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  1. Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Yeah, maybe a couple of hundreds iPad Pros or so... But thanks, I'll keep you posted!
  2. Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    This is a perfect time for our students to get their hands on ARkit! I will write some workshops for them & post the results here. To be continued... ;-)
  3. Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

  4. Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    You mean like with Sketchfab.com? Isn’t their a way to use the textures they use in VW?
  5. Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    BTW: should my students get their skates on and make a lot of items, furniture and other stuff - will their be a general repository to upload it to or can I assign my own server address from your app?
  6. Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    I suppose that tomorrow night this method will become a bit more outdated, due to ARkit? ;-) Wouldn't it be cool to export a 3D model to Nomad and 'swipe' it into the real world from *within* the app. I know some students here that would be very eager to get their hands on it for their interior designs...! Will give your method a go & come back to you in a while. Cheers, JB
  7. Augmented Reality 2 (sports hall)

    Nice work! Assuming you made this in VW, how did you make it work in AR?
  8. The FBX Thread

    Hi Jim, It appeared I was a little impatient. After 5-10min the file was OK... Cheers, JB
  9. The FBX Thread

    Last week I exported a file as fbx and uploaded it on sketchfab.com, where I tested some settings (textures, lighting). When I try a new export of that file my FBX now is 0k, empty... I didn't change much to the file, other than textures and lighting within VW. What happened? Where did I go wrong? BTW, it's a edu2014 drawing saved as edu2016. Maybe others have the same issues with 'upgraded' files? Cheers, JB
  10. Palette Docking

    Digging up a (very) old discussion, this still is high on my wish list. It doesn't have to be the Windows all-in-one-screen, but the *option* to be able to dock your palettes would be a very nice one. PLZZZ Nemetschek, can you do this (maybe looking at the Abobe CS layout would help...)? BTW, did I mention I'm a Mac user? Guessed so... :whistle: Cheers, JB


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