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  1. What I usually have to do is convert any 3D objects to generic solids. This usually fixes all my export issues into MA 3D. It was suggested earlier to select 'simple 3D' in some of the plugins, and I highly suggest doing this if you want to keep your MA file size down and high FPS in 3D. Remember, all those 3D objects are stored in your show file, and get pushed down your whole network regardless of 3D being connected or not!
  2. Glad I'm not the only one! Good idea on cut and paste in place. I feel like the time saved using the search function makes up for the extra time of moving things between layers at the moment. I hope there is a fix available within the week,
  3. I use this: http://gaming.logitech.com/en-us/product/g600-mmo-gaming-mouse What I like about it is the (once configured) dedicated middle mouse button, ability to cycle mouse DPI settings, and I can assign keyboard shortcuts to the side buttons. This combined with my 3Dconnexion Space Navigator 3D mouse has been the perfect setup for me. Of course, Cherry MX blues on the keyboard as well.. I'm fairly picky.
  4. Are there two callout tools or something? I have it.
  5. Can we please get this?? I can make a line and [TAB] [CTRL]+[C] to get data from a line.. But I want total length!
  6. I'm having this same issue on Windows 7. Vectorworks 2016 SP3 Build 301288
  7. Well.. Here I sit with my new laptop that's been running VW2016 no problem for two weeks. Now telling me I need to contact Vectorworks staff to activate my license.. I'm too far away from my workstation computer, and of course I put it to sleep so I can't remote in.. Can't wait to explain this one to the client in the morning!
  8. Here is a screenshot of the flipped shutters when rendering.
  9. Windows 7. What's strange is I can work my way down 18 ellipsoidals and when I get to #13 or above it starts crashing.
  10. Having the same issue. Vectorworks is also flipping the shutters around backwards after rendering with renderworks. I'm getting crashes just trying to turn beams on. Extremely frustrating. Of course it's the weekend so I can't get on the horn with support..
  11. Bump. Currently I'm using a similar process of altering the 3D models but this is a PITA with lots of fixtures, also having to revert the lights that are off...
  12. I feel like 3DS exports are taking forever since I updated to 2015. For example, 3 cubes that have already been converted to 3D polys took 6 minutes to think about it, and then once the 2ds export bar shows up another 25 seconds to run the export. What's strange is it takes almost exactly the same time to export larger geometry consisting of around 300,000 vertices. Anyone else experiencing this? Just want to see what's happening with other users before I contact support.
  13. Is there a simple way to edit more than one lighting device at a time? For example assign a color, activate soft shadows and lit fog, turn on light. Clicking through many moving lights and it's a real chore.
  14. This might be a good option for you if you don't care about 64bit. https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=200463#Post200463
  15. If you are serious about learning the software I really think you should just purchase the current release with Service Select. There have been many changes in the last few revisions and you'd really get the most bang for your buck by getting the current software. I hummed and hawed over buying Vectorworks for over a year. I decided to take the jump during a sale in July. I can say that for in my industry of entertainment lighting, the purchase has easily paid for itself in the first two months. I still use other CAD software for things Vectorworks doesn't implement or otherwise sucks at, but I have to say that it's really given me a lot. I hope that they continue to pump out the libraries through VSS on a regular basis, and not just during major software updates. My .02
  16. Vectorworks Package Manager is crashing on me as well. I also had installed everything with no problems on my laptop, and now when I try to download packages on the workstation it downloads and then crashes halfway through the 'install' portion of a package. Both machines are running windows 7 64bit.
  17. As a VSS member under a newly issued 2 year contract, I'd just like to say that even the idea of a credit system is BS. I'd be happy to move the processing over to my workstation before upload if render time is the issue. Added fees, or even just the hassle of 'asking a distributor' for credits is total crap.
  18. So far so good! Loving the new features!
  19. Have there been any updates to Spotlight features? Looking forward to 64bit. So many files I can't import from my other CAD software packages, I can't wait for Vectorworks to finally take advantage of all my RAM and shader processors!
  20. NM.. issue is back again.. Trying to label legends and the chosen fields won't show up in layout view. I can't seem to place text anywhere in vectorworks either. It says that the 'text size is too small for creating or editing'. However, I have trying increasing the font size (dramatically even), zooming in, and changing font type to no avail. Help?
  21. Sorted it out. Was a font issue. It was easier for me to fix once I sized the text based on my units rather than points.
  22. Did this get resolved? I'm having a similar issue.
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