using the =IMAGE function in a database? I have a number of electrical symbols that we use in house and the images that are displayed are rather pixelated and sometimes unreadable. See attached. Thanks in advance.
  3. It would just be a lot simpler to have a Jamb Extension option for the window tool since that is how it would actually be built with thicker walls. No one actually disassembles a window to offset the sash. They just add jamb extensions to the window unit. With VW introducing the option of offsetting the sash, they now have to accommodate offsetting the sash in transoms, offsetting the mullions for multiple assembly window units, etc... The attached image shows a window (left) with the offset sash but the transom is still in the center of the jamb. The other window (right) has an upper row of small transoms but now the mullions are not offset with the sash. They are still centered with the jamb.
  4. It would then have a window sill, the horizontal jamb actually, between the two windows, right? For the exterior, it looks correct, though.
  5. No luck with also doing this with transoms over the same window. It seems like you can offset the sash enough that there would be a gap if a transom was added.
  6. Just updated my signature. I actually run VW2012. Yes, now I see it. Glad to see it there. That should work for our purposes. Thanks again.
  7. Is there a way to have a window with a standard jamb width to also have jamb extensions? We are running into problems with having very thick walls such as ICF or just super insulated walls, and having the window positioned correctly. The plan offset option only allows to offset the entire window with jamb. I would like to see it just offset the sash and not the jamb. Any work arounds? I feel that there needs to be a jamb extension option for the window object so that it can look right in plan and have interior and exterior trim displayed on the surface of the wall. Thanks in advance. DanC
  8. Definitely a bit dirty. I am not sure I want the office to follow through with that workaround. Although there seems to be no issues with inserting that data into a worksheet. That's a plus. Thanks
  9. We have custom sheet borders that have linked text fields to a record. I was trying to get a sheet border to display the sheet name but only on a couple of text lines. I went into the symbol of the sheet border and selected wrap text in the OIP but the text still does not wrap outside of the symbol. The work around I have is creating two separate text fields in the record. The issue is that when I create my drawing index in a separate worksheet, I have to worry about bringing these two text fields in and making it look nice with text alignment. Attached is a simplified version of what I am working with. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. It would be nice to manually order my sheet layers instead of relying on alphanumeric ordering for sheet numbers. For instance, I would like my Civil Drawings (C-1.0, C-1.1...) to be ordered before my Architectural Sheets (A-1.0, A-1.1...). There are workarounds but this seems like a simple thing that would act like the stacking order for design layers.
  11. dcont

    Wall Trouble

    Submitted! Just needed a second opinion. Thanks again.
  12. dcont

    Wall Trouble

    Thanks Peter. I knew it would be something simple. It works fine in VW09 when trying to join the thinner wall first though. :confused: I think I understand why this is. Try this new file where the angle of the wall to be joined is hitting the exact corner. I still get the error message of wall not intersecting. Bug?
  13. Alright. I have read numerous post regarding walls acting funny in VW 2010. I have tried to get these walls to join but VW keeps on saying they do not intersect. I attached a file with a simple condition. Can anyone join these successfully without moving the walls over? What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  14. It would be nice to have a way to see new items/changes in a file in a subclass or something like that so we could see exactly what was changed since the last time the plans were reviewed. It would be great to get a printout that would have those changes highlighted. Or perhaps a timeline setup so see what has been changed since a certain date or event. Not sure if this would be feasible but the current way to address this is to save a copy of file and compare the two manually. It certainly would be a time saver to not have to review items that were already reviewed. Thoughts?
  15. I think you can edit the VW file located in the defaults folder. There should be a VW file in there that stores the wall types.
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