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  1. Peter & Bryan Thanks for your info I had already figured it by Peter's method (and checking the manual) It was so easy to do I feel stupid for asking the question.
  2. I have found vw great for generating quick interior space perspective views. I have a situation which has me stumpped...having drawn a soffit on a separate layer how do I extrude two round ducts on either side of it? I generally print out a draft and do a hand overlay with color for presentations; I have sketched in the ducts by hand but would really like to know how to do this. HELP PLEASE!!
  3. were these tests conducted with quartz imaging on or off ... is vw speed affected by quartz??
  4. I'm still using 8.5 (architect) and I find (also being from the "old School") the time spennt in doing it the old way but using as many of the vw features as possible has been cost effective. For instance, I use the window elevation symbols but switching to elevation view, converting to group and inserting in my elevations which are usually drawn on the plan/top view. I did download a script which turns the model into 4 flat elevations on a separate sheet which is a timesaver. Cross-sections I do manually so I can "build" them as I work.
  5. Is it possible to import a PDF file directly into VW10 and be able to edit the vector information? somewhere I thought I heard that this was a new feature.
  6. Just as a thought, I have used Adobe Streamline to autotrace a scanned siteplan, then save it as dfx file to import into VW. Streamline does a lousy job with pictures but is fairly good with vector bitmaps.
  7. Rugged Ball & Peter I have a hard copy of the VW8.5 instructions as to how to set up a simple House Model, I guess this no longer exists on the website. If you email me off forum at upj1@aol.com with your address I can mail you the instructions. Fred
  8. My question was offsetting walls with a command or menu tool similar to the offset tool I now use to offset lines. Again, vectordepot has this tool for downloading.
  9. Robert, Over at vectordepot someone has a tool available that will offset a wall object similar to offseting lines. I was wondering if this sort of thing found its way into the standard vwa package. If it did not may I suggest such a feature as a wish list item.
  10. Feeling a little out of the loop here...what and where is the"BIM+Vectorworks White Paper"??
  11. I was just wondering if the current version of VWA has a tool to offset walls?
  12. perhaps this is old news, but if would be nice if when the wall tool is used for exterior walls such as brick veneer or masnory the elevation and model views would actually show the materials similar to Revit.
  13. I also use the Architects Font Pack (Mr Hand) and ordered both the true type and postscript versions. If you are using the postscript versions there should not be a problem.
  14. I use "Mr Hand" and "Heavy Hand", which are part of the Architect's Font Pack. Both true type and postscript versions are included. I think you can find them at ObjectsOnline.com there is also a reference to them at the VW website, third-party add on products, I think. By the way, I also use a true type Graphite without having any problems. HTH
  15. This is sort of related, when I print from 8.5 on a G3 with carbon lib 1.6 to one of my old stylewriter 1200 or 2500 the same thing happens to vertical dimensions. Using the HP 952 all is well. Perhaps the DJ100 is not optimized for carban lib 1.6??
  16. I noticed (in your profile) that you are in Australia... you might consider contacting Julian carr who has developed some excellent add-ons for VW which may give you some of the features you want. Just a thought. Fred
  17. I have always felt that text should also be "auto-classing"... without any extra scriptwork... any other support for this feature??
  18. I did not see anything anywhere regarding VW 10's ability to import a pdf image.. If this does not currently exist can it be a "wish list" item?
  19. OK, I'm on a mac G3 running OS9.x & HP330, with no plans to upgrade to OSX in the near future. I'm thinking of upgrading to VWA10 and my plotter driver to Microspot Graphic Pack 5.1.2. My total cost is would be around $875...not chump change. Can someone tell me if I will have ANY problems PLOTTING before I take this plunge?? All advice, so far, has been GO FOR IT!!
  20. Some time ago I downloaded a script which takes the model and generates the four building elevations on a separate layer - linked to the model. This script is nolonger available and I have no idea who wrote it. I tried to e-mail it to VectorDepot but it woiuld not go for some reason. I will try and post it there again.
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