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  1. Hello @Sky,

    Measurement data and snap points in PDFs are generated by the cloud server when a .vwx file is submitted for PDF generation using the Generate PDF feature on the Vectorworks Cloud Services web portal, desktop app, or Vectorworks Nomad. For example, right click on a .vwx file on cloud.vectorworks.net to see the Generate PDF menu command.

    The snap points are available only for Top/Plan viewports and can be used only by the measuring tools in Vectorworks Nomad. Measurements are based on the scale set for the viewport on the sheet layer from which the .pdf page was created.

    Unfortunately, PDFs produced by the Publish command do not contain this data.


    We will investigate the conflict issue you reported and will get back to you. Are you using the Vectorworks Cloud Services desktop app on more than one computer? Typically, a conflict would occur when you make changes to the files/folder structure on one of the machines while one or more files are opened in Vectorworks on the other computer. The conflict file would be available only on the machine that had the file opened. The other files, including the different (older) version of the conflict file, should be available in their new location on both computers, if that location is selected for syncing in the selective sync settings. I hope that helps a little bit while we investigate your issue. 


    Best regards,

    Iskra Nikolova


  2. Hi Kenny,


    I work with the team that develops the Nomad app. It seems like the account that you are using to sign into Nomad doesn't have a Service Select membership associated with it. Sign into https://customers.vectorworks.net/dashboard and check your Service Select benefits status. If something doesn't look the way you think it should, please reach me at inikolova@vectorworks.net and I can connect you with someone who would be able to help.


    Best regards,

    Iskra Nikolova

  3. 1 hour ago, Dave Donley said:

    Another thought is that the newest version of Vectorworks Nomad integrates with the iOS Files app.  This lets any other mobile app get access to your Vectorworks Cloud Services files.  So you could stylize an image using mobile app and bring it back to desktop more easily.  


    I'd like to provide a few clarification points here. The mobile app used for the image editing needs to have the capability to communicate (import/export files) with the iOS Files App. Some apps can only access files from the iOS Photos app, so this workflow wouldn't work with them. If the app can access the Files app, then the workflow requirements are as follows:

    - Store the referenced image file into the Vectorworks Cloud Services folder.

    - Run the Vectorworks Cloud Services app, so that the file is synced to the Cloud

    - Install the latest iOS Nomad app and sign in

    - Open the iOS Files all and enable Vectorworks Nomad as a "Location".

    From now on, any file stored in Nomad that is modified by any app on the mobile device will sync back to your Vectorworks Cloud Services folder. So, to get the updated file into Vectorworks only requires an update of the reference. 


    Also, I wanted to remind you that the Cloud Services web portal has al Machine Learning-based job called "Stylize image" (available to Service Select members only). Give that a try and let me know your thoughts. 


    Here is a screenshots on how to find it.

    Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 13.37.33.png


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  4. Here are the system requirements by Maxon:


    Also, I'd like to add that Vectorworks Cloud Services now has servers that meet the Redshift requirements. So, even if your hardware doesn't meet the system requirements you can submit jobs with Redshift render mode to be processed on the cloud. Redshift only currently works for Export Panorama and 360 path animation movies, but we are working to make it available for the other job types as well. 


    I hope this helps.


    Best regards,

    Iskra Nikolova

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  5. Hi @grant_PD,

    I am not aware of a known issue with this functionality at this time. I would be happy to help you find out what is going on.


    Would you mind sending me the .vwx file that you experienced the issue with, so I can try to reproduce the issue and investigate further? You can email it to me at inikolova@vectorworks.net.


    I see that you have submitted 2 Publish jobs on September 2-nd and 1 Publish job on September 3-rd. I see the first job finished very quickly (2 mins), and the other two ran for 22 and 25 mins. Did all of these return results from un-updated viewports?


    Your help with troubleshooting this issue will be greatly appreciated.


    Best regards,

    Iskra Nikolova


  6. Thanks, @Christiaan! I commented on the VB issue with my findings, but I will post a summary here for everyone else to be able to see. The issue you are seeing seems related to the size of the model and this should no longer be an issue with the re-engineered 3D model viewer that we are currently working on. I sent the issue to our engineers to see if we can have a short-term solution. It seems like the current Web View viewer, when used within the web portal, fails to load when the page is reloaded under high memory consumption circumstances.

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  7. Hi @LeeElston,

    On the Publish dialog, select the item that you want to publish to an image and click the Options button. In the dialog box that appears, make sure the checkbox to Update visible out of date viewports is enabled.


    Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 9.58.24.png


    Please let me know if you continue to have troubles.


    Best regards,

    Iskra Nikolova

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  8. @line-weight,

    I really appreciate the time you took to describe your workflow and the way the new 3D model viewer in Nomad should work. It does help a lot!


    Regarding the difference of appearance, it seems like you have draw edges turned on in Vectorworks and not in the web view. If you use the export Web View menu command in Vectorworks to generate the 3D model, there is a setting for Draw edges. Try turning it on and see if you can get a closer appearance. Unfortunately the automatic generation of the 3D model on the cloud doesn't allow you turn on this setting. So, I think your feedback also indicates that the Cloud 3D model generation should be configurable the same way as the local export.

    I notice a slight color difference as well, but I think this is due to the lighting conditions. Light sources that are available in the Vectorworks model are ignored during the export to web view. Instead, a default overall lighting scheme is used for basic visibility of the rendered objects. So, preserving the light sources also seems important to you, as it affects basic appearance.


    Best regards,


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  9. Just now, Kevin Allen said:

    I have also experimented with thee VCS Presentations, but I'm usually wanting to include links to video, documents and the like. The end result being a virtual meeting or trade show.


    Good to know why you are not using it. We can add other supported file types to tour slides the next time when we release enhancements to Presentations. I have already heard this wish, so it is already on my list. 🙂

  10. @line-weight,


    This is a link to the Help article: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/create-presentations/?app=WEB

    Also, when you sign into cloud.vectorworks.net, go to My presentations on the left panel. You will see a Sample presentation. Click on it to view the slide view. Click on the Tour example slide. Click on the pins to move from one panorama to another.


    Please leet me know what you think about this functionality.

    Screenshot 2021-04-13 at 15.06.35.png

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  11. 9 hours ago, line-weight said:

    but it's the least bad out of a choice of bad options


    Have you tried creating a virtual tour out of linked panoramas, using the Vectorworks Cloud Services presentation feature on the web portal? I think it is a great option to deliver a walkthrough experience without complex navigation. I have only heard good things about it so far.

  12. Hi Everyone,


    Nomad is an app that is regularly being released with new features and fixes. 3D model viewing is one of its first features, and while we have been improving and adding new features into it, it has reached a point where it needs to be entirely reengineered in order to achieve good performance for big models and complex geometry, and to resolve many usability issues as pointed out here. We are actively working on this reengineering, but don't have an official date when it may be released. Stay tuned!


    Best regards,

    Iskra Nikolova

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  13. @Christiaan,

    We are currently discussing the possible ways to support Publish on the cloud in a Project sharing environment. Right now, you can only publish on the cloud from a regular .vwx file. And yes, unfortunately, the viewports in your local file would not be updated. This is a long standing wish that we have, but it is a very hard engineering problem to solve. Since the Cloud is doing the viewport update on a copy of the file that you submitted, how do we merge the updated viewports back to your copy? What If you changed something that affected these viewports? We can easily save another copy in your storage named "_rendered", but then you end up with different files after each rendering, which I think is not ideal also. The best way in my opinion would be if we can find a way to hook up cloud processing to the Update viewport button right within Vectorworks. 


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