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  1. They had an Open House, April 21st. Don’t know if that was a replacement to the Summit, but I sure had a good time. Missed the bbq, though…
  2. When importing you can assign line weights to classes, etc. All symbols will then remain, speeding up the file when loading/moving/editing.
  3. I read the TS post as a question how to convert images to real structures when exporting to stl, like using the bumping on a texture of a brique to actually print that in 3D. Not as the ability to print images on a model.
  4. You will not be able to print images, because an stl-model has to have physical lines or patterns. Textures are flat (or virtually distorted and bumped) and therefor cannot be seen on a 3d print…
  5. Might be nice if more cloud services like OneDrive could be added, too. Is high on the wishlist, as I understood. In these challenging times, if a student has to work on a project with an external group (like co-workers during one of their internships), wouldn't it be cool if they still could work in the same file? Anyone best practices with mixed licences (pro & edu) in project sharing situations?
  6. Thanks @inikolova I know a lot of (design) educators here that use Office 365. For sure adding that link to OneDrive files will make some 2k interior design students (and their teachers… 😇) happy!
  7. @inikolova just a small thing I forgot to ask in our OpenHouse session: will there soon be support for ‘other’ cloud services in the Nomad app? We’d like to connect the students OneDrive’s to your cloud services the easiest way for them.
  8. Hi there, what would happen if you print the project in parts? The hills separate from the buildings might give more detail and less support to cut away. If you dm me the file I could give it a try converting to different line types. Regards, JB
  9. Fun fact: just after his graduation he mentioned the chat we had as one of his favorite ‘outer locus of control’ examples
  10. I once had a student blaming the paper size for the scale being wrong… had an interesting chat with him before we agreed on the SI-concept 😂
  11. Just wanted to give @inikolova and Dave Donley a big thankyou for their enthousiasm during yesterday’s Open House breakout sessions. It was nice to have the conversation we had & talk about new possibilities for Nomad and other new VW-stuff on the horizon! We sometimes have a tendency to mumble & grumble here, I know — but I was happy to share ideas for over an hour with the two of you. So: THANK YOU! Cheers, JB
  12. @inikolova is there any update on this file format & the use of it within Vectorworks? I’d like to be able to exchange AR/VR related objects with external platforms (see my Nomad thread posts… 😇) Cheers, JB
  13. Two finger pan and three finger flyover? You mean like when using the gyroscope in an iPad isnt good enough? 😇
  14. My apologies, it an mp4 file. This is the link to the file: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/links/11eb9c4b725dcb6c8fce0e8109945acd/ Hopefully this works!
  15. This is a rough screeen recording of a one hour interior sketch, just to see 'ergonomic challenges' in a small appartment. Not the smoothest recording , but it gives an idea of how we use the app. More detail in decoration and accurate lighting is high on my wishlist... 😉 9 RPReplay_Final1554995781.MP4


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