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  1. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Walls to STL

    What file did you ise for exporting to stl? Most of my files with walls/doors/stairs are fine in cura…
  2. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Walls to STL

    Just that. Cura takes care of walls and stairs and doors. Just File > Export > Export as STL. Import in Cura to check scale, support & brim and you’re good to go. Maybe adjust the nozzle size and speed but that’s it.
  3. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Get rid of screen plane

    I normally think of screen plane as subtitles. Regardsless the 3d view you’re in, you can add texts etc. to give more information as an overlay.
  4. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Light shining through objects

    … or maybe restart the machine?
  5. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Light shining through objects

    Dit you try another render method than OpenGL? I found OpenGL had light shining even through walls…
  6. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Open GL vs Realistic Interior fast

    I follow the Forum on Mobile to beta test new iOS quirks. Used Nomad uploading the file vis GoogleDrive & put it on my coffee table. I saw all textures on materials in both walkthrough and AR. Walls have shadows, but there is no floor. Funny thing, I could click on the glass to make it transparent… Don’t know if that is a bug or a feature, but it looked kinda cool! Looks like your render settings were a big help to do so!
  7. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Renderworks camera in model file

    A camera is actually an alias, it doesn’t add content to the file. If you you a reference file it needs to be loaded in your print file as well, right? I’m not that much into ref files, but loading external content doesn’t sound ‘light’ to me… Making symbols of repeated objects slims down the file as well since it will become an alias of the object put in the drawing. I myself find a lot of benefit in cleaning up my files before rendering & using light sources (Tools > Purge).
  8. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Renderworks camera in model file

    Once you have a camera in a Design Layer, you can make it available as a view port in a Presentation Layer & print from there - no need for seperate files. Advantage of PL over DL is, that you can have multiple cameras, views and scales in the same print. Just hit File > Print to get a hardcopy from the PL.
  9. Jan-Burger TROOST

    Renderworks camera in model file

    Hi @dominijk Did you try and make a viewport from that camera & have that printed from a presentation layer? Just double tap on the selected camera in your floorplan and make that 3D view a viewport with Menubar > View > Create Viewport.
  10. Jan-Burger TROOST

    importing textures and applying

    It’s in the Attributes Palette (ctrl+shift+a in Windows or cmd+shift+a on a Mac). Next to the bucket is for the fill, next to the pen is for adjusting line weight & color. Fill should not be on None!
  11. Jan-Burger TROOST

    a case for browser based CAD

    Where is Nomad in this scenario? If you’d send them a link they have a fortnight to watch the file, right?
  12. Jan-Burger TROOST

    VW2018 Vanishing objects in rendering?

    I’m sorry things didn’t work out for you this time… Did you give the NewUser-option a try? Are all other drawing behaving like they should?
  13. If you’d make it a nurbs, can it be tricked using the 3D modelling > extract surface option? Will it have holes in it because of the alpha channel? #imcurioustoo
  14. Could this be done as well using an alpha channel in a perforation texture applied to the curved panel (like you ‘normally’ do for a fireplace). The glow will come through the perfs as well, but the texture can be adjusted more easily afterwards…?
  15. Jan-Burger TROOST

    importing textures and applying

    Sorry for double posting the fill question…: Does the poly have a fill when you render it?