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  1. We are using Vectorworks in a more traditional manner; one drawing file with saved sheet views(we have not takend the viewport step). The advantage to us in using the saved sheets is that we have only one drawing file that contains a multiple sheet drawing design package. This makes for easier printing (via. batch plotting), easier file management, etc. All of my customers require AutoCad files as the final delivery for me to receive payment. This has never been a problem, except that now there is a newer version of AutoCad in the market place and I am seeing more of my competition providing a single AutoCad file containing multiple sheets within "tabbed" views. Any possibility that nemetschek folks could work this capability into the next version of Vectorworks? Your time is appreciated. Dave Harper, PE
  2. What I would like to see as do-able may already be possible; however, when I attempted to send structural drawings to an Architect, she preferred the .dxf file format because the Autocad export was unusable? I never did see what she was talking about; but, I believe it had to do with me using two or three different scales on one drawng (plan scale, elevation scale and detail scale) all on different layers. This is where autocad would be expecting model space/paper space/view ports.....and what she received must have confused autocad? Perhaps all I needed to do was adjust settings on the export command? If so, then perhaps my wish has come true? Wouldn't that be a great surprise!
  3. Since this is a wish list page, I would like to wish for seamless transfer between Auto Cad and Vectorworks. As much as I hate to say this, Auto Cad is an engineering standard in America. If Vector Works could transfer seamlessly, then I would be assured I can continue to use the superior of the two, Vectorworks.
  4. I am about to purchase the full price Vectorworks. I have been using an educational copy of Vectorworks Architect 9.5. up until now (I just won a sizeable engineering contract today, and need to get my office started ASAP!). The question I have is with regard to the differences between Plain Vectorworks and Vectorworks Architect. I have no use for the Architect sheets and project setup features that come with Architect; however I do like the Architect palette. Is it possible to move this palette from the Architect version of VW (9.5) to the Plain version of VW 10.0? This would save me an extra $400.00 (enough for me to justify buying two plain VW 10.0 copies next week, instead of one Architect VW). Please advise. Thanks again, DWHarper
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    I only need B&W; therefore, sounds as though this would be an inexpensive alternative? Faster printer at the same cost.... If you know otherwise, please comment. Thanks again, DWHarper
  6. DWHarper


    Has anyone dealt with the product X-RIP (Mac OSX plotter driver)? I was considering purchasing the HP 120 for my upstart engineering business; however, print times are too slow. It looks as though "macroenter.com" (got the company/product link form Architosh web page) has this X-RIP which will drive an HP400 plotter. The HP400 speeds are much better than the HP120, and the price is almost the same: HP120 - 2'x3' (6 minutes per page) HP400 - 2'x3' (1 1/2 minutes per page) Am I going down the wrong path considering X-rip and an HP400? Perhaps there is another plotter, comperable in price to the X-rip+HP400, that is compatible with OSX? Please advise. Thanks again, DWHarper
  7. Katie, HP does have a new plotter called HP120. Just released this April. Supposedly OSX compatible! and low cost! 24x36 plot size. Anyway, I believe That I have enough info here to make a reasonable decision. Thanks again, DWHarper
  8. I guess what confuses me on this issue is that the laser printer that I am now looking at (GCC; Elite XL20) indicates 35 postscrip fonts? Does that make Sketcher no. 36? or as you say, no issue, the postscrip will work fine? Currently I use the Truetype, since I am not using postscript printers...I will have to change to the postscript. One more question, will postscript work with an HP plotter (HP120?) Thanks for the help. Again, this board is a great resource to me. Dave Harper PE
  9. The GCC laser looks very good. Price is right and sheet sizes are perfect! I do have a question regarding you statement concerning the postcript adobe fonts. I use a font add on to Vectorworks called "Architects Font Pak" Will this give me trouble with the laser printer? Perhaps, the fonts can be loaded into the laser printer? Same issue with the HP120 plotter? Or maybe I should just give up on the idea of using these custom fonts?
  10. Thanks for the reply, I will try this GIMP printing. By the way, I am currently using an Epson 1280, I am looking for laser speed. I checked out the HP web site, there is an HP 5100tn that looks like it will do the job. Will be calling HP rep. to confirm compatability. Thanks for the help. DWHarper
  11. The script works GREAT! I am begining to see the power of this scripting... Any thoughts on how to change the frequency of the letter placement. Your help is much appreciated. Thanks, DWHarper
  12. Is there such a thing as an 11x17 laser printer that is compatible with vector works and OSX? I am on the verge of starting up a fulltime engineering office, and I am afraid this capability is very important to me and to the project I am currently bidding. I have been using Vectorworks on Epson 1280 with no problems; however, I desperately need the speed. I despise Autocad....paper space/model space....Aghhh. Please advise. Thanks, dwharper
  13. I am not a script writer, by any means; however, I am in need of three simple custom lines and was wondering if it would be possible using scripts. The lines can be described as follows: Telco line; this is a long dashed line with the letter 'T' embedded within the blanks of each dash. Electric line; same as above, but with the letter 'E'. Fence line; similar to above, except with an 'X'. Please let me know if this type of customization is possible. Thanks, dwharper
  14. My problem with installing 9.5.1 is that the updater won't install the new files on my G4. The files down load from the internet just fine. The updater then begins to install the files by searching for 9.5.0. The error reads that "updater cannot locate 9.5.0"? My system is as follows:G4/466 cube640mb Ram20G HDOSX 10.1.3Vector works 9.5.0.b I moved my vectorworks file to the root directory after the updater couldn't locate the program in my subdirectory. Please advise, Thanks, Dave Harper PE
  15. Is it possible to write a script that will batch print a number of drawings? Or for that matter, batch convert a number of drawings to .dwg format? that's what I send to my architect. This would be a big time saver for me. If it is possible, I would be willing to learn Vectorscript.....the learning curve would be worth it! Dave Harper PE
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