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  1. Yes. This is why I am requesting that Vectorworks makes this feature work with lighting devices.
  2. Valid points, but all I am suggesting is that lighting devices work exactly like regular symbols. The user can draw what ever they want to be the 2D representation when the viewport is viewing the top, bottom, left, or right and it will display the 2D you drew for that view. If there is no 2D or the view is in perspective or isometric, it will just display the 3D. I am referring to this video where it works with symbols. I just don't see how this isn't possible with lighting devices. Thank you, Maxwell
  3. Hello All, I would like to request that if there is a 2D front, side, and top view in the hybrid symbol of a lighting device that it become visible when rendered in Hidden Line in a viewport. Currently, lighting devices are excluded from the 2D components feature. Thank you, Maxwell
  4. Hi Everyone, How can I have the "Display Planar Objects" checkbox selected by default when creating a section viewport? Thank you, Maxwell
  5. Thank you everyone! I got it to work. Best, Maxwell
  6. Thank you! I am getting an error message. Please see attached. Best, Maxwell
  7. I know about the key commands. I was trying to automate the process into a single script I can then assign a key command. Would you be able to help with applying the script to all objects? Thanks Maxwell
  8. Hi Everyone, I have a script that converts a symbol to a group and then ungroups it. This is assigned to a shortcut so I can quickly "explode" symbols. I would like to add an IF statement so if the selected objects are a symbol is will convert symbol to group and then ungroup it. If it is a group it will just ungroup it. It would be great if this worked with a multiple selection of a mixture of groups and symbols. Can anyone help me write the IF statement? PROCEDURE ExplodeSymbol; VAR Selection : HANDLE; BEGIN Selection:= FSActLayer; SymbolToGroup(Selection,0); Ungroup; END; Run(ExplodeSymbol); Thank you, Maxwell
  9. Woops. Yep, that was it. Thank you!
  10. So I just noticed that this script doesn't work when I am editing the annotations of a viewport. Any thoughts? Thanks Maxwell
  11. That was it! All works great. Thank you for your help.
  12. See screenshot attached.
  13. I am getting an error when I try to run your script.
  14. Yep. Works great. Thanks. I just realized that I can't select multiple dimensions and apply this script to them all. Is there a way to do this? Thanks Maxwell


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