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  1. Hi, How can I add a scale to the dropdown list in the OIP of a viewport? I would like to add 5/16"=1'-0" to go between 1/4" and 3/8" in the dropdown list of my template file. Thank you, Maxwell
  2. Thank you for your help. This should get me started.
  3. Hi Everyone, Can someone please give me an example on how to create a script to insert a symbol at a specific location and place it on a specified layer? I am trying to automate common symbols I place on drawings and having them auto allocate to their layers. In this example I am trying to place a table symbol at 0'-0", 0'-0", 0'-0" on the "Staging" layer and a lighting console symbol inserted as a lighting device at 0'-0", -8'6 1/2", 3'7 3/8" on the "Lighting" layer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Maxwell
  4. Does Vectorworks have a log that I can check to see what is going on in the background when I run a script?
  5. Thank you. I got this to work, but it's not quite what I'm looking for. This creates a Viewport on the current layer, but what I am trying to achieve is to open the "Create Viewport" dialogue to place a viewport on a sheet layer. Thank you, Maxwell
  6. Could you please help me set these up? I don't have much experience with handles. I want to use the handle of the currently selected layer. Pretty much just recreate the DoMenuTextByName commands. Thank you, Maxwell
  7. Hi Everyone, This script keeps crashing Vectorworks when I execute it. I have it as a custom plugin, assigned to a menu drop down, and typically recall it through a hotkey. I tried isolating the line that is giving me issues by commenting out all the others and it looks like the "Create Viewport" command is the culprit. I also tried adding wait commands at different sections of the script and that didn't help either. I was hoping someone could help diagnose what I am doing wrong. The script is designed to turn off dark background, turn off layer colors, change the layer options, set the render mode to wireframe, and then create a viewport and open the viewport dialogue window. SetPref(16, FALSE); SetPref(11, FALSE); SetPrefint(506, 3); DoMenuTextByName('Wireframe Render Chunk', 1); DoMenuTextByName('Create Viewport',0); Thank you, Maxwell
  8. Good to know. Thanks for the help!
  9. I am struggling to get this script to work. I was hoping someone could look over my script and see how I can fix these errors. Thank you! PROCEDURE LayerOptionToggle; VAR LayerOption:INTEGER; BEGIN LayerOption:=GetPrefint(506, 6); IF (LayerOption = 3) THEN SetPrefint(506, 6) ELSE SetPrefint(506, 3) END; RUN(LayerOptionToggle);
  10. Can someone please help me create a scrip to change the render mode to wireframe? The line below doesn't work and I get an error saying "Rendering" isn't a valid menu item.. DoMenuTextByName('Rendering',1); Thank you, Maxwell
  11. How do I set the defaults for a Hang Position? When I select some truss objects and convert to hanging positions I would like to popup to already assume "Create a dingle hanging position from all selected objects." I would also like to set the "Show Name" Boolean to false as the default value in the OIP. Thank you, Maxwell
  12. Hi Everyone, How can I set the Viewport and Section default settings so I don't have to click every button each time I create a viewport. Thank you, Maxwell
  13. Hi Everyone, I am looking at the new Viewport Label Style and want to add a field that shows the viewport's view. So if I the viewport is in a front view it will display "Front" and if I change it to a top view it will say "Top". This would work exactly like the scale. Thanks Maxwell
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