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  1. A solution to this would also help me out!
  2. Dates on that presentation were: 10/01/2023 - SP3 14/03/2023 - SP4 16/05/2023 - SP5 18/07/2023 - SP6 I thought I had posted a screenshot to the forum but I can't seem to find it now. I think they also mentioned that they would do SP7 and maybe 8 if required, but these would come after VW2024 was released.
  3. I use dividers on my projects and never (intentionally) re-sort the design layer order. I appreciate other people do though! A non-workaround way to add dividers would be nice. And one that is impervious to the accidental purge (which I often accidentally do as they are always empty). Personally I am less interested in folders as it just resorts to lots of clicking. I would also be happy to stop calling them design layers and sheet layers and instead just have layers and sheets as has been mentinoed. (Whilst we're at it, lets get rid of design layer scales too...)
  4. That makes sense, thanks @markdd - is there a way for it to give it a name rather than just "1"?
  5. This is a great feature. What would make it even better would be to be able to create these and share them with the office more easily, or control it through Workgroup Referencing (perhaps this is already possible)? Having just stood over two colleagues to create the custom naming scheme, I don't fancy doing this again with everyone else in the office. Therefore I would like to wishlist the following: - Be able to control Custom Naming Schemes through Workgroup Referencing - Be able to give Custom Naming Schemes their own names, rather than them being called their string. It would be fair easier to call them "Contract" or "Planning Approval" so that the office know which naming scheme to use based on what stage the project is at.
  6. How come each sheet in the titleblock manager has a little arrow that can expand a list of fields underneath the sheet title? I have never seen anything other than a "1" underneath a sheet, but it can be ticked as well as the sheet itself. For me it just seems to double the amount of clicking required in this window!
  7. I use it quite regularly and don't have the issues you mention
  8. I would also like to know if this is possible
  9. Solved it myself. In the "Advanced Properties" I had "Use Class: None" selected for "Objects Beyond Cut Plane". Changing this to "Use Original" (as shown in the screenshot below) solved this and my hatch appears grey rather than black.
  10. @Rishie Did you ever find a solution for this?
  11. Hi @Dave Donley Is there any update on a Vectorworks plugin for Enscape on Mac?
  12. I have not - the perils of using a custom workspace is that I didn't even know this was there! I will take a look, thanks
  13. Data tags are great, but sometimes I find the workflow too inflexible for annotating drawings. To get the right data you would like, you need to create the tag style and set it up in advance. I wonder if as an alternative approach, there could be another mode of the Data Tag tool that when you select the object you wish to tag, all the available data is displayed and you can select the relevant fields you would like, bundling them into a new tag on the fly. You could then choose to have this as a style or leave it unstyled. This means that when you are annotating things, there is minimal interruption. You don't have to stop to make a new style (or think in advance that a new style is required), and it's also much more flexible. Sometimes you don't need a new data tag style for every single thing (don't get me wrong though, the styles work very well for often tagged objects). As someone who looks after VW in a small office, you don't have to second guess all possible permutations of how colleagues will use it and set up a tag for them to use. This was in my mind when annotating some steel beams recently, where on some pages you just want the "Steel Section", on others you may want to have the "Steel Section + Beam Reference Number", and on other sheets you may wish to have "Beam Reference Number + Section + Note such as *to Structural Engineer's specification*". I think it's a bit cumbersome to have three separate tags, or to go to the effort of making three separate tags when they may only be used once each.
  14. I had also expected a few more and perhaps not so structured. I had inferred that "when it's ready" meant when the features are ready, this is still saving features for a wider release; if a new feature is ready in the second week of January it won't be released until March. This is still a big improvement however on waiting until September, but I guess I was a little underwhelmed having gotten carried away with the notion of having a very quickly evolving software and you feel that change is implemented quickly rather than having things rattle around the forum for years before anything happens. A software that updates every week might drive me insane - but it does reinforce the idea that it's being constantly improved. Again though, hopefully a big improvement and I will wait and see what Vectorworks come out with in the near future (SP1 should be out today if that graphic is correct!)
  15. Another couple of things to add to this (I can't figure out how to edit my post to add it to the list). 6. Better management of Notes Our database quickly became unwieldy. It would be good to have some kind of manager where you could see where notes are used and if any in the database are completely unused. A purge option would then be good to clear out outdated notes that are no longer relevant. I have seen the "Reconcile Notes" window which is pretty good, but it seems a bit tucked away. In my view this should be part of the Notes Manager. 3. Notes Manager - Have Databases as a Resource Continued.. Also just wanted to reiterate how much of a drag the constant detachment of the database from the file is. I think there should be the option to have the notes stored within the file so there is no link to a distant file somewhere which in my experience is not very resilient.
  16. Strongly agree! A "wishes granted" tag is a great way to spread a bit of joy through the forum amongst the complaints and gripes. Hopefully now with more frequent updates as we move to the subscription model (for better or worse) these tags would be spread throughout the year rather than a big dump in September.
  17. Thanks @Wes Gardner, This gets part of the job done (the "colouring in") but do you know of anyway to make generate the descriptions in an easier way than manually typing things out? Data Tag or similar? Maybe using the new graphic legends to generate a wall schedule, but then there likely isn't a way to link this to the colours of the data visualisation?
  18. I had a very quick play with it to make a window schedule and was pretty impressed. I really hope Worksheets get some attention soon though, particularly to make formatting them easier which is probably closer to the original poster's wish. Having to go into dialogue windows to wrap cells and format text and boarders is mad.
  19. Graphic Legends in 2023 is pretty similar to this - https://www.vectorworks.net/en-GB/2023
  20. Good article here on using Meshroom to make a photogrammetry model from which 2D Elevations can be obtained from - https://buryassociates.co.uk/elevation/ All software is free but does require an Nvidia graphics card. Very useful for small projects and generating "as existing" drawings for planning purposes etc.
  21. This is a big problem. For me, the whole point of having a centralised database (project or otherwise) is to quickly deal with changes that happen through a project, particularly important now with supply chain issues meaning there are many material changes due to so many things being on long lead times or out of stock. It should be able to handle a change in the database and change, or warn you that there are changes and ask you to confirm them on opening the file.
  22. Thanks everyone for the messages and advice. @michaelk was right when he said in his webinar that this is one of the nicest places on the internet! I thought it would be a clear win for Python but Vectorscript seems to still have advantages. I was partly inspired by @MarcelP102 and his thread "Babysteps into Vectorscripting". I'm a big believer in learning by doing so I need to get my teeth into a project!
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