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  1. OpenGL is restricted to 8 light sources. Use a Renderworks render mode.
  2. The texture should have a Glow shader. It's typically at 100% but can be set higher. Too high and the image will blow out. Emit Light should be checked in both eh edit Shader dialog and in the Indirect Lighting dialog. You won't get any beams of light, but you should get the effect of light.
  3. You can texture a SubDivision. Can we see what you want to make? Deform and Fillet might do what I am picturing
  4. while I'd need to see the venue and the complexity, I would make everything Hybrid so you have 2D and 3D as needed.
  5. I have no idea what this is, but it sure is pretty.
  6. I'm not completely sure I understand your question, but image size is based on output resolution. So, If you're outputting to an inkjet printer that has a 150 dpi resolution. the image size would be the size of the output times 150 in pixels. So, if a 5' object at 1/2" scale it would actually be 2 1/2" wide and then 2.5x150=375 pixels. If the out put his 300dpi, then 750. If only outputting to a screen, then only the screen resolution matters, the rest is extraneous. That's more difficult to calculate, especially since we can all zoom in and out. Does that help?
  7. right, my comment is to suggest that we should need to extract a surface from a wall or a roof. but we should be able to add the array to the original object. If you update the walls, the array has to be recreated. I'd like to eliminate that step.
  8. Excellent Fix! Now if only surface array worked on native objects, and the extraction step could be removed...
  9. sweet work, and excellent use of surface array.
  10. In the Spotlight prefs, do you have the inserted instruments assigned to a class that is turned off?
  11. what do you mean by working model? For me, every model is a working model.
  12. as always, Luis, great work. Especially, to me, for OpenGL
  13. what re during modes are you using? Can you get what you need with hatches rather than textures? Are the textures too big?
  14. I find styles much more efficient than the old way.
  15. I'd love to see a closer relationship ship between shapr3D and VWX.
  16. I have always REALLY RAELLY REALLY Wanted Class control over the graphic. Speaking specifically here about the Lighting Devices, but the comment applies elsewhere as well. The outline of an instrument should be one class, the interior lines another so the user can readily control without having to replicate existing work
  17. It's uncommon, but I the VWX prefs, there is an "AutoSave" Tab. From there you can select a place to have VWX create back-ups. It defaults to the same place as the file is stored, I personally keep a for for back-ups in my documents folder. I have the program configured to auto save and back-up every 15 minutes. These back-ups aren't always perfect, but they do give you a place to restart I'm on a Mac and I have Time Machine back-up every hour and I use an of site bock up every hour or so as well. These are good habits in any program
  18. On their own, they will not, But I have considered gathering the data and entering into the LIR for use with the photometric tools. This is something I haven't tried, I usually want the glints an IES file adds to a render
  19. I get the same error. Someone at VWX might be able to help, otherwise, do you have. aback-up? Do you use the VWX back-up system?
  20. I've not actually tried using an IES file as a basis or a Spotlight Lighting Device. It is something I have considered, less for rendering, but more for using the photometric tools and measuring output.
  21. Try attaching the file, we'll see if someone can open it. Also do you have Vectorworks configured to automatically back up? Do you use Time Machine or other back-up?


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