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  1. These Signal/Connector types are included with the ConnectCAD circuit tool, just FYI
  2. Hi Jim I can send you a file with some great renders. I will email you a link.
  3. Zero elevation can be caused by using design layer elevations?
  4. Mark pipped me to the post!
  5. This has been requested alot in the UK. For previz I think it would ideal, perhaps venues could exist in MVR files. In terms of DWG's I agree with @Kevin Allen
  6. Is there a VE for this? I will make one if not.
  7. I have a customer building Expo stands (Booths) who uses alot of symbols to create designs and is looking for solutions to create a list of parts. Is there a non developer and user workflow documented for this, he is reasonably savy but has not got access here...
  8. Restart Vectorworks. If that doesn’t work check the record type in the instrumentation dialogue
  9. ah.. OK.... so if you significantly move the crop object within the viewport then exit the crop, The crop's location in relation to the sheet layer has changed. This workflow would occur when duplicating existing viewports and moving crops to quickly set up a sheet. What you are proposing is an ability to keep the crop in the same place on a sheet and then 'Pan tool' across your design layer until you find what you would like to capture. Am I correct?
  10. Can't think of specifics but I would actually look at a gaming pc/laptop, sounds odd but they usually have a good graphics card and CPU.
  11. My mistake It was a question for Spotlight users, large layer counts are rare.
  12. 58 Wow! Just out of interest approximately how many classes do you use?
  13. I think we could have a save layer order cache option in document preferences much like you have a save viewport cache with viewports.
  14. Interesting, So it would be good to be able to create a 'Snapshot' of the way layers are stacked. Saved Views could do this? Or should this be a new function entirely? Let me know what you think and I can make an Enhancement Request. All the best Tom W
  15. Not sure why you would want this as surely this would mean that the Stage layer would sit visually above the Truss layer? my layers are.... Trace - The layer I draw in and then tidy geometry to subsequent layers when I get a chance. Grid (House Rigging Points) Truss Sidelight Floor LX Stage Venue Groundplan/Imported Venue Just curious as to why you wouldn't want to apply a stacking order to your layers?
  16. hmm, I believe the coincident duplicate objects was really for geometry and does not work with plug in devices. In the example of a mother truss suspended over another truss object, then this would be legitimate. I guess coincident duplicate objects would need to check to make sure they had the same Z value to ensure a duplicate was present, In addition to this the coincident object selection would need to be able to ascertain which of the truss objects had legitimate loads attached and which one did not have loads attached. What you are looking for could probably be achieved with a marionette script. It might be too much to ask of the coincident objects tool.
  17. Hey Daniel, Are you referring to where the Internal Origin is different to the user origin by more than 5k?
  18. I am going to forward this thread on to the developers...
  19. Hi Ryan apologies for any inconvenience caused. I am using a mixture of 3d viewports with some schematic views and data tags for my own outside design work, if your interested in can share a file with you. In truth there are other benefits to the new workflow, schematic views generate less geometry and then you have the ability to accurately report fixture locations from the setting line, I myself have a worksheet that displays sidelight position location and sidearm heights. So it's not just about MVR, although with the free version of Vision being offered to VSS customers a seamless MVR export is something we are striving for, we also have to support those users. In addition we also have a number of customers designing large scale shows and using an MVR export for another bespoke visualisation program. We currently have at least 30 partners signed up and developing tools, workflow and content for GDTF and MVR. I appreciate that schematic views is in its infancy and is not an exact replacement for plot and model but we are constantly making improvements to this important workflow. I will certainly share your wish list with the development team. 2d label legends do work in schematic views providing they are 'Top'. if it's a 3d view then I believe 3d label legend information should be able to be displayed. On my test file it's trying to show this (I can see outlines) but failing to show the text so it could be a bug which I will investigate. In truth I think it makes sense to draw the fixtures exactly where they are going to go on the model so that you know they are going to 'see' their focus point, not hit any masking etc. Then create a 2d schematic for the electricians of what you have drawn, but I will share your thoughts with the team. A different choice of render modes would be helpful. Best wishes Tom W
  20. The main reason why we are encouraging users to utilise schematic views is also because when you export an MVR the fixtures must be in their correct respective locations. We will continue to improve schematic views for the next release. There were changes made to the rigging objects in 2020 so I would not recommend using create plot and model view in 2020. I would recommend saving back a version and using 2019 if you absolutely need plot and model.
  21. Sebasttiaan has a good point, With his workflow I would have 'Instrument Type' as a 3d label legend field as it's often hard to tell the difference of which instrument is which.
  22. Hi Ryan. I don't use the ladder tool, create a short pipe. put a placeholder lighting device on it edit - duplicate array (Z axis). then draw a 48mm circle either side of the lighting pipes and extrude, then set a bottom Z. Select each lighting pipe using shift + Click then Spotlight Visualisation Create schematic view. Then go to your 0,0 point and unpick and rearrange the schematic views. Then select placeholder lighting devices you want to change and select replace with on the OIP. Not got VW open to clarify but this is how I do it.
  23. Its very useful to get feedback like this so would be great to get the seating section file if you get the chance.
  24. Thanks Tanner, Can you turn on the Vectorworks Origin in your display preference. Also Can you confirm the total number of aisles to be 8. Best wishes Tom


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