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  1. Hi grant_PD, Looking at one of your webinars, I think the creation of symbols for each scenic unit, is the thing that allows me to move multiple copies around the venue, but allows me to continue drafting in a isographic view. Love that. It looks like you have each scenic element on a separate design layer. But each piece of each unit is separated by class. I would have done that with each design layer grouped as I am advocating for. Same workflow but different tools to get there. Any way, thanks for the thoughts!! P
  2. Thank you all. I obviously need to change my workflow in VW. The tools are there, just a different way of doing it. Thanks so much for showing me the light!! P
  3. Dear "line-weight"- Good question. This is how I would use the layers. Say I am modeling a table. I would have the top on one layer, the legs on another. I would then group those layers into one group called table. I then group all of the groups that make up the set into one master group. I can then duplicate this and move each one, keeping that individual heirarchy in each group that is the entire set. At least that is the work flow I am used to. I have been using classes to establish a "line weight" for all my dimension lines, for example. One for construction lines. One for sections, etc. Not much more. But you are saying, I should be using classes like I would layers? The elements of the table, if assigned the same class will be grouped as the table? No matter what layer they reside on? Thanks again for your insight P
  4. So maybe you all have a workaround.... I am a scenic designer. I have multiple iterations of a design in different locations in a venue. I normally would have all elements on their own layers and grouped. (Which the developers of Vectorworks seem to think is un-necessary.) I could then duplicate each group, retaining that heirarchy and then move the entire design into each potential location.....Once agreed upon I can then tweek the design from that placement. As it is. I have had to copy all elements to one layer... to move them together....Which means I no longer am able to work on each piece individually..... Am I missing something in the Vectorworks workflow??? Thanks for your insights!! P
  5. Yes to answer Spetit.... Rhino for one. Cinema 4D for another...I am pretty sure 3D Studio Max and Maya as well Allows grouping layers. The same way you can group layers in Photoshop.... I want to have individual elements on their own layers and to group those layers so that I can move, change visibilities, etc for the group of layers. Perhaps there is a way within Vectorworks that I am not seeing.....I am migrating back to Vectorworks from Rhino..... If not please make it so..... like I would love you if you made it so now....today... please.... What I am seeing is that you can group elements together but all must reside on the same layer... I also want to be able to change the layer of an element without having to cut it and paste it into a new one. Another functionality of Rhino which is really good.... A "move to layer" operation.... please point me to it if it is already there..... Another Rhino feature that I miss is when you hover over a number of drawn elements it will show all elements in a little drop down and you can choose which you are intending to select.... Thanks for all of the feedback and thoughts... P
  6. I find it unbelievable that in this day and age Vectorworks still does not allow grouping of Design Layers!! Has anyone working on the development of this application actually used it? We need this ASAP. The software, in my opinion, is cumbersome at best without this standard functionality. Fix this soon.... PLEASE!!!
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