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  1. rbraun


    I'm using vw10 with a hp designjet100. The program crashes with a type 2 error message after printing. any thoughts?
  2. rbraun


    also it only happens in vw 10 (not 8 or 9) thanks
  3. rbraun


    os 9.1 and 192 mb ram
  4. I'm working in vw9.5.1 with a hp designjet100 and am having problems with dimension line weights. They all print at about 20 weight although the attributes value is 1. Any suggestions? thanks rudy
  5. yeah I think you're right but I imagine installing an older version of carbon lib would cause other problems with the newer program?
  6. when I try to print on an hp designjet 100 out of vw 9 or 9.5.3 - any dimensions off the horizontal do not print correctly. I've tried different fonts and nothing works. I've tried vw 8.5 and everything prints fine, however I would like to use 9 , any suggestions?
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