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  1. A bit of an update. I have just 'sync'd' this drawing with LW and the accessory name in LW is now the name of the flipped symbol. 6.5"HH-flipped. Oh well. At least we have a few more weeks of Lockdown so I might just make the accessories again. Unless I can change the mapping in LW so that Accessory gets it's text from Instrument Type not Symbol Name.
  2. OCD survived the create flipped symbol method and to prove Mark was right
  3. Hi Mark, Good plan, that would work. It doesn't go well with my OCD but I think you are right there isn't a better option. At least it's only the half hats. Hope you are well and safe in this weird time. J
  4. Hello. I am working on a plan which has been around since 2007 or earlier. At some point in its history the stage right ladders were created by mirroring the stage left ones. As a result the top hats, half hats to be exact, are the wrong way round (upstage when the should be downstage). However, when I started converting the plan to use spotlight and data exchange with lightwright I didn't spot this. So now I have made the top hats accessories and neatly connected to the lighting instrument I can't turn them so the upstage is down stage. When you rotate it just rotates round but not to the needed position or flip horizontal or vertical it doesn't move it, well it sort of jiggles. If you do it with the symbol you can flip or mirror move it but as soon as it's an accessory then I can't. I have attached a screen shot. All the half hats show be downstage. This is only the prosc boom, I have 4 ladders to do as well so would rather not delete the accessories and start again and then try to sort the resulting lightwright issues. Anyone have any thoughts?
  5. niagara, if you want to send me the file I can see if I can open it and send it back in saved in 2020 version. I have spotlight not architect but it might work. If you download the free viewer can you open the file. can you still open it in the 2019 version? If so then purge it and save it then try.
  6. I eventually just left it opening for about 30mins and walked away, once it opened I purged the drawing of unwanted symbols and stuff and it has been ok since. Worth a try.
  7. @JuanP the display preference was already set to best compatibility so unfortunately not that. I uninstalled and reinstalled vw then I was able to open the file. I didn't change the font mappings which I had done before, probably not related, I then purged the drawing. I have been working with it most of today and currently no issues, except it is moderately slow to react especially with nudges. Happy to send you both the current file and an old backup pre purge for your views.
  8. Hi, I have just installed 2020. I have been working on a drawing which I now can't open. When I open it vectorworks stops responding at 'resetting bounds'. I can open an empty drawing and I can open files created in other versions pre2020. I only have one 2020 file and it and none of it's backups will open. Thoughts? system is mac powerbook 13" 2017 3.1 ghz intel core 5 8gb memory Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536mb sw 10.14.6
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