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  1. Hello Tolu, this works sometimes, but in 2 of 4 situations the file stays locked. Screenshot is from a german installation. 1 Minute after we made the commit we pulled the network cable. This Screenshot is from another Computer that wants to commit. What is the advised to do when this happens? (We clicked Cancel (Abbrechen) And Retry (Wiederholen) several times. We tried this with the Project Sharing Server bundled in VWX2021 (ProjectSharingServerInstaller-602034-docker-image-555) and VWX2022 (ProjectSharingServerInstaller-602034-docker-image-549). Interesting Fact: The Project Server bundled with VWX 2021 seems to be a later release, indicated by the 555 and the datestamps of the files. Is there a public changelog / release notes for the project sharing server? Best Christian
  2. We can quite easily put the Project File into a locked state by pulling the network cable out of the computer that makes a commit. Other Clients can not commit then. What should be done in this case to get the file unlocked?
  3. Hello, we are testing Project Sharing Server 2021 on Docker on a Synology NAS right now and look for any kind of user manual what to do when things go wrong. E.g. when a connection to the server while sending changes is disconnected or vectorworks crashes and the Project Sharing File is "locked". What procedure should be followed then? Also two more questions: 1) In the 2021 version the full file is transferred on sending changes - Is it planned that this changed in the future to a delta sync (or did it already change in 2022?) 2) Backup of Project Sharing file also seems to be happen by the client sending a full copy to the server, or? (Instead of the server making a copy before/after the commit locally) Thank you and all the best Christian
  4. Hello, when trying to install the VWX 2021 SP3 on a M1 Mac with the installbuilder.sh the Message "The current OS X Version is not supported" is displayed. Normal Installation using GUI works. Will this be updated? Best Cee
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