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  1. I am here because I drew a 3d Poly to represent an audio cabling run. Since the cable is expensive, it would be great to have a worksheet quickly add up and compare the lengths of various routing combinations. This would seem like a very import function to have for ducting, cabling, piping, etc. Is there a tool in the piping or ducting tool set that does this?
  2. No answer to the question?! I am having the same issue. The Object Info Palette won't display any information about the selected object. In my case I am editing a viewport. I can double-click to enter the "annotations" edit mode, but a "select all" produces no results in the OIP, but I have just been making annotations. I have Vectorworks 2022 running on an 12.3.1 (21E258) MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) Apple M1 Pro
  3. Ditto to all above. I have a window "open" in 3D so the client can see how it works, but in the elevation viewport the window doesn't display conventionally. It would be great to disable the 3D open.
  4. My 2022 file is partially frozen. No zoom, no pan, no flyover - the file is stubbornly stuck in Top/plan view. Layer menu is not responding either. freeze.mov
  5. ...and was it worth the effort? 🤔 Which file format do you find is the best to use?
  6. Meshlab "the open source system for processing and editing 3D triangular meshes. It provides a set of tools for editing, cleaning, healing, inspecting, rendering, texturing and converting meshes. It offers features for processing raw data produced by 3D digitization tools/devices and for preparing models for 3D printing". Does anyone have any experience with Meshlab? https://www.meshlab.net/#features
  7. The "Canvas" app on my LIDAR equipped iPhone allows for the quick capture of as-built conditions, then you pay Canvas to do the legwork on converting all those points into more usable vector objects. They offer several output options: Sketchup, Revit, Chief Architect, 2020 and "2D Floor Plan and charge $0.15 per square foot. The Revit option comes with .rvt, .dwg and .ifc files. I found the .ifc to be the easiest to work with.
  8. I'm having the same issue with VW 2022 - I can't get point clouds in LAS format to render. They show up briefly when using the flyover tool. The "OpenGL" rendering option that I had in 2019 did the trick, so what is the replacement rendering option in VW 2022?
  9. 2022 and I am only just learning about this? Wow! Better late than never.
  10. Pat, sorry - your link did show the Mac OS compatibility chart. Here is the Mac OS/Vectorworks compatibility chart:
  11. This image shows a chart of Windows operating systems, not Macintosh. I couldn't find a similar chart for Mac OS and Vectorworks versions? I was running 2019 on Mojave, but now on Monterey I have to zoom in or out to get the screen to refresh.
  12. I just got a new Apple MacBook Pro 16" running OS Monterey, and a file that works fine on my older MacBook Pro, will not refresh the screen, now, without zooming in, or out. I also notice that the pan tool is non-responsive, again, until I zoom in or out. Screen Recording 2022-01-10 at 3.58.26 PM.mov
  13. ...and many years later, and many versions later, I am having the same issue with Vectorworks 2019 running on a new MacBook Pro 16" with M1 Pro chip and OS Monterey. The same file works fine on my older MacBook Pro with Intel i7 chip running OS Mojave. Is it the chip, or the operating system?
  14. I am encountering this issue on a new MacBook Pro 16" with M1 Pro chip running Vectorworks 2019. Every edit requires zooming in or out to get the screen to refresh. Running the same file on my MacBook Pro Intel For i7 with Mac Os Mojave, there is no problem.
  15. I am still on Vectorworks 2019 with latest updates, and I am finding that the screen does not refresh after I make a change, edit, etc. I have to pan, zoom, etc. in order for the change to be displayed. Vectorworks crashes when I try to import .rvt files
  16. @MultipleWaysI think I have the same issue. My alternate understanding of the original question is, would it be possible to split a General Notes object into two parts (or more) as you can in many word processing programs. For example, on a Notes sheet where you need to carry the text over to the next column? I have databases of notes from different agencies, and they seem to be constantly adding or changing the notes. I organize my notes in columns on my Notes sheet, but there isn't a way to coordinate the formatting of each General Notes object over the whole sheet, such that adding an item to one General Notes object would trigger an adjustment in the others. If Vectorworks had broader word processing capabilities, the worksheet could be organized into columns with the content filling from one column to the next automatically as notes were added or removed.
  17. I used the 3D Line mode to create a series of fences, but for some reason, in 3D Line mode you can only create single line fence segments, so I had to make several separate fences. I have now changed my mind about the style of the fence, so I made my edits, then tried to use the eyedropper tool to apply the new look to the other fence segments. Using the Eyedropper Preferences, I checked "Other Attributes_Plug-in Parameters", but unfortunately that picks only the "Heightpoint 1" and "Heightpoint 2" values and not the rail, panel, etc. attributes. That is the exact opposite of what I want 😞
  18. ...and it is now late 2020. Has the tiny preview of line types been addressed? This thread goes back quite a way. 😞
  19. I cannot get my sheet to export to DWG in a way that preserves the look of my sheet. I want to send my sheet to my engineer, but the "export viewports as 2D graphics in model space" adds lines that are not visible in my sheet view, making the resulting DWG file unnecessarily complex for the engineer, and requiring tiresome editing on his part to get a DWG file that he can use. For example, in my Vectorworks 2019 file, I have turned off the classes for the exterior finish, sheathing and interior finish, and I am only displaying the wall framing. When I export "using flattened 2d Graphics", hidden wall components are unhidden and added to the file (see attached dwg.pdf). Also, my Vectorworks file hides the door leaf and swing, but the exported dwg file show a bright green lines in the door opening - where do those come from? vectorworks.pdf dwg.pdf
  20. @michaelk Did you ever find an answer/resolution? I have to switch to Vectorworks 2018 to send files to my engineer and I am having this problem. Roof objects disappear in Top/Plan view, but show up in Top view.
  21. Boh, Thank you for responding. What you suggest is exactly what I did. I have created a worksheet to show all the stake objects in my drawing, I have the worksheet displaying the "Elevation Units" setting, and I can edit each line individually, but I guess I am at a loss as to how to "globally change" all of them at once. I have tried selecting all the rows in the worksheet and clicking the "select item" option, but it only picks one of the stake objects. Alternatively, trying to select all the "Elevation Units" fields and clicking the arrow pull-down menu, which conveniently show the alternate settings, only changes one item of the selection. Where is the "Global Change" option? Thank you for your help!
  22. It looks like Vectorworks 2019 has added an option called "Elevation Units"in the Object Info palette which allows you to have a different unit setting for Stake objects than the unit setting for the overall drawing. However, how would one go about changing all the Stake objects in a drawing universally from one setting to another?
  23. Ian M.

    Nurbs Roadway

    @CipesDesign since I have your attention...is there a way to select a station point then specify the desired grade for a specified number of station points? I could measure the distance and calculate an elevation, then "Align stations vertically", but I was wondering if I could get Vectorworks to let me type in "8.33%"?
  24. Ian M.

    Nurbs Roadway

    @CipesDesign Thank you! I didn't know about the reshape modes - that explains everything! I am saved! In which version did they add those modes?
  25. Ian M.

    Nurbs Roadway

    Nurbs road 3 480.mov
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