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Jim Smith

Revit Import on Service Select


My attempts at Revit Imports are somewhat spotty. Some import ok, but most attempts so far fail when I attempt to import Revit objects as native VW objects. What I would like to be able to do is send a Revit file to a translator on the service select site that would do this for me until the translation between VW & Revit  becomes less of a time sink & more reliable.

I recognize there may be issues with copyright and security that may need further discussion, but I think it would be very worthwhile an effort for three reasons:

1) User satisfaction

2) User retention 

3) Showcase Open BIM & VW to non VW users

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This would assume that all revit objects are created equal. I have found that many supplier created revit files are poorly created. I have downloaded quite a few revit objects from BIMobject to find that they are sparse with detail. 


The onus  would be on the revit file maker to make the object properly, and as we know in Vectorworks, there are many ways to do one thing. 



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@Jim Smith  - Agree with goal and reasons.  But, object- smobject! Let's expand the wish to cope with ANY Revit file.  Many Revit users are making full models of site/building/region.  It seems that vwx often chokes on these giant files. The import fails, and can result in unresponsive stall or full crash.  Not blaming this solely on vwx.  Could be insufficient end user work station capabilities.  But a promise of loading it into an up to date and powerful vwx system would take some worries out of collaboration.


As @rgcn points out, there may be flaws or omissions in an rvt file that prevent translation or loading into vwx. And, once an rtv is imported, the model may be incomplete or inaccurate. But if the rvt file is valid(? not corrupt? properly formatted?), vwx should be able to let us look at and work with it.


A download and translate service would be much appreciated for any file size.  Yes, propriety issues will need attention and may mean many files will be ineligible.



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