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  1. I thought switching to metric in the Energos tab would just change the energy units, but that then converts it from square feet to meters. I'm guessing there's no way around this? We're trying to compare the Energos modeling to a program we're paying money for, and this may be a deal breaker for us because we can't spend that much time converting square meters to square feet.
  2. I watched a webinar a few weeks ago on energy modeling. The presenter's Energos project settings dialog box displayed the energy units in kWh, but mine is in Btu. How do I change this to kWh?
  3. I have another question. Is it possible to adjust the image size for each individual cell? It doesn’t seem so. I end up with outlet symbols the size of ceiling fan symbols on the worksheet, even though the fan is much bigger on the floor plan.
  4. That worked! I can't believe I didn't think to check classes. That's usually the first thing I check when things don't look right, but I guess I didn't think a worksheet would by controlled by classes. Thanks again.
  5. I can send you the 2019 file as well if that would help.
  6. 2019... we were having the same issues in 2019, but I used to be able to delete and recreate to get it to work, but that's not working now.
  7. We set up the worksheet in our template file, so every file we work in has the same layers. I tried formatting the column to show the image at a custom scale. It changes the size of the cells, but still no image shows up... so that makes it almost seem like it's there but you can't see it? Additionally, the symbol I'm using is the same between files because they are also in our template. So that makes it a bit more perplexing that it works in one file and not the other.
  8. I have issues with symbol images on worksheets as well. I've even gotten it to work in one file and tried pulling that worksheet into a different file and it doesn't work again in the new file. My cell formatting is the same as shown above in the previous post. I have my worksheet set up so the first column shows the image and the second column has the symbol name. My image doesn't show up at all.
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