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  1. Enscape to me just looks less 'gamey' - TM 2020 still to my eyes still has that, but way less than TM 2019. Most of my stuff is exterior based, so I really need the enscape assets (which look really good) to get a good feel for it, so its TM for the next while (have to say the trees and veg are just wow).. plus I have to wait for the AU/NZ version of SP3 to come out to give enscape a spin... 😐. From what I've seen can see myself tilting to Enscape - it looks outstanding. Got a bit of time to spend on TM now NZ is in full lockdown... 😷
  2. I was keen to dig into the new trees and veg with the painting and scatter tools...
  3. This is the general approach. If you change anything in the VW model all you need to do is hit the refresh icon above the import file or if you relocate/rename the file click relocate. I've mainly used TM on my windows desktop (12c Threadripper/GTX1080ti) - which powers through it - my 2019 Macbook starts to creak a bit - even with an eGPU. Can't wait for this to be live...😣 🤞
  4. Pretty much what I do - my finishes are usually rectangles drawn over the wall (extruded 1mm if it needs a texture) or part of the wall in automatic plan mode and classed for visibility (on/off) and scheduling if need be.
  5. Are you using a Certified Thunderbolt 3 cable? I’m using a similar setup on a MacBook Pro and it’s working awesome.
  6. Add convert to polygon to your right click menu - makes it a super quick job.
  7. @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD the new AMD Ryzen 3950x 16 core cpu dropping in November looks to be a beast of a cpu - faster and cheaper than anything Intel can stump up. Pair that with a rtx2080 or rtx280ti it should chomp through anything thrown at it. I’ve currently got a 12 core AMD threadripper and a gtx1080ti and it blasts through VW renders and Twinmotion considerably faster than my 2019 MBP with an egpu.
  8. Jeepers - why on earth would the 2d stuff be done in AutoCAD? At the Revit practice I worked at, everything including the details was done in Revit. Its 2d drafting capability is slightly above rudimentary, but still totally usable and hatches can be imported .pat files from AutoCAD. Seems a bit disjointed..
  9. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov is it possible in the 'project revision history' worksheet to show all the revisions and equivalent issue number or add a column to the 'sheet revision log' worksheet to show the issue at the time of revision? At present the 'project revision history' worksheet only shows a new entry when a new issue is generated and the revisions at that point (completely excludes issue 2 in the attached example) - it seems odd that a revision history worksheet doesn't chart all the revisions. To correlate the missing revisions you need the sheet revision log worksheet issue and revisions requires cross referencing both worksheets - would be great to have this info in one place. Some clients will argue that they shouldn't have to pay for revisions they can't see... 😣 like in the attached when there are 3 revisions but only two logged in the project revision history. Also makes things less cluttered not having worksheets everywhere. Awesome work on title blocks v3 btw 😀 Thanks!
  10. Autoturn online is now integrated into VW - does this provide what you are looking for?
  11. @Sean Harrington Architects did you guys resolve this? If you didn't - you have to have an issue number for the revision fields to start populating.
  12. Stairs and windows/doors/Windoor... for the love of god throw us a 🍖 VW. The competition is absolutely stiffing you guys on this... and losing users.. If I can add to that awesome list... 11) wall coverings - like archicads cadimage tool. Needs to do wall cladding, roofing and roof flashings. 12) while you guys are redoing windows and doors - we need a much improved window scheduling system- one with clear and at scale elevations that either have or can be dimensioned. Worksheets for this purpose are rubbish, and again, archicad smacks you down on this one.
  13. Feature request.... allow to vote more than once!
  14. By 'a' are we talking about one library? This/these should have the highest priority to revise - its insane that we are limited to 3 cores when AMD and Intel are going core crazy in their desktop CPU's to get around the fact that they can't increase speeds due to temperature and fabrication issues. At least AMD have some respectable base clock speeds - Intel's are terrible at decent core counts and both seem to only want to publicise their boost clock speeds for one-upmanship - intel being the worst again and bad for macs.. It becomes a real problem upgrading when other applications you use have no limits and the main one you use is still dragging the chain making your purchasing decision potentially degrade the performance of other apps because of the core/single core clock speed trade off.


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