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  1. Hi Everyone, Our offices use Egnyte as our could service. It would be very helpful to have Vectorworks integrate with Egnyte the same way Vectorworks integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox. Thank you Maxwell
  2. MTRobin

    Rotate Lighting Device Like a 3D Symbol

    Found out how to do this. If you rotate while in screen plane it will rotate like a 3D symbol.
  3. Hi Everyone, Attached is a quick video of my issue. It wouldn't record any of the pop up screens, but you can follow the issue regardless. If I make a callout and then assign it to a class with "use at creation" turned on and the pen attribute at grey 60%, it will update the attributes pallette, but not the callout itself. Can anyone help with this? Thanks, Maxwell Callout Class.mp4
  4. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know of a converter that can take a VWX file and export it to C4D? I typically have to export my files for our rendering team since they don't have Vectorworks. It would be great if they could convert the file on their own, without the need to purchase Vectorworks. Thanks Maxwell
  5. MTRobin

    Text string variable

    Does anyone know of a way to have a variable to replace any text string in a document? I have the software version number in several places such as my title block, key to symbols, and cover page. All of which is saved in my start template. I would like to be able to just update one setting and it will update all instances of that text. This text is located in a text box on my cover page, in a field in a record format attached to a symbol, and a worksheet cell referencing the field in a record format. Any ideas? Thanks Maxwell
  6. What about the detail viewport label settings? Can I set a default for those? I would like the circle around the drawing number to be smaller and for it to default to Drawing No. Only. Thanks Maxwell
  7. MTRobin

    Dimension Trailer Presets

    This works, but I find that I don't type in my trailers until after I dimension the whole page. Ideally it would be great to select a bunch of dimensions and right click and have a script or something add predefined trailers.
  8. MTRobin

    Rotate Lighting Device Like a 3D Symbol

    I do like it. I was just hoping for an option to turn it off. Like with snapping or something. Ctrl-Click when rotating could make it rotate around the rotate tool or something like that. I can just make it a group, rotate it, then ungroup it, but that becomes cumbersome. All in the name of speeding up workflow. Thanks Maxwell
  9. Create a symbol in a blank document. Duplicate it so you have 5 instances of it. From left to right- leave the first one as is. Make the second and third a group. Make the fourth and fifth a symbol. Now using Custom Selection set it up as Symbol is [your symbol name] Click ok It will only select the item that is not within a group or symbol. See photos attached.
  10. MTRobin

    Mirror Lighting Devices

    Submitted. Thanks.
  11. Custom Selection and Custom Modification would work if they had a checkbox for symbols. I have found that they will only work for grouped items, but not symbols.
  12. MTRobin

    Mirror Lighting Devices

    How do I go about doing that?
  13. Hey Allan, I am trying to replace symbols that are not lighting devices. The magic wand won't work if my symbols are within separate groups or symbols. I really need a global find and replace.
  14. MTRobin

    Mirror Lighting Devices

    I am working in VWX 2019 SP2. I just tested and it works properly in Top/Plan, but not in any other 3D view.
  15. Making them groups instead of symbols would work, but then if I need to move a lighting fixture it won't update all the instances. Having the lighting device records not be constrained to the symbol would be helpful.


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