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  1. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Hinge-like 3D 'Rotate along line' function?

    Just a little downside: what if it's not a symmetrical shape so I cannot use parallel sides as reference?
  2. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Hinge-like 3D 'Rotate along line' function?

    Close enough, many thanks (as always)!!
  3. Hello, How do I rotate along line in 3D? Let's say I have two extruded hexagons that are connceted side by side (see attachment). I'd like to rotate the left one 90 degrees to the right one, like there is a hinge between the two. 2 small details: the connceted side is not and should not be aligned to the X or Y axe & rotating the left hex along the side of the white cube is not the preferred method. I'm looking for a Vectorworks 3D-function that will do the trick for me...
  4. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    Wow, if that could be achieved! I now hold my students from using the tool, since it seems counter productive the way it collects all parameters, but your suggestions would help explaining it to them in a clearer way!
  5. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Stair Tool - Pain Points

    Your first image would be awesome to do parametrically. The second and third I do manually. They are too specific/custom to have in a tool, I guess.
  6. Jan-Burger TROOST

    iMac advice for 2019

    Watch out for retina iMacs with terrabite-fusion. The ssd is only some 24gb, the rest is a sluggiah 5400rpm hard drive. Vectorworks, adobe etc don’t like that, so I learned…
  7. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Teaser Tuesday - Clip Cube Viewports - Vectorworks 2019

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!! I now can crop two walls and save it in a viewport. Don’t need that workaround anymore of saving a viewport of it first in a design layer and then make a viewport of that in my sheet layer… AWESOME!!
  8. Jan-Burger TROOST

    IES is IES but not always

    If I use a custom light source I use .IES files. Here IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. Right? If I read this blogpost, IES is something different, Integrated Environmental Solutions. Wrong. Not? #confused
  9. You are right, I was too much in How-Can-I-Save-On-Rendertime mode… It’d seem convenient to use if I would have a viewport with a lot of ‘geometrically challenging’ furniture that had been imported as dwg from an external site…
  10. @Jim Wilson Thanks for answering my question about the way the 2D components are rendered! However, not having the same texture as on the original 3D part of the symbol will probably be too high a price using it to speed up render sessions. Will there be an option to choose the rendering mode in future versions so that I will have that same texture in both 3D and the 2D component?
  11. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Linking panorama 3D to each other

    I'd like that for both external AND rendered Vectorworks panoramas please!
  12. Jan-Burger TROOST

    a case for browser based CAD

    This would be awesome if you’d be able to have it like a reference file in your drawing and then by making it a project file all members would have access. But why only 2D? It would make a huge benefit fot let’s say trade shows as well! Designers, builders, safety people, electricians, you name it! Or interior designers: you zoom in at your clients house and use it with point cloud and AR in Nomad! Let’s go!! 🤙
  13. Thanks, Jim! Will that be 2pm ET or EDT? I’ll let you know if I run in any trouble watching the stream. Can you provide us with the url to the Facebook stream as well?
  14. Same here. I don‘t have Facebook, but hear the Q&A is like a second screen to the forum. Is there another way to see them?
  15. Nice one! Will save a lot of rendering time. When I would make a 2d copy to polygon, can I use the same texture – converted to an image I reckon – as I use in the 3d part? And will this 2d version follow the same geometry?


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