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  1. Thank you Anshu for asking this question. I have the same question and am glad to hear it's being worked on. In the meantime, does anyone have recommendations on how to streamline upgrades as it is now? I feel like I don't remember everything and inevitably I'm rushing to finish a plan and realize something else is missing because of the upgrade and I have to go searching for it. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. Hello, I am hoping some one can help me with worksheet efficiencies. I have a few different worksheets that I created for plant lists. One is a plant list with costs and one without. Both are categorized by Plant Record Type. The problem I have is this: I often price designs in phases, and therefore put my plants into different classes based on the phase or the area of the garden (for example "Plants-Front" or "Plants-back") I can sort the worksheets to only show the "Plants -Front" class or only the "Plants-Back" class, but I cannot keep both copies. There is no "Save Worksheet" option that I can find. Therefore I can do the "Plants-Front" worksheet, but once I change to "Plants-Back" that first worksheet is gone. There has to be a way to save them all....right? Thanks for any help on this. Brooke Merriam
  3. Benson, Well, it goes beyond the inconvenience of their east coast office hours. I called this morning at 9 a.m. right when Tech Support opens and was too it could take 1-2 days for the transfer to be approved!! I told him I thought this was unacceptable, especially as a Service Select member (isn't priority support supposed to be part of that?). He had to send it to the Activations Dept. but said he would try too expedite. We shall see. But needless to say I am a little frustrated. Brooke
  4. I just read this and am suddenly feeling very nervous about my switch to a MacBook Pro 15" retina display ( from a PC). I just got the computer and plan to get VW Landmark up and running tomorrow. I also plan to use it with an external monitor. The main reason I got this computer, over others, was because I thought the graphics and i7 would be so beneficial for VW. Am I going to regret this decision? Any tips on what to do to avoid the many bugs you mentioned? Thanks, Brooke
  5. Benson, I just read your request in the Wish List forum. Thank you very much for posting that. I absolutely agree that we should be able to deactivate and reinstall without the intervention of Vectorworks, especially if it means only being able to do it M-F 8-5. Brooke
  6. Hi Tamsin, Thank you so much for your quick reply. I guess I will just have to put off working until Monday Brooke
  7. I am hoping someone can help me over the weekend while Nemetschek Tech Support is closed. I have a new MacBook Pro and want to use VW Landmark to that machine. I currently have VW installed on 2 laptops, so I uninstalled on one of them in order to use the license seat on the MacBook Pro (I have Serial # E which allows for installation on 2 machines) I installed VW on the MacBook no problem but cannot open it because I get the message "Vectorworks cannot be activated because this license has been activated on the maximum number of machines allowed." Any thoughts on what more I need to do to free up that license? Thanks. Brooke Merriam Sunflower Designs VW Landmark 2013
  8. Jonathan, You mention that plants copied from 2012 slow down 2013. I am having this problem, among others, with 2013. What is the answer to this problem? I can't imagine that I would have to recreate all plants for 2013?
  9. Are you doing print to PDF or "Export to PDF"? I have the same problem with print to PDF, but Export seems to work fine and is much quicker. I'm not sure about your last question though.
  10. I did get it to work. I was trying to use the wrong worksheet. Still working out the kinks, but thank you for the video-it was so helpful! Brooke
  11. Another question on this. I went through the movie and was able to create the report that I wanted. I also saved it to the default library and it is now available in other files/projects when I choose "Choose Schedule". But, when I open it up it is simply the plant list from the original job and I can't get it to use the plants from the current file. I have tried "Recalculate" to no avail. Am I missing a step? Thank you! Brooke
  12. Excellent Tamsin-many thanks!
  13. Hi, I am having issues when I try to customize reports. Currently I have a plant list which I am trying to categorize by class (I used different classes for different phases of the project) and it works fine for the first class that I select, but then when I try to add an additional one (by editing criteria and then selecting the particular class) it shows me that there are 22 records and even adds lines to the worksheet, but no information shows up. This happened in another worksheet when I was trying to sort by field value. Has anyone come across this? Any tips? Thanks! Brooke
  14. Oh, also to answer your question Tamsin, I do have Renderworks.


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