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  1. In metric it creates an error: Also: would love to be able to add roofs (2 surfaces along longest side)
  2. Found a 3D version on the internet - attached Vectorworks file with 2D/3D symbols with 3-level 2D side, front and top viewsCEE resources.vwx
  3. I have the same problem on iMac 17,1 - must disconnect/reconnect to make 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse work. Same on High Sierras as well as Mojave.
  4. There is no way Vectorworks can support the Mojave OS before it is released. (Apple is known for late-minute changes...)
  5. Support for Vectorworks 2011 Mac???
  6. They have used Macromedia Captivate. More information: MACROMEDIA CAPTIVATE Regards, John S Hansen Denmark
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