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  1. Hi there, I can't seem to apply an image texture to a 3d render in fundamentals - is this even possible? Many Thanks Liz
  2. Hi there, Does anyone know the export settings (I'm on 2015 designer) to export a DWG with both 2D & 3D elements? I have 5 viewports to 3d objects & they dont seem to be exporting , only the annotations. I would like to keep the format of the sheet, with all the annotations etc. Thanks, Liz
  3. I have drawn 3d objects to scale in the model space. I have created a viewport for this object & for some reason when I change the scale to what should be correct, it comes out super small. All my 2d plans etc scale fine in the viewport - its just the 3D viewport for some reason... Any ideas? Thanks Liz
  4. Ok great, thanks Jim I will try creating viewports in the design layer.
  5. Hey, I am setting up quite a few working drawings in sheets. I have all of my comments I need already drawn up in 3D. When I go to change the view in the viewport from plan to left, right etc - the object I am trying to capture disappears off into the distance somewhere meaning I have to edit the crop on my viewport. Sometimes its moved so far I can't even see it. This is time consuming & frustrating - anyone have any ideas as to how I speed this work flow up? Thanks all Liz
  6. OK thanks for your help, you've been very helpful - I will add it to the Wishlist
  7. OK - I will try this method if I get time to figure it all out! However I must say this is such a long winded way around what should be such a simple process. When you mention deleting objects - does this delete them permanently from the file? I want to work from one file alone, this should be possible. Why is this so difficult VectorWorks?!
  8. Mark - thanks but no luck Great idea grant however I still require the classes information, I'm guessing doing it via illustrator will destroy those? Thanks for everyones help!
  9. thanks for that - but does this also export the sheet annotations? thanks
  10. Yes, this is kind of ridiculous & very frustrating
  11. so I need to export a dwg - but I only want the export to include the elements you can see in the sheet - how is. this done?! help! thanks
  12. Hey guys - Does anyone how to delete the publish list ? Im on 2015 designer - thanks
  13. Hey there - I've just exported some files from 2017 to 2015 & everything seems fine other than notes moving around the page for no apparent reason. So my question is two fold - how do I stop this happening in the future & anyone know how to align notes ? I can align normal text but when its a 'note' (text with an inbuilt arrow) I can't get them to line up vertically. Many Thanks in advance, Liz
  14. Hi there, I am a new freelance designer, I have just set up my own Ltd company - a one (wo)man band. I require VW to work remotely, however as I have just started out I cannot afford to purchase the full licence which starts at £1800 for fundamentals (would prefer design or architect). Can anyone suggest any money saving techniques OR know where to go to purchase old discounted software. Also if I wanted to sell it on after a couple of years - would it be possible to change the licence name again? If anyone would like to sell their licence I would be very interested to hear from you. A million thanks in advance, Liz
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