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  1. Thank you, @Jesse Cogswell. I'll try these workarounds. I hope workarounds are addressed in the next service pack.
  2. @jcogdell The movie renders until about 4 seconds (of the mpg) until Vision crashes. -V3S -DMX Razer Blade Pro RZ09-01663E52-R3U1 17.3" 4K/UHD Intel Core i7 7th Gen 7820HK (2.90 GHz) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 32 GB Memory 512 GB SSD Alienware Product ID: 00325 81531 75966 AAOEM Intel Core i7-9700 (3.00 GHz) NVidia GeForce RTX 2070
  3. Following. Same issue. DMX source is also Surface Book 2. I've tried rendering on a couple of different machines (Razr then Alienware) and am getting the same time dilation issue when rendering. I have to use Premiere to adjust the video clip speed. This is only speaking for the video clips that Vision will render. I drew (32) X4 Bar 20's, and neither a Razr nor Alienware will render a movie with those fixtures on in medium-medium-medium quality at 800x600 at 30FPS.
  4. @Carl Burnett It kind of worked for me in files you can find HERE. Try checking a few things... Vectorworks: -In the Object Info Palette, make sure your Lighting Devices have "James Thomas 4-Light Molefay" in the fixture mode field. -Check that the "Universe" and "U Address" fields have the correct values. Vision: -Check the DMX Viewer to see that you're outputting the DMX values where you need them. DMX > DMX Viewer -Change the DMX Provider to something else and then back to whichever protocol you need. Sometimes toggling this works for me. DMX > Change DMX Provider. -Question.... Does changing the ColorTemperature of the fixture crash your Vision too? Maybe save your file before you test this.
  5. @VClaiborne Agreed. I would love to see "Universe/DMX" (Universe-Slash-DMX) as an option in the Visualizer Data Mapping Window. The Visualizer Data Mapping Window is only currently set up for Universe and Channel (in my opinion, this should be labeled "DMX") only as separate fields.
  6. Currently... In Spotlight: X: stage left / stage right Y: upstage / downstage Z: floor / ceiling In Vision: X: stage left / stage right Y: floor / ceiling Z: upstage / downstage This should be consistent between two apps/programs under the same umbrella.
  7. @bbudzon... I figured it out. I think I was just expecting Ctrl-Z to work right off the bat. HERE are some test files. Selecting the ColorForce72's, let's say I want to move all SR a few clicks. -I grab them all -Position > click into the Position X field -mouse wheel up -All the fixtures are now the same XYZ position -I freak out -Ctrl Z... Nothing happens -I freak out more wish I had saved my file -Edit > Undo a few times, and everything is fine I realized today after playing around that Ctrl Z does nothing while I'm in a text field (such as Position X).
  8. @bbudzon Found it. Thanks! How about putting another access point to those presets in the Properties window? Maybe it could be more obvious and/or accessible? Either way, it's good to know that it's there.
  9. Hey Max, For regular symbols, will the Select Similar Tool help? It's in the Basic toolset and looks like a magic wand. For Find And Modify, try using the "Replace them with this symbol". It worked for me ( 2019 SP2 on Windows 10) successfully replacing Lighting Devices that were grouped as well as ungrouped..
  10. @jcogdell Thanks for the reminder on those features. I guess I was just spoiled by the lighting Instrument Summary Tool that allows for easy formatting and addition/subtraction of displayed attributes. Spotlight > Rigging > Create Hoist Symbol Key is close but does not include counts. Spotlight > Rigging > Create Hoist Worksheet isn't as pretty nor as easy to fit inside of a Title Block Border. I've started looking into the worksheets on your recommendation and that of other users in the forum. They're very exciting, and a great workaround. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a plugin that can provide consistent formatting between Lighting Instruments, Hoists, and Truss.
  11. Thanks, @Jim Smith ! Good workaround. Quick an dirty indeed. This will be great until (hopefully) we get a plugin.
  12. The ability to alter the visibility of objects in Vision would be nifty. Maybe on/gray/off just like in VWX? Sometimes I might want a top plan of the model but don't want to see the venue's ceiling which is blocking the truss, lights, scenic, and chairs under it.
  13. @Kevin Allen - I remember you from the Design Summit! We were both front row in one of the courses... probably Vision? Any chance you'd be willing to share some screen captures or a VWX file with the report?
  14. If your "Address" field in VWX is mapped to the "Address" field in LW6... and if your Setup > Address Format is "Universe i.e.- 2/130]" ... then the "Address" column in LW6 should come across in LW6 as "U/DMX" format. If your LW6 "Address" column is in "U/DMX" format, LW6 should also populate the LW6 "Universe" and "DMX#" columns. This will enable you to... -Copy the LW6 "Universe" column and paste the info into the LW6 "User 1" column. -Copy the LW6 "DMX#" column and paste the info into the LW6 "User 2" column. -Pop back into VWX. -Using the "Find And Modify" tool, copy the info from the "User 1" fields to the "Universe" fields. -Using the "Find And Modify" tool, copy the info from the "User 2" fields to the "U Address" fields. -Export to Vision.
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