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  1. Did you try to click on Notes Manager and Drag-and-Drop it to right under Convert Old Notes to New...?
  2. Hi Taproot, "After hitting this error, I did rename the Notes Database to a more current version ... just so I knew which version was most current. I can rename it to "General Notes" again if that will help..." The Notes Database does not have a version. It is a TXT or XML file with a special structure inside. Each Note on the drawing has information from which database it receives information. In other words each Note remembers the path and the name of the database. When an error pops it means that the Note cannot access/locate the database it remembers. This error message contains the path and the name of the database which cannot be accessed/located for any reason. Here is the point where you need to put the right database in the right folder, according to what the error message says. I do not know where to find the "Reconcile Notes" command. To reconcile notes: Select Text > Reconcile Notes... What Reconcile Note will do if you just want to rename a database? 1. Let say you have working VWX file with Notes assigned to actual path and database - Vectorworks/2020/Libraries/Defaults/Notes/General Notes.txt 2. If you change the name of the database to General Notes 2020.txt, the error message will start pops when you try to edit any of the Notes because it cannot find the database they remember. 3. Executing Reconcile Notes... command will automatically find all Notes in the drawings that cannot locate their remembered databases. 4. It will ask you to indicate the correct database. Select Browse and find General Notes 2020.txt. 5. If selected database is the same (no changes inside, just other database name) no other action is needed. 6. An informative message will be displayed to show how many Notes are updated to remember the new database. 7. Save the VWX file.
  3. Hi Taproot, "My Notes Database somehow disassociated from my template file during the 2020 upgrade" Would you explain what exactly happened to disassociated your database file TA 2014 General Notes.xml? If the file is in the correct place (/Common/Data/) with the correct name (TA 2014 General Notes.xml) it should be able to find it. If you changed the name of the database of course it won't find it. "I am now forced to go through every one of them individually and redirect the Note Manager to the correct database." Еach note is treated as a separate note that can point to a different database. Тhat's why it's necessary to go through every one of them individually and redirect the Note Manager to the correct database. It may be worth considering here if we can automate the process for all notes with the same database name... Did you try Reconcile Notes... command? With Reconciled Notes functionality you can fix your template file with few steps (if you just change the name your database). Thanks.
  4. Hi, Notes Manager dialog in VW 2020 is only for manipulating the databases. You can add notes from "Add" button on General Notes dialog.
  5. Hi JPM, I tried to reproduce the behavior described above with new and old files but with no success. Maybe this is file specific bug and I can't find where the problem is if I don't have your files and steps to reproduce.
  6. Hello Lee, Could you provide test file and/or record a video. I need more information to be able to check what is behind this issue. Thanks.
  7. Hi James, You can sort the description by clicking the column heading. The sort arrow in the heading indicates whether the current sort is ascending or descending. If you want to remove unused keynote positions (N/A), click Remove Gaps from the Keynote Legend OIP.
  8. @leecalisti Hello, If you tried to add only a Section it will disappear. You need to add at least one note to this section. Please record a short video with steps to reproduce. What VW version do you use?
  9. SP1 is not released yet. It will be available the second week of the next mount.
  10. The problem was related with the appearance of the dialogue and controls, not with the functionality. Yes submit a bug. So we can investigate and make sure everything is working properly.
  11. Hi, Yes, there was a problem with Callout dialogue with Fundamentals key. This is fixed in VW 2020 SP1 - Build Fixed: 503653
  12. Deleting Keynotes If you delete a keynote, the remaining keynotes are not renumbered. The keynote legend maintains a “gap” or placeholder displaying the custom text specified in Unused Position Text. However, if Re-use Unused Positions is selected and another keynote is placed in the drawing, the new keynote replaces the first “gap” keynote. Clicking Remove Gaps from the Object Info palette of a selected keynote legend also removes gaps; another way to remove gaps is to sort the keynotes in the Notes Manager: Keynote List dialog box.
  13. Hello, Would you give us more details about the problem? Is there a crash or hang for long time? Try to edit the callout when the object info palette is undocked. If this is not help try edit the callout after the workspace is changed. Thanks.
  14. iborisov

    Callout Tool

    Hello, I still could not reproduce the problem. Whether it is a file specific bug or you can repeat it with a new file? Thanks.


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