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  1. I don't have any keys assigned.
  2. MTRobin

    Select Similar Tool

    Bummer. Ok. Thank you.
  3. MTRobin

    Select Similar Tool

    So let's say I have a bunch of symbols and they are all grouped differently. How would I select and replace them with a different symbol?
  4. MTRobin

    Worksheet image DPI

    Thank you! I have been searching for that forever. Even the VWX tech support said it wasn't possible.
  5. MTRobin

    Select Similar Tool

    Hi Everyone, I am unable to get this tool to work when I have fixtures in a group. I attached a video of my issue. I need this to select objects in the entire drawing regardless if they are in a group or symbol or not. Am I missing something here? Thanks Maxwell Vectorworks Spotlight 2019 - [Untitled4] 2_14_2019 3_24_05 PM.mp4
  6. Got it. The reason they are symbols within symbols is because I will typically have multiple instances of the same truss overhead or trusses SR that are mirrored SL and I need them to be the same. I think I may just add a small label to the bottom of the fixture in the symbol instead of labeling it after in the annotations.
  7. Right. Do you have any ideas on how I can achieve this while still having the whole thing a symbol? That's why I tried making it reference the light info record. I thought it might be able to skip any symbols that don't have that. Thanks Maxwell
  8. Hi Everyone, I found that when I use the "Create Multiple Viewports.." command it creates the viewport views I want, but doesn't insert a drawing label, like the regular "Create Viewport" command does. It would be great to have this feature and have it automatically display the dynamic text to show drawing number, name, scale, and viewport view. Thank you Maxwell
  9. Ah Thank you. That should work. However, I still feel making it possible to move from the center of 2 smart points should be available. I am all about streamlining workflow. Thanks Maxwell
  10. Hi Everyone, I attached a video of what is happening. As you can see I have "Snap to Object" on when I start. It stays on until I have to select my second point in the rotation. How can I have this stay on? My snapping palette is in the top left of my screen. Thanks Maxwell Snap Rotate.mp4
  11. Hi Everyone, I wanted to request the option to have the default drawing label VWX creates with a new viewport to display the viewport's view. So if I the viewport is in a front view it will display "Front" and if I change it to a top view it will say "Top". This would work exactly like the scale. Thanks Maxwell
  12. MTRobin

    Make Symbols Unique

    Right. All great ideas and that is how I currently do this. I was hoping to request a feature to automate all this and make it a simple one click option like Sketchup does. Thanks Maxwell
  13. Here is exactly what I am trying to achieve. Without having to draw a line to move from the center point. Centerpoint.mp4
  14. Hi Everyone, Attached is a VWX file. I have some lights on a truss and would like to have the data tag label the fixture I select. The data tag references the symbol name. As you can see the data tag is actually referencing the overall symbol and I wanted to see if it was possible to have it reference the lighting symbol within the overall symbol. I tried having it reference the model name within the light info record, but that didn't work either. Thank you Maxwell Data Tag.vwx
  15. Yeah... I was hoping for a simple solution. Like just being able to drag my selection by the center of the distance snap. I don't necessarily need a locus there. Just need to move items from a defined point.


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