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  1. thx for your reply guys! we are currently thinking about getting a promise pegasus as server. the only problem with it is: we use a mac mini as server for project sharing documents. this mac mini needs to be combined with promise pegasus. but this means that all data from the very fast promise pegasus has to go through the mac mini. as I've been told promise pegasus has great performance if directly attached to a MAC-Computer. but through switches or in our case through a mac mini it looses much of Gbit/s. That's why we consider to install a Synology DS1517+ 5bay NAS Server. We'll keep the Mac Mini for Project Sharing. But in this case Synology and Mac mini are separate. did I explain it in a clear way? Did you understand? what do you think about our idea for server setup?
  2. hello, we just got VW 2019 started in switzerland. a topic, we immediately would like to use is "auto hybrid objects". (as described in the video below). is there any download of suchlike objects possible to study how they work? specially, rwe do not yet understand the settings for the plug-in-components in 2d. how to get the different levels of detailing? thanks, Mi&D (Martin Elder, Siwtzerland)
  3. hi Dan (danm01), thx for reply. I have offers for QNAP TS 431X - 2G and Synology DS 418. Both 4-bay. I start with 2 WD Red (8TB). The offer also includes Installation of the NAS. Is that necessary. Is it very complicated to get the NAS going? I am quite familiar with computers. So, if possible I'd like to save the money and install the NAS myself. Moreover, a colleague of mine recommended me to use Cloud-Service such as One-Drive instead of NAS. It is even more economic and saver he says... I should be thankful for your opinion on this. Swiss german isn't the easiest language at all ...😉 Mi&D
  4. thanks again Sarah, I'll try to keep pace with this. Even though I am very busy with my project I should get some time in-between to study this. I should start a very simple tutorial...The "Get value" marionette is probably way to complicated for me as an absolut beginner... Michael
  5. Hello, I am Michael, architect from Switzerland. In teh swiss Forum we are discussing the use of NAS-Servers (Back-Up). Some of us guys use one of these 2 products: 1) QNAP TS-431P*) NAS Storage Server or QNAP TS-451+)** 2) Synology DiskStation DS418play*) NAS Desktop or DS918+)** Nobody really knows if these work well with Project Sharing. Could somebody give me a recommendation? The pros and cons of NAS-Servers, and their performance in VW... Moreover: Does anybody have an idea about the difference between performance of the normal *) and more expensive **) versions of QNAP and Synology? thanks in advance for any hint.
  6. Hello, I am trying to get some skills in Marionette. Using the "Get value"-Network, since I am dealing now with values from tables in my actual project. I can't get it running...Even though I followed your recommendation to get rid of the "Get String node". Maybe this task is too complex to start learning marionette. But I'm fascinated about the idea of getting data out from tables for my workflow. Thx for any hint...
  7. Hello, I am a swiss User of VW. I send you a print screen of a multiplied cropped perspective in VW also with the link to the video I've taken it. The speaker talks about it at 2:59 minute. Could you please tell me, if such a multiple cropped perspective is possible on a layout or construction layer? thanks in advance, Michael Edler Switzerland 181029_multiple cropped perspective.pdf
  8. hello sbarrett thx for this. I will need to dedicate more time for understanding the topic. in your last file (..._Marionette2) I can see the marionette as network of nodes. in the former version it is "wrapped". Could you tell me the difference between them? Michael
  9. hey, ok, if I get it right, marionette does get values from worksheets. I think, I am able to solve this with a worksheet, myself. but, i have no idea, how to make this work in marionette. is there anywhere a tutorial around, from which I could learn how to get values from worksheets and bring them into a stamp symbol? our support in Switzerland does not help customers with marionette issues.
  10. hello sbarrett thx for the clip. i understand the method now. may I ask you another question? as I understand, this marionette does get the values from each and every room with the same RoomID... but, what if we want to get only the Rooms from a specific layer? is that possible? In my case I have some split-level apartments. their area is divided amongst different layers. but, all spaces do have the same RoomID. how can we tell the marionette stamp on level 1 to show only the area of the relating spaces? moreover, with the help of D. Corpataux we developed a script, that does update the apartment area tag automatically for all rooms. I'll attached it here. VW Apartment Area v2.vwx
  11. I get the following message, whenever I try opening this file...
  12. Hello, seems realy interesting. But: I am not able to open this file in VW 2018 SP4. Why is this so? Mi&D
  13. @sbarrettHello, I started looking into the file you've posted. I've put some comments on your text message. Could you please give me some hints regarding this. have made a script that I think does what you are asking. It takes the total area from the worksheet and writes it to the Additional Info 2 field of the correct space. It works on all the spaces in the document. I have wrapped the network and given it the name "Apply Apartment Area to Spaces." It works, but the space tags (>what is a tag?) do not update automatically - they have to be "bumped." (>what is a bumping?) What worked for me was to select all of the spaces, and choose the correct space label from the dropdown (>which dropdown list do you mean, where can i find it?) list (even if it is already selected). This will update the tag to show the correct info. VW Rooms only_NvdS_Marionette.vwx
  14. Another Feedback, Marissa: whenever I turn visible all classes, the Marionette shows up again. How come? before that, all classes related to marionette have been on...
  15. here is the problem with marionette stamp again: I go from a layout into the construction layer. - NB: there is no plan rotation. - I copy the marionette from one construction layer to another. marionette stamp doesn't appear. as I do "zoom all", the rulers on the edges of the drawing area go far out from the origin... in the info palette "marionette object" is still active. I do "select all" another time, but only the objects close to the origin are activated, the marionette stamp is not taken in consideration. but it is still there...like a ghost ...


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