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  1. Hello Dom it seems that this node is no longer compatible with Vectorworks. I tried to use it with 2019 and it always shows an error. I look at your video, but I was not able to convert the wrapper in an object node - the wrapper disappears. Regards Pier Luigi
  2. Did my suggestion solved your problem? I had experience with our tech support here in Italy with some clients: trashing the Preferences folder solved slowdown problems.
  3. I think you have corrupted preferences in user folder. Trash the Settings folder and it should work back the normal way.
  4. We have a similar problem with two PCs running Windows 10 with Quadro video cards. Vectorworks 2018 SP2 shows the RW option just for some seconds, them these options disappear from the menu. OpenGL works as expected. The sad think is the fact that 2017 works on the same computers without any problem. Any hint on how to solve this problem? Thanks Pier Luigi Antonini


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