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  1. Aspect_Design

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    This is perfect I think.....
  2. Ditto for 3dConnexion - can't live without my Spacemouse on the left!
  3. Used and abused the mx570 trackball for years... upgraded to the MX ergo - has a tiltable body and is even more comfy 😁
  4. The data tag has sooo many potential uses that can also clean up areas that are inflexible - like property line dimensions and bearings. Can the current system that places a label dead in the center of the boundary line segment be fully replaced with the data tag? This could allow for multiple units (or other customisations 😀) in the tag and where you have a group of short boundaries, allow for placement off the line with a leader line to the boundary segment so you don’t end up with in an unreadable mess and/or having to hide them (then some council numbskull will declare that every boundary dimension must be shown.... even if it’s totally irrelevant 🙄).
  5. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov that would be absolutely awesome 😁👍
  6. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov - I'm not sure a vwx would be much help as most of how it would work would be behind the scenes. How I would envisage the system to work would need the title block manager to have a revision manager that works holistically with a revamped cloud tool, data tag, title block and sheet list as so: Manager: You set the revision up first (lets call this Revision 'A') before you cloud the changes. Manager: This would need the ability to 'close off' a revision so that the next revision becomes active i.e. rev 'B' and so on.. Cloud Tool: The cloud tool would need to capture the active revision for tagging purposes and placing the correct revision in the title block. When a revision is closed off (lets say 'A') new clouds would be created with revision 'B' data. Clouds would also need to update the title block if placed in the annotation/sheet layer. Data Tag: Scrap the revision tag tool and incorporate this into the data tag - there is tonnes of potential for the new data tag to be a one stop shop for many duties - this would be perfect and reduce the number of tools. With the data tag pulling the revision numbers from the cloud in the design layer/annotation/sheet layer these should be able to be added when the cloud is drawn or added later (Cloud tool/OIP pref?) and should be fully drag able with a leader line attached to the cloud for optimum positioning. Title Blocks: Title blocks reflect the current revision of the sheet pulled from the highest revision cloud present Sheet list: Should include the sheet, title, current revision and date at a minimum, but should be able to list the past revisions that have occurred on each sheet and the corresponding dates. Other folks might have more in depth requirements here... Typical workflow: Open title block manager, go to the revision tab create first revision (A) Cloud changes - automatically adds tags, updates title blocks and sheet lists as you cloud. Close revision of in manager, revision B loaded as active and ready for clouds... At present its: Cloud changes Tag each cloud with revision tag tool Update title block manager for each sheet Make sure the sheet list recalcs and shows the revision. So much room for error and labour intensive...
  7. On the back of this thread revision clouds linked too the revisions in the title block manager would be a great way to streamline the process. This could allow them to be tagged with a data tag making the process less manual and more coordinated = less mistakes/forgotten annotations
  8. Aspect_Design

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    Yeah - the price you pay for a fancy case! Down here in NZ, Vega cards are like hens teeth..so you've gotta take a punt on ebay or similar. Are they hooked up to Mac mini's or laptops?
  9. Aspect_Design

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    And then this gets released 🙂 https://9to5mac.com/2018/12/20/blackmagic-egpu-pro-vega-56-apple-store/
  10. Aspect_Design

    Smarter Wall Framer

    On the back of the awesome Autoturn partnership - if interoperability with something like Framecad would if at all possible would be a way to not have to spend resource time on the inbuilt framer tool for light steel framing.
  11. Aspect_Design

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    Right... if I'd been in less of a rush skim reading the post and selected the right render mode I wouldn't be wondering why the 2700x pipped the threadripper... When I did it with the right mode, its a much more respectable 1:33. Face palm... 🙄 A 2990WX would scream through it for sure!
  12. Aspect_Design

    So is the 2018 Mac Mini a viable VW machine?

    Ditto - curiosity got the better of me to see how a windoze machine would compare - did it in 4:01. Win 10, 12 core Threadripper OC'd to 3.9ghz, 32 gb ram, Samsung M.2 970 EVO SSD and GTX 1080ti
  13. Aspect_Design

    Data Tag - Positioning Tags

    What if the additional leaders were ‘dumb’? If the designer knows the other objects they would like to be identified are the same as the primary object tagged then there should be no need for these additional leaders to pick up data... or be slightly smart and alert the user that the object the leader could snap to isn’t the same object a Athen primary object tagged. Would be a welcome functional addition.
  14. Bricscad V19 looks pretty awesome... but they all do in promo vids! I've just spent an entire evening and day trying to get VW to render elevations.. and its not even a big project. The lost time with 2018 and now 19 on random things is frustrating. Now that v19 has site modelling, it might be work another look - I cerrtainly don't want to have to learn another package like I did moving from Revit to VW... the thought is depressing... but so are the tools that need way to many clicks to use and the hanging and bugs.. I thought the conference keynote where they said the focus was on quality was a kick in the teeth with this release.. I'd just like the essential stuff to work but I get a image editor I'll never use.


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