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  1. Steven, apparently with the latest version 9.12 you cannot load multiple files any longer. Don't override the old version, should you have one.
  2. The default data file is not supported by a workgroup folder. It is plain ignored. There is no full vectorscript access either, so even that is not secure. I have a command for transferring storeys and levels through xml files and see all strange things happen. I believe that levels and their storage should be re-done entirely in a way that is comprehensible for us. At the moment it isn't.
  3. Hello Stéphane, if I understand correctly what you did, you are exporting one building pro design layer. You assemble the buildings using one singular DLVP pro building, am I right? Should that be true, please mind that while this might seem visually correct, the resulting IFC structure won't be. A multi-floor DLVP doesn't distribute automatically the layers into the proper storeys. TBB_IFC_example.zip I attach here an example of assembling stuff across various files. Please mind that this is a totally simple example, it won't be as easy in the reality. I used "old-style" referencing for clarity (and I prefer it for a number of reasons). There is: a source file with some variants of floor plans (load repetitive content by reference into other files) 1 file for building 1 (export from here building 1) 1 file for building 2 (export from here building 2) if there was a site plan, this would need to be exported as stand alone as well and the option "Export Site Model" to be enabled in the IFC Export settings. everything is assembled in Solibri. Note: I just noticed that Solibri Anywhere 9.12 doesn't allow any longer to assemble files. Use 9.10! I am for some reason kicked out of my Solibri licence and cannot check properly for collisions etc. Sorry if I let some ugly error around. VW is not developed for multi-files projects and you'll soon reach its limits. It can be done, but it won't be fun. About IFC 4: VW is certified for IFC 4 export, import isn't there yet. More here: https://www.buildingsmart.org/compliance/software-certification/certified-software/ Depending on how strict your exchange requirements are, you might be better off with IFC 2x3 and since we cannot import properly what others send us, I definitely suggest you to agree upon IFC 2x3.
  4. Stephane, I can answer better tomorrow morning early, but first off: you can only map design layers to stories you can have as many DLVPs as you need in the design layers that you need to map BUT: 1 DLVP for each referenced floor, placed into it's own Design Layer (that's where I usually think I want to change application). As you see, you are compelled to reconstruct quite a lot using DLVPs and layers. be very careful with the elevations of both DLVPs and design layers (do make some tests) you cannot have different buildings in the same file IF they don't have exactly the same story structure Edit: elevations.
  5. No, IFC loves DLVPs. I have been exporting loads of stuff organized across files using DLVPs for a large project. Visibilty: meant is the visibility in the class and layer list. A design layer that you see because it is the active layer (you are IN it), but is invisible in the layer list, won't export. Does this resolve your issue?
  6. Hello @TDimov 3. is something you should really work upon changing. There is no way we can have everything in one file. Reference support has to be priority or VW is only usable for small projects.
  7. Matt, "sq m" assumes that you are English speaking. The way all software resolve the superscript problem is: m2 and derivate. "Sq m" means nothing in Italian, German, etc. Example: Metro squadrato, skwadrat Meter usw. 😄
  8. @Mark Aceto I posted now a public wish request for precision and thousands separators, and also filed a new bug report (VB-174832), but don't hold your breath. This stuff is old and likely to stay forever. Don't ask why they prefer it that way, but this is how they want it -and mind, they must know how damaging for the VW image this is, among the international user lot.
  9. This is one of the most long lasting bugs in VW. There is a pertinacious refusal to acknowledge the problems it causes us. On anything outside the American Unit's system. We international users need different units and control on the precision of any number displaying on drawing. Dimensions and Chain Dimensions use the Unit's dimensions' settings. While any other object uses Document's settings. Even data tags, where the user can shape up nearly any kind of dimension-like object, disable the settings for non-dimensions parameters: one cannot correct the precision of a real number nor the thousand separators. We need this limit to be resolved, it ruins our drawings, it coerces to endless workarounds. Expected: Document settings: for the Object Info palette, floating data bar, etc. Dimensions settings: for any dimension-like object Data Tags: free to use user-defined units/precision/thousand separators on any number (real or even integer, to allow alignments etc.), unregarded the original formatting Just like we'd do in a worksheet cell. PS: I filed this now again as bug report. Did that already in the past. To no avail. In the screenshot a few examples in red of number going out of control when we need high precision. A realistic working environment: units meters with 3 decimals precision.
  10. No, the thousand separator issue is the same as the precision issue: an obsolete concept about document vs dimension settings. See in the screenshot below what happens if you must work in mm. AND WE DO. You see, this is the kind of stuff that makes international users absolutely mad. It is a titanic fight. Mind, we have been screaming about this problem since we had lists, forums and similar. I had the pleasure to discuss this in person. It's not that they don't know, they pretty much don't want to fix it. I can refile it as a bug (this is a bug alright) and stir here a few seconds of attention, but it won't help. Unregarded the vastity of the problems that the usage of doc units causes, a little side comment about the Benchmark: it actually lead a large number of us to scripting (me, for example). Excluding a handful of people, nobody could/can work with the Elevation Benchmark, which I gather is the most re-done object ever. So at least some good came of it. NOTE: in EU we use dots for thousand separators and commas for decimals. In USA it is the other way around.
  11. There is this very old problem where we have document : precision/rounding base dimensions : precision/rounding base/thousands separators Dimensions precisions and thousand separators are really only used for the Dimensions and Chain Dimensions items. For everything else there is the document's precision. But why? This comes from the '90es, where there was lines, polygons and dimensions. Little more. In due time we began having other objects, such as Elevation Benchmark etc. And instantly the users began complaining about the usage of doc settings instead of dimensions' settings for these objects. For us that Elevation Benchmark is a dimension, and we expect the dimension's settings to apply. Now we have countless object types behaving as dimensions and Data Tags are the apotheosis, we can do our own dimensions as we want. AND STILL THAT DAMNED document setting pushed down the throat. Please free us from this trouble once and for all. Document settings: for Object Info Palette, Floating Data Bar etc. Dimensions settings: for everything else Data Tags: free to set any real number with any precision/rounding base/thousand separator (just like we can format a worksheet cell as we want).
  12. According to the International System of Units (SI) we shall use m2 for squared meters and m3 for cubic meters and derivate units. All of us. So we international users do expect to have that as default when we buy the international version. Instead, there is the string "sq m" and similar popping up from every corner. And I mean it, see below. We have 77377 entries of "sq m" in VW. I used to edit the strings at each update. How come we still have to ask this. I quote here from Wikipedia: "It is the only system of measurement with an official status in nearly every country in the world [...] The SI has an official status in most countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, with these two countries being amongst a handful of nations that, to various degrees, continue to resist widespread internal adoption of the SI system [...] Please fix this embarrassing long lasting issue.
  13. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, I think that the only missing things left for this tool are: the possibility to apply a precision to any kind of number. Independentely from units. Precision is now tied to units (and if you set to document units, precision is disabled). Where we work with large doc precision there is an ongoing problem of values displaying too long. We need a high precision specially for existing buildings, since they are never orthogonal, we must watch unwanted mistakes. I don't see why precision should only apply to dimensions. Nikolay, this is one of the things that users are going mad on since I use this application (MCD 7): we want control on precision independent from document units and their precision. Doc precision should only apply to the OIP and ancillary fields, like the Floating Data bar. Do have someone fight off that sq m everywhere you see it (SI). We don't use sq m! 😵 the possibility to use Data Tags as read-only on locked objects. I understand the reasoning behind blocking data tags for locked objects (you cannot write values into them anyway), but this kills our workflow using references. We cannot use Data Tags in viewports because the underlying objects are locked. I think that Read-only data tags should be usable, whereby the "writing" fields could disable. I'll file a wish for the 2nd one. It is very important for us. We cannot have everything in one file, so the alternative is only to use un-linked tags, which is a pity.
  14. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, thank you, no need to file a VE, it is just a waste of time for us both. Now you had the wish. It is very problematic to display an area even with dimension fields. I guess I have no choice but to load an area field. We usually avoid them since they do take quite a swapping in VS.
  15. I can assure you that this is not broken in VW 2021, trust me. You just have to get used to the different cursors and selection praxis. More here. Now the level of frustration just piled up. Get a break. If I was there, I'd bring you out for an Italian coffee. Whenever you feel like giving it a try again, try this: While a rectangle or a text object is selected, hover on one of the corners, you will notice the the cursor changes from a cross to a diagonal arrow. with the cross you move with the diagonal arrow you stretch Repeat this with the text box, it is the same.
  16. As a principle, I usually get a wow effect teaching text in VW, so I hope we'll get there. But don't expect Illustrator, VW won't deliver that.
  17. There are two types of edits: you can edit the text box as object itself, by selecting it. Then you should see the box handles. These are common to nearly all objects, whereby box objects also have a rotate widget on the middle bottom, which can only be seen while overing on it and clicking on the Alt-key. you can edit the text content inside, double-clicking on it. Then you should see the tab editors (which I see you do). After double-clicking on the text box (so you enter the text content), try this: move the tab widget (the tiny black thing). select some text inside and try a few edits using the Object Info Palette note that you can change color and whatever inside the text, there is also a tracking field (below) where you can change the spacing. It is basic, but it gets the job done.
  18. This, on the other side, cannot be true. The Help is precisely what VW is, no lies. Just to clarify a bit the terms, this will help you getting help, text boxes don't have control points, but Callouts do. If you don't see control points and handles there is a wrong setting.
  19. None of what you expect is there -and likely ever will be there in foreseeable time. So, if that's your expectation, get out fast. Where do you come from as CAD? What is your field? If your office forces you this switch, I can at least show you where the hateful switch will be rewarded by fun and power. Yes, we do have that too. We are collecting enough users whose expectations build on false promises. As long as these marketing videos, events and the like don't even publish the interface we actually have, that's what we get and rightly so.
  20. Illustrator and InDesign are another liga altogether, but ACAD LT? Explain your needs?
  21. The Structural Member doesn't support styles and is very quirky (read: impossible) to use in 3D. So all of us do use the Framing Member instead, which also doesn't support styles, but is very reliable and can be more easily set to our drawing standards.
  22. Ha ha! Practically, what you are asking is the way the Resource Manager worked before the reworking it got some years ago. We all preferred it that way, but don't count on this changing any time soon. They change things every ten years or so. I think we might have still 5-6 to go... Edit: @Stephan Moenninghoff once had a very good set of improvements' proposals. I wish we could see some of it come true.
  23. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, first of all thank you for Data Tags, what a beauty they have become. I have a number field (kWidgetReal) where I load a glazing area. This now cannot be formatted with the needed units. Is this by design? Do I have to turn it into a kWidgetAreaDisp? It would be a bit boring, that implies more code only for supporting conversion in data tags. Thank you.


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