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  1. @David S Hi David, that is possible, but the specific project in our practice that encounters this problem is still in 2017, and we can't transfer it to 2018 (it's a very large project, and the BIM execution plan is set up with other consultants and agreed to use 2017 vw version). do you know of any fix for the 2017 version? kind regards Anton
  2. We have this issue on some of our files too, where a set of dimensions display the mm after it, while a new set added does not, in addition when 'picking' up classes from the one with mm added, it transfer to the one without it, but doing the other way around, the mm still remains. a mystery. is there a shortcut or some other way to turn them off? as with them the text is too long to display properly... which would mean we need to change over 50 drawings with dimensions added to them to make them readable...
  3. @Nicolas Goutte I see, this is a tricky one, as we are a relatively large office with 100 people the majority on Mac's (which benefits from AFP, like colour coding folders etc), and moving all users over to SMB might cause issues. Thank you so much for the feedback, we will have a think of how best to proceed. kind regards a
  4. Many thanks @Nicolas Goutte for your answer, and the link is very useful indeed. I guess the issue than with changing the network protocol from AFP to SMB is that it changes the way other 'non-project' Vectorworks files integrate across the server network and it's users also, such as that an open file on a pc (using SMB) might not seem open from within a Mac (using AFP), which could lead to overplayed work / corrupted files I understand. kind regards anton
  5. We are a Mac based office using vectorworks woth project sharing across the majority of our architectural projects as we have multiple users on each, and it’s been working fine. we are now looking at setting up some teams with pc’s instead (so they can also run revit), and we were wondering how the project sharing works across pc and Mac, and if anyone have had any problems with this? in effect some teams might have to do crossover work between Mac saved and pc saved vectorworks files via project sharing. any thoughts and suggestions would be helpful. many thanks kind regards anton
  6. Hey, Does anyone know how to get the Vectorworks 3D stair in this file to look like the 2d version next to it? (as in remove the top and bottom treads and add them to the middle run?) Kind regards anton House Type Stair Test.vwx
  7. okidoki, yeah we managed to continue the series of numbering by changing it to letters in the settings, than back to numbers again, than it updated, and now shows correct numbering sequence (i.e. number 10), mysteries of VW 😉
  8. Hi there, We are having an issue with the title-blocks in Vectorworks 2018. We are on revision 10 for a drawing, but when we change/add a new revision after revision 9, it won’t let us call it R10 it just reads "..": any thoughts? We need to be able to issue dual number revisions... kind regards anton
  9. @gester Do you mean if you'r main BIM model file is drawing in location 0.000 and you want to export an IFC file / BIM model in real world co-ordinates for the design team to co-ordinate with Structural and MEP models? if so yes you can, the way we tend to do it is we create an 'intermittant' export file, which references in the BIM model as a viewport and locates it in Real World Co-ordinates, and from there on we export the IFC file. kind regards anton
  10. we have this issue on some files too. what was the solution in the end? kind regards anton
  11. Hi there, we are a large architect office that often work with 400 unit plus schemes, when are VectorWorks going to add a plugin symbol tool for custom geometry/symbols, such as apartment unit types (that repeat across a lot of floors and buildings for example), so that each individual apartment could get their unique flat number, which relates to the floor/building it is on, as well as allow individual numbering of doors and windows, kitchens, bathrooms etc, that is within that unit type? this is high on the agenda of useful, time saving tools that we as architects would very much welcome as part of any future updates etc. looking forward to hearing your thoughts. kind regard anton
  12. Hi Mark, unfortunately the trial version requires VW 2013 to be able to install it, we are on VW 2016-2018, so it won't even open up hm. I emailed the developer on his site, but no reply yet. kind regards anton
  13. great, sounds good. Looking at the webpage it seems only compatible with up to VW2015 however?
  14. Hi Markdd, Sounds fab ! Does this sequencer work with annotating Window numbers, while still keeping them as Window types / plugin objects? kind regards anton
  15. hm, i see, maybe if you 'flip' the window? does this work? kind regards anton
  16. Was there a conclusion to this? Would there be a way to show text/numbers for both 'Window Types' (for windows that are the same types), as well as 'individual window numbers' for each instance of such window, both in plan and elevation? Using plugin objects/windows? kind regards anton
  17. I think if you use the windows as plugin objects, you should be able to look at them (in plan view) and simple drag the tag /name/number in front of the glazing, which hopefully should resolve your issue, at least it did for me (ones ;-) kind regards anton
  18. For large scheme development, I would suggest that standard practice for numbering of windows (and doors too), would be to use the following format: Bldg/Block (if more than one, say: A, B, C etc) - Window/Door (W/D) - Floor (01, 02, 03 etc) - Apartment number (01, 02, 03 etc) - Window/Door Number (01, 02, 03 etc), which would give you the below example: B-W-02-05-01 or W2-05-01 for short, or even W2.05.01 / W2.5.1 this makes adding / deleting windows (or doors) much easier later on if required. just a thought for a lovely grey Thursday 😉 Kind regards anton
  19. Could we have a Circular Insulation Tool, that would be really useful, for when we need to show insulation around pipes in plan views / sections for example. this would be extremely useful / helpful. A tool that would be easily adjusted to change thickness for the insulation, and adjust set-out points from either inner or outer perimeter / diameter kind of thing. Kind regards anton
  20. Project sharing walls randomly disappear, or shows up in one users Working file, and yet not in another users Working file (although both are refreshed and up-to-date). We have had a number of incidents where walls simply gone missing, randomly on different floors in our 10 stories bldg (currently being shared via project sharing and 4-5 users using it). For example it could show up in one users file, but not another, even though all refreshed and saved-committed etc. Other incidents have been where some symbols have updated fine to the latest updates someone made, but not other, i.e. some not being 'pushed through' to the project file even though saved and committed. Our workaround has been to save a new project sharing file from one of the users working files, but this delays/slow down the working process, and means spending a lot of time trying to find what / what hasn't updated / been pushed through. We are currently using VW 2017, is this something that has been corrected within the VW2018 sp3 ? kind regards anton
  21. Yes i see your point Chad, but that's just the point, we don't have control, we only have the option of not having it being pushed through, having an option to tick, (like when you referencing in to a separate sheet file for example), to cache the viewport renders, or in this case pushing it through to the other users, in a tick box option would be very useful. Just so that you could choose either way if you see what i mean. kind regards anton
  22. ah thats interesting, i wonder if there are any specific settings that you changed / or if anything was set up differently to manage to push the renders through. kind regards


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