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  1. I also posted the fact the VW 2014 is still 32bit and my post was deleted. Coincidence? I think not. 2014 should have been held back until 64bit was ready. This is nothing more than new build for 2013.
  2. This has been reported 2 versions ago. Why is the Anti Aliasing button even there if it doesn't do anything?
  3. I've noticed that while rendering a viewport with different Renderworks settings, sometimes I don't get the second teapot on the lower right corner of the viewport, and the viewport window will be blank until the render finishes. Most of the time I can watch the progress of the render as it's going so if I want to stop to make changes I can. What might cause the viewport to not show the progess of the render? I have the viewport selected, which is how I'm able to press updated to start the render. This doesn't happen all the time. Also- my system is a MacPro 1,1 with 12g ram, running OSX 10.7.5. and sometimes I'm getting 'out of memory' errors which cause the render to go on forever or my file to not be able to save. This is Spotlight 2013/SP2. Thanks for the help.
  4. Can you expand on the process for that? Sounds like a great work around, but would be great if this was part of how lighting devices work, as they do in real life.
  5. This request is related to the inability currently to have any lighting device emit light from the inside of the device. What I mean is if you look inside a real lighting device you're able to see the light coming out of the device through the lens. This is particularly helpful when looking at vectorworks models that contain lighting objects and the light begins unrealistically outside of the lighting device. Much in the same way a lamp generates light in real life, lighting objects and devices in vectorworks remain dark while the light desired from these objects is generated from around the light, or outside of the lighting device. I think it would add a tremendous amount of realism to see lights that look like they are creating the light, not the light beginning outside of itself. Effects should then be able to be added to the light lens, such as star filters, lens flairs and so on. As of now the work around for this is a tedious process of exporting the 3d model and working in another program to create the light. This should not be confused with lit fog, as that is also energy created outside the device. Thanks for the consideration.
  6. Thanks- Is that fix going to be included in the next update/service pack? and what do you expect the time frame to be?
  7. Has anyone experienced this issue: I'm using Spotlight 2012 on a Mac Pro 1,1 w/4g ram, ATI Radeon 5770 (Apple branded) GPU. OSX 10.7.3 Since I've installed the GPU I have not been able to get OpenGL anti-aliasing mode to work in any VWX 2012 file. I can create a new drawing, place an object and render in OpenGL and see very clearly when anti-aliasing is turned on and off there is no change in any of the quality settings. I've reported this as a bug and talked to support about and they have no fix as of now. I know the card is working fine as I can run CineBench and it's screaming on that OpenGL test. Thoughts ?
  8. I've been considering the leap from 2010 to 2011 and have been trying out the demo with the latest service pack installed on my Mac Pro Quad core 2.66 w/4g ram. I've noticed that the 2011 version is a huge ram hog in that once I launch the app, it uses 70% of my available ram and after I quit the app, the ram is not released- so is there a memory leak in Cinerender or the main app? Thoughts anyone?
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